Are you traveling for Thanksgiving?

gandle(4 NE)November 22, 2010

We will be going to Colorado. Had invites to the farm and to Wyoming but Coloradans were the first to ask and it is only about 200 miles. Wyoming about 400. We get perrenial invitations from cousin in Wyoming but hate to go that far this time of year. Road conditions in the mountains are always a worry where in Colorado we don't have to cross the mountains.

Other kids are having Thanksgiving at their kids homes. Hard to get everyone together after your kids have grandkids but for some reason the clan always gathers here at Labor day weekend. Lots of visiting and eating and all kinds of games.

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Twenty five miles is not a long trip but still frought with the dangers of a longer trip. But suppose I am really considered a stay at home. Steve in Baltimore County.

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Not going anywhere and it's just the two of us.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

DD & SonIL now have the T-Day dinner :)) Only about 18 miles for us; SIL has family travelling 450 miles just for the event. I'll do several veg dishes & cloverleaf rolls... it's everyone bring a dish, but SisIL doesn't cook so I cover for her family. DD & SonIL just finished a remodel of the kitchen & great room, SonIL hopefully planned to handle the crowd better. Otoh, it's a rule of life that cooks always crowd into the kitchen no matter who is actually doing the cooking.

Whether T-Day dinner is for one or for twenty, I hope everyone here has a great day!

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About 40 miles to Riverside, friends house expecting 18 to sit at the table. We are taking pies from Marie Calendar.

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gandle(4 NE)

And then again, maybe we will stay home. Beginning to snow and the temps are in the teens. Had intended to leave tomorrow morning but guess we will see how the roads are.

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If it's like the past 18 years, we will just walk across the street to #2Son's house.

Whoops, that's not exactly right....some years we take some hot or hard to carry...then, we drive. We back out of the driveway, go about 100ft, cross the street and then down their drive.

And that's about all the excitment I can stand right now. I sure don't think I would want to fly. Too, too much trouble.

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yes There is bad storm your area according to weatherman. Maybe best cancel Colorado. Steve in Baltimore County.

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We are staying at home , our children and grandchild are coming to the house. I learned how to fix a traditional Thanks Giving feast from my mil some 50 years ago and I've fixed it the same way every year since then. However, this year,there are health issues and while I'll try to keep it to a "traditional" feast, I've changed all kinds of ingredients.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

We drove the ten and a half hours to ND with the dogs on Sunday. Spent the day hunting pheasants near Linton. Four layers of clothes, lots of walking through fresh snow, a patridge, but no pheasants. We saw over 100 of them, but they got up out of range. We're going to give it another try tomorrow. Toolie had to stay home because we haven't conditioned her to gun fire yet, and I don't want to create problems. She was thrilled to make the acquaintance of the partridge when we got home. Maybe by Christmas she'll be ready to tag along.

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Our family is coming here as always and we love it...God willing and the creek don't rise.

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Be safe and enjoy yourselves y'all! Regardless if it's in your home or several states away. That is, the Good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise (you made me smile, so I had to "second that motion"! momma used to say that all the time. Along with, "Beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick").

All the family will converge on younger sister's house. She's actually the youngest of all six of the sibs. No one person cooks the meal as that would just be too hard. Let's see, the Parents (3), the sibs (6), the spouses (4), the kids (9), and then sister's inlaws (any number! but at least 2), so that's 24 at the least. Instead we all cook two dishes apiece. Last year, we had potato salad instead of mashed. Some complained (me included! that's a summertime dish! not Thanksgiving), so I am bringing smashed tatoes and sweet potato casserole which is really sweet potato pie without a crust. They love it. And I'll show up early to teach younger sis how to make gravy. She threw out (GASP!) the drippings last year, so we had none. What sacrilege! I'll learn that youngin' the ways of the cooking world.

Happy turkey day! Gobble gobble!

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