Help me identify the plant that gave me blisters.

DebbieChenierJuly 17, 2013

Hi there, I lightly brushed up against this plant a few days ago, and in the spots where the spiny under leaf touched me, I developed blisters (if you zoom in, you'll see the prickly rib on the underside of the leaves). They're not itchy or painful at all (in fact, I didn't notice the scratches until the next day, when the blisters started to form where I had been scratched). Can't seem to find anyone who knows what this plant is. It was growing in a friend's side yard, which is very close to train tracks and was about 4 feet tall at the time. I have another photo, as well as photos of my blisters, if that helps. :) Thanks!

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Extra photo of the plant

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Here's one of the blisters that formed on my calf. Not itchy or painful, but looks awful!

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saltcedar(Sunset zn 30/usda 8b)

It looks like a Prickly Lettuce.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lactuca serriola

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lycopus(z5 NY)

I was skeptical but after doing some reading it appears that some people can get contact dermatitis from members of the composite family including Lactuca sativa (lettuce) and L. serriola (prickly lettuce). Might be a latex protein allergy or something more ubiquitous that might be worth considering testing.

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The blisters are appearing in exactly and only in the areas where I brushed up against the plant. I felt the quick little sting when I brushed up against it at the time (similar to brushing up against a thistle or rosebush - like small, innocuous scratches), which only developed into blisters the next day. I have no known allergies (plant, food, latex, etc). Though maybe I have a special sensitivity to whatever this plant is! Thanks for the help!! :)

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