I am moving.

onewheeler(Z5 N.S.)November 27, 2006

Hi all.

I wanted to let you all know that I will be moving soon, my husband and I are separating and I am getting my own little house with a patch of earth to garden on. This is not a surprise to me, it has been in the works for awhile, just had to wait for the stars to align if you know what I mean. It is a new begining for me and I am happy about it.

The house is about 15 miles from where I live now, it has a half acre yard, great for growing roses and is in the town where I work. I have dug up a bunch of my roses, the ones that were not too big, newer ones that I just planted and tons of perennials to take with me. The hardest part will be getting them to overwinter in their pots as it is not the season to garden around here, too cold and snowy. There is a little shed with the house I am buying, I plan on putting all the pots in that and covering them with several yards of burlap that I happen to have, hopefully that will be enough and if not, well they are gonna die anyway here, what a shame, but life goes on.


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LindyB(z8 OR)

So sorry to hear about the circumstances of your move. No matter how much you want the change it's still a difficult thing to go through. I speak from experience. Sounds like you are off to a good new beginning though. I hope all your roses and companions survive the winter. Best of luck with your new life.

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Valerie, I am hoping and wishing hard that all those potted roses make it through your winter. Come spring, it will be so good to have them to start your new garden and make it truly "your own home." Good luck, dear - in the garden and with your new life.


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Valerie, a half acre of yard to please only you sounds like heaven. You'll have to do lots of gardening on paper while you wait for a thaw. New garden, new beginning...Best of luck!

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

You are making a very brave decision, and I send my best wishes & support across the miles. I can't even imagine how difficult a task it will be for you to dig up so many of your roses & perennials, especially at this desolate & cold time of the year, but I am hopeful that you will be successful and your "new" life will bring you the happiness & comfort that you deserve. If you ever need to "talk" to someone who's been there, email me anytime. I know it takes a lot of courage to start all over, but it sounds like you are strong and optimistic...it will all work out.
11 yrs. ago, with no job other than having been a full-time mom to 3 young children, I took that step to freedom and it was the best decision I ever made. I was stronger than I ever knew, and my kids got to have a happy mom and a better life, where there was no fighting or abuse. It was just me and the kids (I had no help) for 7 years, until my new DH came along. I found gardening to be very therapeutic and calming, so I hope you will have a great time setting up your new yard...its like you have a blank canvas and you can paint any picture you want!
I know, though, that it will still be sad & difficult to leave behind so many of your plants & roses that brought you so much pleasure.
Good luck...and God bless,

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Susan Serra

Valerie, I'm sorry the way things have turned out for you, I'm sure it's not what you wanted. It seems, though, like you are ready to move forward in a positive way, and for sure, you will build a better and happier life. You're so positive, Valerie, you know where to find support and comfort and pleasure in life, you will have no shortage of that. It will just follow you closely as you build your new, happier, life.

It would be NICE if at least some of the roses cooperated and gave you a break over the winter and grew strong in the spring. Even with a very cold winter two years back, I had some roses outside, never did a thing to them, wanted to benignly kill them by consciously forgetting about them, and it didn't work! They survived in pots for several seasons outside. Maybe repot them into really big pots? I'm wondering if the sun is something that is good for even dormant roses, but you know your zone better than I do.

Take care, Valerie. I wish you all the happiness there is.

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Dear Valorie, I'm so sorry things did not work out. OTOH, there can be such freedom in closing a chapter if things weren't quite right... story of my shot at marriage and I'm actually so glad we broke up, even if that sounds strange.

You are so independent that you don't have to worry about that part. I'm crossing my fingers for your plants! I had to move mine in the heat of the summer - so not according to plan. Now years later the new garden looks like I've always been here.

Take care!

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I'm just starting cup #2 of coffee and am not fully awake, but I wanted to add some thoughts before I forget to post to this (this forum needs more thread tools)

Very sorry to hear about you're divorce, I know how tough it can be; but I also know how great it can be to be happy again. You're going into this with a positive attitude, you'll be fine.

Get yourself some bails of straw. Line the shed inside, add plants. I usually break up a bail or 2, throw more on top of the plants. This had worked really well. Don't pile it too tight. I've found that in warmer weather, covering with sheets or tarps causes moisture build up (never tried burlap) making the plants mold. Do you have a basement?

I started digging out bulbs in case we move. I have thousands of dollars worth of lilies that I don't want to lose. I have roses tagged for digging, but with Christmas coming, can't do any more; it can wait till spring.

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rilie(Z5 Eastern Canada)

Hi Valerie -

I haven't been to the rose forums in months, but I checked in this morning - thinking of you. Hubby said to me lastnight "don't you know a Valerie ***** in Nova Scotia"? He saw a story on the news about a terrible accident in NS, and thought you were involved. Turns out he had the first name wrong, but I checked in here anyway to make sure you were okay, thought maybe your family was involved.

I'm sorry you're going through such a difficult time, especially so close to the Holidays. It sounds as though you've been anticipating this ending and I hope that's allowed you time to greive, make your plans and prepare to move forward. Knowing the happy, positive outlook you have I'm sure you will do just fine. You have a wonderful spirit and kind heart, and I wish you only the best. Take care of yourself Valerie.


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My dear Valerie,

You already know that my thoughts and best wishes are with you.

You are such a wonderful upbeat person and I just know you will be a success wherever you are.

I will be happy to send you cuttings of any roses you want .

Take care and best of luck in your new life.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Valerie, as someone said above, you are a strong person and I wish you only the best in your new chapter. Buddy will have some room to romp, that's important. I hope your roses and companions will survive and you will be able to start spring planting them. If you need a shoulder...

Love and peace,

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Valerie, let me add my best wishes and hopes for this new chapter in your life. I know that planning and taking this step has been hard, but you will feel so free that it will be worth it. I am sure your roses will cooperate, but if they don't you can always get more. The main thing is for you to be happy. We have only so much time on this earth and can't waste time struggling in a situation that won't change. I am proud of you and happy for you. A big hug from me to you and a big slurp for Buddy from Freddy!
Love Kathy

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Valerie, sorry things did not work out for you as planned, but it sounds like you have a great attitude. I wish you all the very best and a "happy" life in your new home and garden! Take care!
Love Pauline - Vancouver Island

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Been there, with a small daughter. It's hard, but it is also wonderful, being able to make all the decisions and the freedom is great. Gardening is what made it work for me, but I did not realize that at first, so you have a real head start! If you need a few more perennials next spring, let me know and I will send you some daylilies - I have all the colors they come in - and I grow them with my roses. The make great companions and they are very easy. It would be my pleasure to help you fill your new garden! Denise

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rozannadanna(8 TX)

Valerie, I hope your move does as much for you as mine has for me.

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Valerie, I admire your strength and resolve.
Having Buddy is all you need for success.
Always nice to have a faithful friend right
by your side.
He doesn't even care if you comb your hair.

Good Luck.

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barb422(z6 UT)

Hello Valerie,
I never know quite what to say, but please know that I'm sending you warm wishes, hoping you get settled in well and that your plants all make it.

Take care,

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onewheeler(Z5 N.S.)

Thank you all so much for your support, kind wishes and offers of plants, it means alot to me, you are all so generous, I really appreciate you all.

I will be fine, I will be a brand new improved model for sure. I feel like a little kid counting down for Xmas except I am counting days till I can move, 16 more days.

The weather this year has been amazing for digging and tomorrow is supposed to be extra mild so I will be out there getting my Japanese Maples and some rhodos, expensive plants to replace so hopefully they will survive, I will give them a little extra TLC and with all the moisture in the ground right now they should not even lose any more than a few surface roots.

Thanks again you rosey people, you are the best.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Best wishes for a happy future!

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Best of luck in your new beginning, Valerie. I'm sure you didn't come to this decision lightly, and you know what's best for you.

I wish you lots of happiness in your new life!


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michelle_co(z5 CO)

Hi Valerie,

I want to wish you well in your move. It's such a strong metaphor to be uprooting the roses and hoping they can thrive in their new location. I hope you find a place that you can thrive & that new and wonderful opportunities present themselves to you.

I would be happy to send you some cuttings or bareroots next season, if you want them.


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