Goblins and Hobbits and Dwarves oh my

don_socalNovember 27, 2012

Watching the live stream of the grand opening of The Hobbit from Wellington NZ. The whole city is there dressed as Hobbits, Elves and such along a 500 meter red carpet as the cast arrives. 100,000 all very exited for the movies that put their country on the map. Will you watch it?

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The Hobbit is the one crossover book, I think. Everyone's read that! Or at least it was the "one", until Lord of the Rings made it to the big screen. I cannot get my son who loves fantasy and scifi to read it. The entire series is sitting on mthe livingroom table from last year's birthday. We will see it just as we've seen the other movies.

That's where my friend (from childhood. We grew up together, military) Charlie lives. He makes movies. He fell in love with the place when he went there to work for Peter on the first LOR movie. He doesn't make those movies any more. He was working on the bloody Spartacus tv stuff, but that series is no longer airing. Wonder what he'll do next? He has beautiful children with his native wife. They all have red ringlet hair. They look like hobbits!

Here is a link that might be useful: Charlie's bio

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Hi Rob are the two of you still doing the morning yoga? I have read the Hobit and LOTR out loud to Missy a couple of times. Hope I can get her to go to the movie with me.

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Ive been waiting to see it for several years...ever since i heard Peter Jackson was directing again.
Reading the LOTRs series is quite a task...i always felt i was reading English as another language.

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I also read The Silmarilion to her and we learned all about Beren and Luthien and the dragons of ancient Middle earth. The origin of Sauron is also in there falling from being one of the Ainar (sp) to an outcast from the sacred Elvin land to the west where the gold and silver trees were.

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Thanks for asking Don! We are doing yoga, but it has to be early evening. It's good for us both. Stretching is recommended for my back ailment I've recently gotten diagnosed, so it was good to have it added to my list of physical things to keep me going.

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