Flu Shots

rozannadanna(8 TX)November 12, 2007

Have you gotten yours? I didn't and I have the flu - bewarned it is not fun - GET YOUR SHOT

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Not yet. I've got a sinus infection and I'm taking antibiotics. So far it's making me feel worse rather than better. Once I'm over that then I'll get the flu shot. I'm worried if I got it now that I'd get sick from the shot on top of everything else. But I get the flu shot every year now since I'll get the flu if I don't and that is so much worse than a little shot.

Thanks for the reminder and I'm sorry you're sick. My only advise is to take time off and not try to push yourself.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Got my shot today. Sorry you are feeling puny. I will send that info. I promised soon.

Take care of you

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I got mine about a month ago. It's a necessity with my job -- I teach pre-kindergarten!

So sorry to hear that you are ill.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Our flu shot clinics began early October - it seemed earlier than other years but we both got ours and I bought one for our employee since our insurance doesn't cover them. He went with DH for their shots, I don't want either of them sick.

I got mine at Safeway - rolled up my sleeve right at the end of the coffee, tea, and juice aisle :)

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This is the first year in forever that I have gotten mine yet. I had the opportunity today and missed it!

Hope you get better soon.


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Sorry you are sick Rozannadanna! Hope you get better soon. Rest, rest, rest - I bet that is all you can do anyway. Take care!
Pauline - Vancouver Island

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Last month! The flu is bad enough with asthma it's downright frightening I haven't had it in 15 years.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Rozanna, did you get some tamiflu? It makes a big difference, if you get it in time.


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Got mine about two weeks ago.

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Yup, always get it. My DH and I get them at my work. Having the flu is horrible. Hope you feel better soon.

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Got the shot when it was first available about a month ago.
Another shot you might want to consider is the pneumonia shot. Lots of local shot givers will give it at the same time and it prevents many, but not all pneumonias.
The third shot (one I've been trying to find) is to avoid an outbreak of Shingles. If you're in a stressful situation, avoidance of Shingles is really important. (And the drugs to fight/supress a shingles outbreak are very expensive.)

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I got my flu shot about the last week of October.
I get it every year. It helps. T

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diane_nj 6b/7a

No, because my doctors cannot decide on proper guidance, so I err on the side of not taking it. Knock on fake wood.

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I just got over the flu. I was dragging for over a week. Wish I had tried the Tamiflu.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I got mine, and got the pneumonia one a few years ago.
Our Principal just emailed us that the flu is in our school. Yuck!

If anyone knows about the shingles shot, I would like to have that information.


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wild_rose_of_texas(z8b TX)

Sorry to read this, Rozanna- hopefully since you started this thread a couple of weeks ago, you are feeling back to normal by now!


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If you can get the shingles shot then by-all-means get it. Three years ago my mother got them and the pain was horrific. She'd had them before, along her rib cage, but this time got them on the top of her head. Yip, HER HEAD. The pain just about finished her. She once described the pain in her side as being similar to getting kicked in the ribs. At the height of the second outbreak she was wishing for death.

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I still haven't been able to get a flu shot. Apparently I didn't actually have a sinus infection which is why the antibiotics weren't working. They aren't sure what I have now and gave me two kinds of steriods and a really powerful decongestant. Because the steriods hurt the immune system I can't get immunized right now. I'm so tired as the steriods keep me awake at night and don't let me get into the really deep sleep that I need. I'm almost done with them but I'm not sure any of it helped. Sigh.

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How are you feeling now, Rozanna?

I got the flu last Feb and thought I would just like to crawl under a rock and die. It's horrible.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Ha, I got a flu shot and think I have a mild flu. Been sick since Sun. Lost probably 5 lbs. YUK, stomach flus are not good.


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peachiekean(z10A CA)

I got mine a couple of weeks ago. We now have an upper res virus but it's not making us feel real sick, just a sore throat, laryngitis and a cough. We keep cough syrup with codeine on hand (from the Dr.) and eat lots of prunes and oatmeal to combat the side effects. It's really helpful for that tickle in the throat. Hope you all feel better.

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Mine today, gee I am late on the bandwaggon - better late than never! Had the bad strains of influenza a few times and I remember each time from the Asian Flu when I was a child, and I never, ever want to have it again. I have never felt so close to death as I have when I have had the reallyt bad flu. I honesly was scared I was going to die each time...........and people do! Give me the shot any time. (sorry to be so morbid)
Pauline - Vancouver Island

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I finally went and got my shot. It was quick and relatively painless. I needed to get it before xmas because someone in my family usually has the flu by then and I want to enjoy my vacation instead of being sick.

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Elise(9b BayArea CA)

Two years ago I got a flu shot for the first time (at 51 yrs old!). I almost never get the flu, just a bad cold every few years, but I thought prevention sounded like a good idea.

I got a flu shot and a pnuemonia shot at the same time. One of the injection sites soon showed a reaction but I didn't know which shot was which on my arm. Three days later I came down with the worst flu of my life--I missed a week at work and was bedridden for 4 days.

Never again! I'm never getting those shots again.

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Flu shots... don't get one. See my site for reasons. Clinics in Canada are now flooded with people wanting the shot.. Don't believe the propaganda, the shots have some harmful ingredients, and most likely won't do anything to protect you. Check out some alternatives.

Here is a link that might be useful: What works, remedies, get that youthful feeling back

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onewheeler(Z5 N.S.)

I work in health care. I have had a flu shoot every year for at least the last 10-12 years without any harmful side effects. Also had the H1N1 needle the same day on the opposite side.

I did get a bad flu about 6 years ago. It scared me, I was so sick I thought I would never recover. Obviously it wasn't the one I was vaccinated for that year. it was horrid. I don't want to repeat that experience anytime soon.

Hope you are feeling better Rozanna.


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I didn't get a flu shot this yr. But I got the flu and pneumonia about 4 weeks ago. It's been rampant here in Northern CA. Symptoms are different for everyone. My doctor said they weren't even testing for Swine Flu unless you fit in the high risk category... under 25 or over 75, or were hospitalized. Even tho I have asthma, I wasn't considered high risk. He said anyone getting the flu at this early stage, they consider it to be Swine Flu, because the "usual" seasonal flu doesn't arrive until December. This flu is mostly in the chest.

It was horrible. Mine started with aching bones, not muscles, and a raspy throat. Then came the horrible cough. Next the fever and chills, with the worst body aches I've ever had. That went on for nearly 5 full days. I wanted to die. The body aches were the worst part of it. I have arthritis throughout my whole body, and every joint felt like knives were being stabbed into them. Ibuprofen only relieved the pain for about 3-4 hours at 8 hour intervals. The chills would put me in bed with tons of covers, freezing for a couple hours. Then all of a sudden, I'd get burning hot and have to throw everything off me trying to cool down. Luckily, I didn't get any nausea or diarrhea, like some people have. But I had almost no appetite and lost several pounds. (of course I gained some of it back already)

On the 4th day, I went to the doctor, and he gave me (and my husband) Tamiflu. My husband only had the chills and light body aches and a slight cough for about 2 days. My aches and fever went away a day later, but the cough lasted another week. I decided to go back to the doc again, because I could feel it going into my chest. He sent me for X-rays, and said I had pneumonia. Was on heavy duty antibiotics for 5 days. The cough and laryngitis continued for almost a week after that.

I went for my recheck last week, and he told me I need to go for X-rays again in a couple weeks to be sure it's all cleared out. I'm fine now, but I tell ya... I never want to go thru that again! The flu part of it was actually worse than the pneumonia. I've had pneumonia twice before. I've also had influenza a couple times in my life, but never like this one. My doctor told me I can look back and say that I survived the Swine Flu. I guess I'm just lucky I didn't get bad enough to end up in the hospital.

I wouldn't bother with the regular flu shot. But if you can get the H1N1 shot... Get it! You don't want to get this crap!! In our area, they've only had enough vaccines to give the kids and high risk adults. The pharmacies have been out of Tamiflu.

My mom just called and said she was getting a slight cough and sore throat. I hope she can fight it off. She's 91. My niece who lives with her had the flu the same time I did, and I'm surprsed my mom didn't get it earlier. I hope she doesn't get any worse. She's not well, and it could kill her.

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Beth-----how horrible-----sure hope you are doing OK now---thanks for the description so we know what to look for---

Sure hope your mom is strong enough to fight it off---Is she a healthy 91 year old?

I just turned 80 last week----there isn't any vaccine in our area but we did get the regular flu shot.

Take care and thanks again for the information.


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