Our toad eggs disappeared please HELP

toadllyconfusedMay 2, 2013

This is our first year actually having toads lay eggs in our koi pond well they were there for a few days and we went out this morning and all the eggs are gone could the fish have eaten them or what could have happened to them.. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! We do not see any noticeable tadpoles either

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They most likely have hatched into tadpoles. It just takes a few days for this to happen. The tadpoles usually hang around where they hatch for another day or two, but are very hard to see. Your fish may eat the tadpoles. Tadpoles are one of the best natural algae controls you can get. Of course when they morph no more algae control, lol.

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If you have Koi they most likely ate them. In 7 years I have never had a baby anything in my pond. Sorry.

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