Bob woke me up at 5 A.M. to vote !!

zeffyrose_pa6b7(6b7)November 4, 2008

We got to the poles by 6 A.M. Bob brought a chair for me and wrapped me up in a warm cozy blanket with American Flags all over it---We were 8 and 9 in line and by the time we voted and got back to our car the line was way over 3 hundred.

there was a little old lady ahead of us in line ---she was in a wheelchair all bundled up She was the cutest little thing I guessed her to be not much over 4 feet tall.

Hope the best man wins and we all unite behind whoever it is.

Happy Election Day.


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................and it was a great day. Enjoyed the whole evening on TV. Congratulations America! I know the end results may not have been what everyone hoped, but it certainly was for the majority. USA and globally. I still feel very emotional at the two exceptional speaches of McCain and Obama. Obama's was absolutely incredible. Good luck, everyone.
With love from a Canajun!

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Zeffy, good for you both :) I hope he bought you breakfast too...I love being out that time of day in Spring and Summer, not so much in November.

I voted in my kitchen, no need to park, stand in line or even brush my teeth...our whole county is mail-in only as are many counties in this state.

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I went at 1pm during my lunch hour and there was no line at all. Went right in, voted, plenty of time for lunch. Then I stayed up late last night watching results. I was hoping Al Franken would win too but it was too close and now they're doing a recount so I won't know who won until December. I'm very happy for Obama. I realized while watching his speech last night that I never really believed he could win until he did it. I guess I've gotten too used to backing the loser. Oh, and the weather here was perfect, we even hit a record high. So no one had any excuse for not voting.

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I voted early. I live in Palm Beach Florida. For some reason people think there is a problem with voting here, ha ha. But no problems this time, record turnouts. I am so very proud of our new pres. My vote actually counted this time.

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Oh--I forgot to add---we were out of the poles by 7 and then went to "Steaks and things" a little restaurant in Yardley with a beautiful view of the Delaware River----This restaurant has been flooded 3 times so this time they raised it up 10 feet which affords us a nice view.
we had two poached eggs on toast MMMMMMMMMMM


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