For Pete: Salmon fishing Downtown Chicago

cupshaped_roses(6)December 7, 2007

Hi Pete just found some funny pictures of a trip to one of the parks in the middle of Chicago in October with a 9 feet part spinning rod- The North lagoon was full of salmon (both coho and Chinook and very bright steelheads). I caught this very angry looking dark 18 pounds Chinook, that I returned alive (not worth eating anyway because of pollution and the level of spawning maturity):

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Good job Cupshaped. That'll put Pete in his place. Always braggin' about his winter roses and fishing prowess. Plus, that picture clearly shows the effects of global warming - its already blackened!

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OOOOOOH Niels, Pete is going to be soooooooo jealous. Bet
he's never caught anything so big(LOL).

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Ha ha ha Harry and Devon! But Pete has both Tarpon and Alligator Gar in Florida And they are way bigger than Salmon!!! And has scary teeth!!! Maybe Pete fishes for these? Here some pictures (link) of these monsters from some friends trip to Texas last year:

Here is a link that might be useful: Texas fishing for Gator Gars

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

It is hard to take photos of fish bought at the fishmongers. Be nice to Pete!

Looks like a nice catch, Niels!

In Chicago of all places. Well I know they have stocked the lake and fishing around Racine and further north is popular.

Most of Chicago runoff is pushed down the Mudassippi as they get their drinking water from Lake Michigan. The fish would probably have been OK to eat, just the idea is kind of groadie.


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