gift box idea needed

andrewlina(Z5)November 22, 2007

My 11 yr old daughter loves makeup! Last year someone gave her some nail polishes and lip glosses in a cute bag. I want to do that this year (only bigger & better). I want a cute idea for a gift box or something to tuck the girly goodies in. Any ideas!? I am drawing a blank! Thanks for any suggestions. Julie

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Sephora had a big make up box a while back. May still be offered. Do you have a Sephora store in your city?
They have some cute lines for younger girls and all kinds of gift ideas.


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How about packing it up with brushes, etc., and giving it an artist's palette theme? I don't know much about how artists pack up their stuff though, haha - that may not be a good idea.

When we give gifts to young girls for their birthday and such, we sometimes will buy a cute purse and pack tons of stuff in it - coin purse, makeup, pen and notepad, gum, etc. When you said 'bag' up there, did you mean purse? If not, maybe just a cute little purse, or a little backpack purse. There are also stuffed animal purses out there, too.

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No,we do not have Sephora stores near me. I never heard of it. I am halfway between Madison & Milwaukee and an hour from Chicago. They might have one there. She is not into brushes and stuff rainlily,that is advanced for her. BUT I like the idea of adding coin purse,gum... I was actually meaning like a gift box or bag,not so much a purse. Thanks for the great ideas! I will look into the Sephora thing. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU ALL.

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Remember old-fashioned hat boxes?

I bet you could find cute ones at a craft store.

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Or if she's wanting to sometimes be a more grown up, you want to give her something that would be a keeper, the Shaker boxes are the kinds of containers that can become heirlooms. (Our source is Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill in Kentucky and they mailorder.)

Here is a link that might be useful: Shaker ovals

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What about a makeup case. Looks like a little suitcase with mirror inside the lid and trays to hold the different makeups. You can find these anywhere, Dollar Stores, large drugstores, Wally World. They come in so many colors and styles.

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