A christmas tree in madrone zone?

west_gardenerNovember 29, 2013

DS went hiking on the OR forest trails, when he came across this little christmas tree among a lot of madrone trees.
He wondered how that little tree got there.

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The next photo shows something of the altitude where he was taking the pic. Not scientific, but we wonder if that tree is in it's natural zone?
As you can tell, we are not very familiar with trees, Just curios.

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I am not familiar with the Oregon forrest, but conifers are usually the last trees up in the mountains before the tree free zone. So altitude should not be a problem.
How it got there? Most likely in a bird dropping or a far-flung seed by a storm.
I feel like sitting down right next to it, petting it and telling the little tree that all will be ok and to make friends with its neighbors.

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There is a lot of madrone on my property and it's mixed with pine,
and fir trees, new ones are coming up all the time. Of course, my altitude is lower than the one on your picture, that doesn't matter though.
It looks as though the area had been logged and madrone is not getting logged, it has no commercial value, so perhaps the little fir is the forerunner of a coniferous forest to come again.

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That's a beautiful little tree; it doesn't need any decorations to make it that way, either.

I'm going to Google 'madrone'; I'm not familiar with that name or the tree.

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It is a healthy little tree. It would be interesting to know what kinds of birds inhabit that area- pine grosbeak, clark's nutcracker, etc....

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Lower Rogue from Graves Creek to Whiskey Creek (OR)
Here is where he was hiking.

Thanks for the replies. Interesting to think the forest may be repopulated -starting with that Little Tree.
DS did say that he did not see any birds circling around anywhere.

He is very new to that area so he (and I) have a lot to learn.

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