Gandle, I thought of you today

jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)November 19, 2010

Last year you posted in search of pickled cabbage leaves that you thought you remembered your grandparents stuffing, and someone confirmed your memory and told you they were available online. I'm tutoring one of my Bulgarian friends in English as a Second Language a couple times a week, and we talk frequently about foods. I mentioned learning how to make "serMEE" last summer (stuffed grape leaves... the Greeks call them dolmas or dolmades) and she told me that in winter, they're made with pickled cabbage leaves instead of grape leaves (makes seasonal sense). She was bummed she didn't know where to begin looking for them in town.

Your query equipped me to give her an answer I'd have been otherwise unprepared to offer. Sometimes we don't know the ways our words inform one another, and I just wanted to thank you for what you sometimes refer to as your ramblings. I learn a lot from you, and you helped me offer someone some reassurance today. :o)

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gandle(4 NE)

Glad you could help your friend find the cabbage leaves. Steve S. was the one who put us on track for getting them. We have been using them but somehow our version of stuffed pickled cabbage leaves doesn't taste as good as grandma's did 80 years ago but a 12 year old g granddaughter thinks they are the best thing she ever ate and each time they visit her request is for that dish, we really don't have any particular recipe, just wing it every time but its hard to go wrong with them.

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