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gandle(4 NE)November 29, 2012

George is having a knee replaced next wesday and he has already told the doctor thart if he has to take an opiate pain killer he would rather just hurt and limp. I'm about to bop him over the head, I've had both knees replaced and you do need a strong pain killer right at first. Bull headed man. Ohhh

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I am scheduled to have them both replaced and also do not look forward to the pain medications following but it will only be for a short time compared to the gallbladder problem. I was on Vikoden for four months to keep it under control while waiting for the removal. I was happy to put up with the medications to make that time bearable and quit them a few days after it was done.

A customer said when she had a stone stuck the pain was worse than childbirth. I do not think he will be on any of them for more than a week and may be able to get by with one of the Nsaids like Ibuprofen or a bit stronger. The pain now in my knees and not being able to do stuff is getting really old and getting rid of it is worth the ordeal of the after pain and medicines for it.

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Tell him that one GOOD reason for taking the pain medications is so that he will walk as normally as possible. If he hurts and limps, the healing cannot do as well.

It would be only normal for him to favor that leg. This puts additional strain on the other one. Not a good thing. He wants to use that leg correctly to preserve his gait.

AND...he needs to take the stuff as directed, not just when HE thinks he needs it.

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I wish George well regarding the knee replacement.When the time comes he may change his mind about taking something for pain. Three years ago I had a knee replaced.I'm so glad I did but because of the initial pain,first three weeks, I cannot bring myself to have the other one done.Also he should do all therapy required.That is so inportant.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

George needs to understand that pain killers can be an important tool in a rapid recovery. He can use the lowest dose and use it sparingly but he should use it. It will allow him to move and exercise. He'll probably be surprised about the short time he will need such medications....as long as he uses them in the beginning.

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agnes is right on.

I just went through the same thing with my back. I was never so happy as to have accomplished getting to the correct level of physical therapy so I could get off of the pain killers. But I couldn't make any progress until I felt good enough to do the work.

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I remember when my mother had a knee replaced and they gave her morphine. Never again! She had panic attacks and hallucinations, didn't know where she was and was calling us in the middle of the night. A freind who is an RN took it was convinced that the nursing staff was going to kill her and they were her co-workers! If he has taken it before and had a bad reaction, see if there is something else they can give him.

Give him a healing hug from me.

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A body in pain concentrates on that, not on healing. It has nothing to do with your thinking, it's an automatic reaction. So spoke my niece when I did not want to take pain medication. She should know since she is a doctor specializing in pain management at a large hospital in Germany. George will also be able to move better through physical therapy.

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Yes, George needs to be as pain-free as possible for a lot of reasons.
Rapid healing is one.
Also, pain DOES increase blood pressure which could result in heart attack or stroke.
He doesn't have to take it forever.

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Tell him to talk to them about alternate pain meds. I too hate morphine and its effects. When i had my 1st hip replacement the ortho hospital used morphine and it not only made me feel horrid but it didnt last long enough to control my pain. 2nd hip replacement was with a different ortho group at a different ortho hospital and they didnt use morphine. From the moment i came to in recovery to the day i left i honestly felt no pain...and i felt normal the entire time and was able to function and eat. Talk to them asap and see if they agree to alternate pain meds.

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So how did every thing turn out and what is going on with the pain control?

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