Straining blueberry seeds, for syrup?

west_gardenerNovember 30, 2011

I made blueberry syrup the other day and it was delicious. I strained the syrup once through a medium strainer, then through a finer strainer, it was a total hazzle. There must be a better way to strain those little bitty seeds.

Any suggestions would be welcome,

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If you ever make raspberry jelly, or Elderberry Jelly, you would be advised to use a cheese cloth folded several times, to strain out the samllest of seeds...

That would mean only one trip through, rather than two -

My hands are no longer reliable for twisting that cheese cloths much, so I use just a couple of folds, and nestle it in my strainer for things with larger seeds...its cone shaped with holes, and a wooden mallet... but if you just set it over a large bowl, pour your juice through it with cheese cloth folds straining the smaller seeds, all the juice eventually drains out...

Good twisting gets the pectin encased in the peels... if you can twist it.

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I always used the cheesecloth method, I think it's easier when one first slightly dampens the cheesecloth, so it doesn't absorb the first trickle of juice. For small amounts of straining anything I use a coffee-filter in a strainer, also slightly dampened.
I never made large amounts of anything, so maybe Calliope will have better ideas

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Thanks for the hints. I'll try the cheese cloth.

An aside, when I googled for the information, there were page after page about some blueberry (weed) plants and seeds. It was only when I added "in syrup" to the query that it served up info on canning.
I must lead a sheltered life.

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I was wondering if a chinois (or china cap) would be an alternate solution? Not that I know, I'm not into getting rid of seeds, but just in case I ever decide to do so. I've wondered it before.


Here is a link that might be useful: china cap

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Thanks Rob. A china cap would be great because it would be a one time purchase, so I would not have to keep buying cheese cloth.
However, I don't know how "fine" the mesh is, or if it would catch the little blueberry seeds.
Re getting rid of seeds, usually we eat seeds, nuts etc...Fiber is a good thing.

However, when it comes down to my homemade pancakes, I want the smoothest, tastiest syrup possible.

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If you strain your blueberries I suggest you go to the nearest emergency room. Steve in Baltimore County.

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Steve, you're too silly! You make me smile.


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I remember cheese cloth, used to squeeze the grapes for jelly.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

I remember being instructed to *never* squeeze grapes [berries, apples, etc] when making jelly for show-off or gifts; squeezed juice will result in cloudy jelly. (The teacher held numerous prizes for her jellies.) To this day, I make the first batch by mashing the fruit and letting it drip overnight, if no cheesecloth then use two or three layers of fabric from men's undershirts; do dampen with purified or distilled water. After that has dripped, use to make the pretty jelly ~ no 'cloud' and a very pure flavor. Then I add a bit more fruit to the fruit that dripped, along with a cup or two of distilled water, stir thoroughly, and then squeeze/twist- until there is just dryish pulp. The juice from the second time is strained through a fresh bag and then used for jelly or syrup. It is sometimes cloudy from the minute particles, but the flavor is great. An old cookbook advised using the grape pulp left (after dripping for jelly) to make grape jam or a pie filling. I did try in a pie, and it tastes just fine; run the pulp through a chinois or strainer to remove the seeds, add a bit less water than looks right for a thick filling.

I've used the chinois, and the jelly is usually cloudy but free of seeds. I actually find drip-squeeze in a cloth bag faster and easier on the wrists.

If you have a Squeezo or Victorio, check to see if they have a fine-berry screen. Some brands do, and that is absolutely the easiest and fastest way to get seed-free juice. I've seen food mills with fine strainers, but I don't have first-hand experience with blueberries in one.

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Meldy, I remember my tante Marit, talking about the first "drip" of the fruit, the second was the squeeze, the third was using the left over pulp. She was a super cook and canner, nothing was wasted. I know what you are talking about. She got hold of some flour sacks and used those to strain the seeds.

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Well now, since I googled about Blueberries and mentioned "weed", there is a google ad, and it is cleary marked as a google ad, at the bottom of my post about where to buy the best weed in my area, and they post a link.
I think it's time to change my search engine.

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