A hard thing

carla17(Z7 NC)November 2, 2007

I have been helping my cousin's widow clean up my aunt's house. It is very hard. I guess I will go back today. This whole thing has been unreal and difficult to accept and believe. Please pray for me and please pray for my daughter with the kidney stones.

Thank you,


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Take care hun, you can do this to help your cousin. They need somebody strong right now and you are the one they are turning to and who can bear the burden for them.

Will keep your baby girl in my thoughts and prayers:)



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Carla, this is always a hard and sad task. It seems so recent that I went through this myself. My heart go's out for you. When you are there, you will pick up strength, but you will still slow down as the items you will come in contact with start flooding your memories, but you have to do that, to say your last goodbye. Your Aunt is having her daughter in law and niece, close family, do this and I am sure she would be happy knowing you are doing your best.

I was an only child and dad gone a long time ago, but was in England when my mum passed away three years ago. Stayed for six weeks to sell her home and deal with all her effects. Was a very difficult time. Was awful. I did not sell anything - gave all away - and garbaged what I could not. (that was the hard part). I also shipped as much as possible back to Canada, and I am sooo glad about that.!!!

My thoughts are with you and with your dear daughter re her kidney stones. Unusual, I would say for a young girl, You never did say, as far as I know, how they are going to treat this. Whatever is recommended, I am sure it will work out fine for her.

My prayers and best wishes are with you over these difficult times.

I would say YES!! you are ready for a whole new year of stress free, happiness and relaxation. YOU GO GIRL!!! Roll on 2008.

Love Pauline

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Thank you Betty. I don't think I will ever have good memories because of the events of that night. Oh well.
We are going Mon. for my daughter to have a dye test. It's IVP I think. Hoping that will reveal more info. for us and the doctor.
Pauline, I appreciate your kind words and support. You are such a sweet soul.


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Yes IVP is an xray of the kidneys after a harmless dye is injected into a vein which travels through the system to show up the kidneys better. It is a painless procedure. (sounds worse than it is) At least it is a diagnostic tool which will give the physicians a more informed view on how to treat the stones. When is your daughter booked for this, Carla? Hope she does not have too many painful attacks before she is all fixed.
Take care of you both.
Pauline - Vancouver Island

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