Friendly Koi Video.

cliff_and_joannMay 21, 2011

A little tourist was visiting yesterday and it was

the first nice day in a solid week of rain.

The little guy favors the orange koi 'Sunny' and only

wants to feed him.

I said in another thread -- that if our

koi could breathe out of water, they would be waiting

me at the back door each morning. really!

Here is a link that might be useful: Little Tourist & Friendly Koi

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Omg.... What a gorgeous pond !! I can only wish that mine looked like that.

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What is the size of your pond and how many fish are there? Just wondering. I want to get a couple more in ours but worried about over crowding.

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2500 gallons, 17 big koi, 2 goldfish...
keep in mind, the more fish, the more maintenance...
we have a 200 gallon biological pond as well
as a bottom drain, and gravity fed filter system.

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Lovely as always, Joann. Looks like your little visitor was having a good time. ;-)

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OMG what a cute video! I love the way the little tourist gets the food nice and wet before he tries to feed the Koi. How fun is that for a kid? I am sure it will be a special memory for him.

Joan I love the way your pond looks. Reminds me of the Koi ponds I have seen in Hawaii. Very tropical looking, crystal clear with big, healthy Koi. Keep up the good work and keep the videos coming. :)

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That was adorable thank you for sharing.Beautiful koi.

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