baby shower games needed!

andrewlina(Z5)November 8, 2006

I am throwing my niece a baby shower in December and I need some new ideas for games! I have done the baby food game,the diaper/candy bar game... I want some new ideas! Anyone have some or can lead me to a website that does have some ideas. Thanks! Julie

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Just went to one Sunday, passifier candy in a baby bottle - guess how many candies. Another, necklaces with passifiers on it, if someone says baby and someone hears it, the person hearing it can take the ither person's necklace. Whoever has the most wins.

The mother wrapped gifts in baby blankets & tied balloons to them, used them as decorations. You could have people guess what's inside.

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I went to one this summer. They handed out blank BINGO cards - you had to fill in the spaces with things you thought the new mom would get at the shower when she unwrapped the gifts. As they were unwrapped, you checked off your card. You could play any variety of BINGO you wanted to - I think we played just regular old 'across, up and down, diagonal'. Black-out would be pretty hard.

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Unscramble baby related words--fastest wins
List of animals--fastest to fill in the name of the babies: ie cow=calf
Everyone takes yarn and cuts off the amount of yarn they think will go around the pregnant guest of honor's tummy---closest wins
Put diaper pins on everyone as they enter. Every time you catch someone crossing their legs, you get their pin. Most pins wins.
Have the guests put suggestions for baby care on cards, Mother to be reads the cards and gives a prize to the most outlandish, or most helpful.
Can you tell I've been to a few showers?
Hope these help!

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aprille(z9 CA bay area)

One baby shower I went to had a list of stuff from mother's gift register - you had to guess the price - closest guess got 1 pont, next 2 points ect - at the end the person who had the least amount of points won. It was pretty fun. they had print outs of the items. there was also a game where there was a big box of baby items and you got a quick look at them and had to write down what was in the box, who ever guessed the most amount of stuff won.


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Susan Serra

From another perspective, just don't make the whole thing too long! 5 hour baby showers make me crazy, and I'll bet I'm not the only one. I'd recommend being efficient with your timing and having a handle on it from the front end.

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The type of shower depends on the age of the Mother and the amount and ages of people who attend;

I hosted a baby shower for a coworker last year. It was coed so it was not too silly. A couple of things I did:

I had a book set up on my desk a little out of the way and asked everyone to put in good thoughts or suggestions for the mother. I then had beads and string and people put the beads on the string to represent good thoughts and the Mother wore it (or had it in her hand) during delivery. It was a big hit.
We didn't play games as it was a big group and most people wanted to socialize. I just had guess the baby food and how many pieces of candy in the bottle but they were off to the side ie people saw the items and guessed as they passed through; it wasn't everyone sit down and guess. Unwrapping the gifts takes quite a bit of time and we had cake. Time-wise it worked out well.
Good luck.

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Such great ideas! I will be sure to use a few! Thanks

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I went to this one baby shower were everything was diapers . . . diaper decorations, diaper-themed gifts, diaper games. Even diaper invitations! The cutest gift was this gift pack of personalized diapers. It was in a pink pouch and five diapers came in a pack. The diapers had "Honeymoon Souvenir" printed on them, which was so funny because that's how it happened!

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