What to do for a pulled muscle

carla17(Z7 NC)November 16, 2007

I went riding 4 wheelers a couple weeks ago and the main large muscle in my leg, the one I had a hip replaced on, hurts and when I stretch it out, owie.

Thank you,


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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Hi Carla,
Sorry to hear about your problem. The only cure I know for a pulled muscle is don't use it--or use it as little as possible. I would also probably prop it up a lot if it were my leg. It takes a long time to heal.

Not too encouraging, is it!


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Lol! Girl, I'm in the SAME boat as you are! My sciatica nerve that runs along the back of my right leg is killin' me!

I had to sit through Figaro opera the other night w/ that darn leg hurting!

Hope you feel better:)


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Carla, this happened to my daughter, I just had her at the ortho the other day. He told me she has nerve damage (will not heal) and for the muscle damage he said physical therapy. She's also 20 years younger then you & I...

Can you see a doctor? They will probably give you something for inflammation.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Sue, my leg is now at the bottom of the list for problems. I had a call yesterday from my daughter's urologist and there is a problem. She will have to have the dye test. Long story.
But, thank you all!


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Carla, I just wanted to say my Jessica had the dye test done because of some kind of kidney problems. Turned out she has "extra drain systems" on each kidney. She takes cranberry pills every day to help fight against infections. She just goes every year for a check up with a urologist. Jessica had all this done in the 9th grade and is now in her 4th year of College without any problems from her extra drain tubes...I think its extra uretha's. Anyway....the whole point of this long thing is to say I hope your daughters visit turns out okay.

I started taking the cranberry pills too and haven't had a kidney infection since.


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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

Hello Carla!
Try a velcro thigh wrap for the leg pain. Could be a hamstring pull (back of the thigh) or the quadracept (top of the thigh). If the pain is below the knee in the calf muscles, I use a velcro-strapped hinged knee brace that stabilizes the upper leg muscles as well as the calf muscles. It also restricts lateral movement of the knee. I hope you feel better soon.

The Queen of Crash & Burn

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Just saw this, Carla. I may be Queen of The Spasms, so this is well-used advice, anyway:

HEATING PAD. There's an ice/heat routine for a new injury that I forget cos mine is so old, but heat should be safe and really helps how it feels.

Stretch it but gently and very very slowly. And not cold... after the heat is good.

There are many creams like Icy Hot, etc that do help bring blood flow and some pain relief.


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This is the ice routine for a pulled muscle that I use. I don't recommend heat in the early stages even if it sometimes feels good because it can increases swelling and make the healing process longer. The acronym RICE is a good standby Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quiropractico

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