Identity theft

labrea_gwNovember 30, 2007

Not a big hit but about 25 $10 hits to my debit card what an annoyance!

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Is that because it's below the 'check this amount' limit? Or is the amt low, so the police assign a low priority?
Hope this gets settled.

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Yikes, what a bummer! I had my car broken into about 2 years ago and had to cancel all my cards, etc. What a hassle! I'm sorry this is happening to you.

BTW, I was going to ask you if the stagehands strike has affected your work? Are you on an extended vacation?

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No the strike had nothing to do with us we are off broadway just sad that a lot of folks who had tickets Thanksgiving week had a bad time in my town. So many school groups visting we had to turn away so many people even with 2 and 3 shows a day.....ykes.
The small hits where all for AOL charges for outgoing calls seems you can use their messenger to call land lines and that the name on the accounts of the person using it did'nt match mine there were a few for the smae with a yahoo messenger and somthing called free call ah well!

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Im sorry to hear that Joe, not a nice thing to have happen esp at this time of year

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Sorry to hear that Joe.

As you may recall, I've been down this path; they put the money back after I signed affidavits on each separate charge. Hopefully, your bank will be more accomodating.

Two asides.

The other day I went to logon to a financial site and Norton caught it. I blocked the site as I was instructed by Norton. Later on, I couldn't see many photos here. I realized the fake site I had blocked was using photobucket to serve the gifs and it had been blocked as well.

I like Norton!!!

Otherwise, I stopped for a cup of decaf the other day and the barista took my card and then--in a stunning act that left me staring at her--took my card and proceeded to "scratch her back"--back and forth-- with my card--inside her very loosely fitting oversized sweater. I didn't say a word to her (too dumbfounded.)

A couple of days later while driving down the freeway it occurred to me, as things tend to do, what she had done.

She, no doubt, thinks she's pretty smart. Well, I am too--if occasionally preoccupied--


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pete41(9ab FL.)

We had a bad run Joe.Tuesday morning a week ago, I was heading out to go fishing.Some onion in the garbage stunk so I took it out to the can.I had a waterproof bag with my wallet in the hand I was carrying the bags.Five miles down the road I realized I had thrown the wallet in the garbage can.No problem-I would be home before 10 when the truck comes around.Made it by 9:15,they made it by 8:45.Holiday week,don't you know.
Replacing the cards is easy-ten minutes,ten dollars for a new Drivers License,and a few phone calls for the others.Tough part is finding a wallet with slots big enough to carry the cards.Do they like to torment us or

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cecily(7 VA)

A story from the Washington Post, dated Nov 30:

"A Prince William county man has been charged in the hit-and-run death of a Herndon man last week, and police are still looking for three women who used the dead man's credit card before his body was even found."

The story goes on to say that the man was found at 2:38 AM and the first fradulent charge was made at a convenience store about a mile away at 2:34 AM. A suspect has been arrested and charged with felony hit-and-run and credit card theft but police do not suspect homicide.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Sorry about this Joe.
Title: When bad things happen to good people.


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MAT - what did she have in her back? I don't know about this one.

Joe, I'm sorry for you going through this,

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Michael - I am with Sis????????

Joe sorry to hear this also!

..........and Pete, OUCH!!!!!

Pauline - Vancouver Island

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Terry Crawford

Same thing happened to me. As I was leaving to take my grandson to Chicago last May for his liver transplant 2-month check-up, my bank called early one Saturday as I was walking out the door and asked if I had signed up for Yahoo wallet. I said no, and they proceeded to tell me someone had my charge card and was racking up purchases as we were speaking. I eventually tracked the person down (he wasn't very smart; he bought coffee which ended up shipping to my house and when I called Seattle Coffee they gave me his IPS reference number and his internet address) and it turned out to be a realtor in Seattle. My bank immediately canceled my card and I didn't have to pay for the charges. I gave my bank the guy's name and I even looked him up on his Realtor's website...can you believe a supposedly reputable businessman stealing your VISA? My bank internet fraud happens all the time; it was nothing I had done wrong. It's scary.

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I rarrely use a credit card but this debit is useful for direct deposit of my paycheck and paying the monthlies. Today I freaked when I tried to use the temporary card at this Banks ATM and it did'nt work I called and was told the card was fine and that the particular ATM was out of cash....duh!

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My husband had his Discover card number stolen a few months ago. It was caught quickly by the card and we didn't have to do anything except get a new card. But just before Thanksgiving our debit cards stopped working. It turns out the bank thought the charge from the vet was suspicious. I don't understand why a $8 charge for nail trimming at a vet we've used for years was suddenly suspicious enough to put a hold on our cards. They missed the one charge on there that actually was wrong and didn't seem at all interested in fixing that one.

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I almost signe the frauf affidavit they sent me today and sent it back but caught that the date they had on it was wrong as well as the $ aount..the saga goes on, I have to call in the morning

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