the gift

rozannadanna(8 TX)November 10, 2006

The Gift




Flawless as diamonds

Soft as clouds

Gift of love

Open your heart

It is given freely

Will you accept?

Will you cherish?

Will you nourish?

Will you polish the diamond till it shines?

Will you recognize the value?

Or will you throw it away

Cast aside like a dry leaf

Discarded while you continue

Continue in your search

Search for bigger and better

Fools search for the bright, big, costly

Casting aside the gift given so freely

Crushing what is perfect underfoot

And their search will always be in vain

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Susan Serra

rozanna, that is very nice. It must be meaningful to you in some way. It's a wonderful sentiment, good job. Your writing can be very excuses, it is what it is, I like that.

    Bookmark   November 15, 2006 at 2:46PM
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