in neighbors yard

pzmaybee(5bMi)July 21, 2014

wondering what this vine is growing along my neighbors fence. the stems are very dry and woody and flowers are fragrant. most importantly, how do i propogate?

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Campsis radicans, trumpet creeper. Btw, looks like milkweed underneath/behind it.

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Campsis radicans, aka Trumpet Vine. The leaves of this one are pinnate. Easily propagated by air layering. It's native here in North Carolina, but I find it aggressive. Attracts hummingbirds.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Rather than "How do I propagate?" it's more a case of "How do I keep it from invading my yard?"

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Even in a pot it's a thug. I finally threw mine out.

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thanks for the info and the warning. after clicking the link for more infor i think i'll def pass on this one. so pretty though.

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I used to drive by a house in town with that growing up the side of the house. It was never attended to and one day when I went passed it, it had succeeded in swallowing the little cottage. It was scheduled for demolition anyway, to make way for more stores in a shopping district, but glad I got to see it finally consume the house before the whole shooting match was demolished. I planted one on our country property once. It took years to annihilate it but this year, in our woodlot, my spouse saw a large splash of orange in the woodlot. Sure enough, surrounded by trees and thickets, one had managed to grow the size of a Volkswagen.

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