what's it called??

agnespuffinNovember 3, 2011

I see an alarming number of young men on TV shows that look as if they missed shaving two or three days.

This isn't a beard

But does it have a name? (besides "scruffy"")

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Heh, Puffy, funny enough but that is what it's called. A scruffy beard. They just use a real short clipper on a beard to keep it looking like that.

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You're kidding!!!! Really?

I'll admit that some of them look like something special, but too many of them just look like they just crawled out of bed and were too lazy to look in the mirror.

Oh well, I wonder what the next great look will be.

I'll admit that if I were a man, I probably would never get around to shaving. I would hate to have to do that every morning!

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I just call them slovenly.

Sorry, but in spite of trying hard, I can't find anything to commend that look of neither beard nor clean face. Big-name actor or local salesclerk, to me they look like the bad side of a weekend drunk, with or without heavy use of murine. Have you noticed that they often (usually?) wear sloppy 'casual' clothing? and their unscripted conversation seems to rely heavily on the use of 'uh'.

To be fair, women can spend a lot of time with unattractive results, too. Remember the wet-mop hairstyle?

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To be very honest, when the first few scruffy beard actors/models first appeared, I found it extraordinarily compelling in a primal sort of way. Suppose it's because my spouse has a very heavy beard and was one of those needed to shave twice a day guys until he just grew it out. I always found his slightly disheveled appearance in the morning sort of endearing.

However, when it goes mainstream it is like fish and starts to stink after a short time and becomes one of those 'trying too hard' looks. Has its place on weekends but needs to disappear Monday morning. If you have to work weeks to get it lookin' good...........give it up. LOL.

I admit to trying to carry off those female equivalents of the messy bobs. I just looked like I should be living out of a purloined grocery cart. I'm not a pixie face and it takes one to carry it off.

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Back in the 80s in the UK, is was known as Designer Stubble.

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I don't like stubble burns anywhere on my body, so keep it smooth guys.

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pris(8B TX)

"young" men? How about Dr. House? Just tacky no matter the age. imho.

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I think it's slightly more becoming then the pants that are riding below the hip line and are showing me their unattractive butt cracks!

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