Is anyone else NOT ready for Christmas?

carla17(Z7 NC)December 15, 2007

This year I am not ready. The tree has lights and a few ornaments, I said to heck with it. There is a reason for this but I won't get into that, suffice it to say, due to physical problems I am not myself.

So, am I the only one with an uncompleted tree and few gifts?


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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Me! We're still working on storm damage control :)

I put some ornaments, ribbon on an evergreen wreath and hung that on my battered front porch - it isn't very protected with the windows gone, but I don't know when the glass company will have time to be back.

My christmas tree came home with DH yesterday, also on the front will be coming inside later today and I'll put hundreds of mini lights and all my pear ornaments on it.

But first, this morning a friend is coming back with a second boom truck (the first was here last week to take the tree off the house) to see if he can't lift the remainder of the pine that still is attached to the rootball up and out of my way....back next door where it belongs. Right now, on top of the homeowner there and her boyfriend, would suit me fine. Literally, on top of them.

I had an appointment in Olympia Wednesday and finished what Christmas shopping I hadn't done online that day though, so I'm not in too bad of shape...

Carla, don't beat yourself up. Do the things that are most meaningful to you, some things that will bring you pleasure, then just gather your family around you and enjoy them!

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pete41(9ab FL.)

The people over on hot topics.Some want to ban it,some want to turn it into Merry end of December,some want to ignore it,and a couple of us want to be happy and enjoy the festivities but thats UnPC.
Nuts at Christmas are part of the tradition.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Kinda funny Pete. I hope you keep them in line.


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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

I don't buy presents for anyone except DW (because I know what's good for me). DW makes me help decorate. I do as I'm told and stay out of trouble. Therefore, I am ready.

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

I have a tree up, I thought that was pretty good.

I will cook the dinner. Everything else I will do online tonight. Husband does the cards, usually *after* Christmas. We are incorrigible.

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No, not ready. Tree went up the other day.. pretty depressing, it's a 3 1/2 foot verses our usual 7ft. We did this because when we went to the house a month ago, the guy said we might be closing in January. I put balls on it, it looks weird not having our Hallmark ornaments on it. It needs more ornaments, hope to do that today.

I've been to ebay bidding on hand painted rose ornaments, although I shouldn't have. Now that I'm done buying, check them out. Also got ones like these

We ended up going back down yesterday, looks like it will probably be February or March.

I'm trying to get in the spirit Carla. I miss my dad, sure hope this gets easier. Blue Christmas by Heart on my rocking Christmas CD.. still makes me cry very hard. With him out of work for 6, 7 weeks now, my prescriptions not being covered to the tune of $800; Christmas will be light.

We also found out that the soon to be Ex DIL is not honoring the judges decision last year to give the granddaughter to her dad this Christmas, so once again, we don't get to spoil her. Last year we went all out only to return it & throw money in her savings account we made for her. Still have not shopped for her, hard to since we don't know what she wants & her mother never sends a list.

Amber's having a hard time. Her friend (13) that passed last year, it was the 1 year anniversary 2 weeks ago. She misses her friend, grandpa, aunt Tanya (died @ 41) Tanya's hubby Joe (died a few months before Tanya) and is worried her "father" won't get her anything for Christmas again. She knows Christmas will be light here, so that's depressing. I will say though, she's gotten a few expensive pieces, coat lists for $150 from Against All Odds - $80 (not bad).. Jeans from American Eagle, Hollister, Old Navy, Against All Odds (these still have a high waist, imagine that).. plus some hoodies / perfume which is not cheap. She still wants to go to Steve & Barry's. She was also stressed thinking we were moving in January.

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Not really Carla.

I have most of the gifts bought...just need a couple more for Jessica and find something for David..LOL

I don't even have my tree up awful is that! I think Jessica not being home for Christmas break from college is effecting me more than I'd like to admit. Usually she is home by now...but now she works full time AND is a full time student, so she is not home as much as in the past. But oh my....she is thriving and enjoying her young adulthood!!! I'm proud of her.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

I don't have many presents left to buy but the cleaning is looming over me and the tree. I thought DD would take an interest in the tree but no. I was lying on the couch in the dark with the tree lights and noticed two whole branches don't have lights!!! If you knew me better you would howl with laughter, I am usually very picky about my tree. Oh well, one day this week I may put more ornaments on. C'est la vie.


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cecily(7 VA)

Oh Deb, I'm sorry Jessica isn't home, that must put a damper on your holiday. You & David need to start a new holiday tradition so you'll have something to look forward to (a little weekend getaway? B&B? Fancy dinner on Christmas Eve?). Hope your mother is doing well & enjoying the season.

My shopping is DONE! With DD in middle school this year I wasn't going to purchase teacher gifts -- she has eight teachers!-- but the social studies teacher organized a field trip taking all the sixth graders to see the Statue of Liberty. Bless the man, they spent ten hours on a bus! Eight sixty person busses actually, 480 kids and parents participated. He's getting a Borders gift card. Yes, he deserves adult beverages but the kiddo can't take that to school.

Christmas dinner is still in the planning stages, DH is vacillating between turkey and ham. So once a decision is made, I need to grocery shop. Baking I enjoy, that's not a chore at all. We tried a new pecan pie recipe from Southern Living at Thanksgiving and it just wasn't right, so the old faithful pecan pie will appear at Christmas.

Happy holidays! Cecily

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Carla, kids aren't into doing trees these days from what I've seen. The most involved I could get my kids was dad's last Christmas, putting ornaments on his tree that was borrowed from us. They actually liked it because they were on a mission... using some of their favorite ornaments to make grandpa's Christmas special.. my "mother" had nothing. Thankfully I own 2 7ft trees. Too bad he didn't get to enjoy it much since he was afraid of getting sick from her cat and would mostly stay in his room, go downstairs to smoke or in the kitchen, but he wouldn't stay there that long.

I'm pretty anal with my lights. I swear I use over 10 strands of 100 ft lights. I load it up with white 1st, then accent with colored lights. I always back away from the tree while doing it so that I can see what I missed.. learned long ago that I will miss a branch.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Wish I'd had someone anal about lights here when I was doing mine - instead of my someone who was sitting in his chair with a football game on :) I connected three strings together, placed those. Strung three more together, got them in place. I put the tree into the corner where it goes, watered it, got down to turn on the lights and the bottom string was on upside down, no way to plug it in.

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I put the tree into the corner where it goes, watered it, got down to turn on the lights and the bottom string was on upside down, no way to plug it in.

If it makes you feel better, I've done that too! We usually put the extension cord up the tree, connect the angel, then start the lights from the top. The angel won't plug in otherwise

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

I'm getting there. I took Friday off from work and cleaned my house and gave my big family Christmas party on Saturday. I think I have mentioned before that I am "hostess challenged". I get very nervous at the thought of entertaining that many people. But it was fine and everything turned out great. Now I feel like I can relax and enjoy the season. I still have some shopping to do, but the party forced me to do the cleaning and decorating. I am having my usual winter fight with depression. Finally had to up my antidepressant, which I hate to do because of the side effects, but I am feeling "lighter" this week. 3 more days of school and then two weeks off. Boy am I going to sleep! My thoughts are with all who are having health problems. I hope you feel better soon! Sometimes it is best to just let go of holiday expectations and be satisfied with whatever gets done.

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Lucky thats Edd's a Quaker not a big deal day just means I have the day off! Food is a focus and presents can be given but he's dragged me into the mindset of the Ghost of Christmas had better be every day of the year or not at all! So he got a big gift about a month ago and I get mine all over the place thats a treat!. I'll still will probably honor some old family traditions an apple and an orange and creamed cod fish over potato on Christmas Eve.
I used to love the hooplah but now am quite happy to let go of it there are some really mean spirited folks racing up and down Broadway on my way to work..They may be helping the economy but man are they dragging a lot of folks spirts down with the hostile shopping mode. Oh I do have to watch Alister Symms in Christmas Carol at least once during the season somtimes I even watch it in July.....hat ickens fellow sure knew how to pluck and emotional hgeart string. I can't bear the idea of it's a Wonderful Life again....maybe Arsenic and Old Lace or Harvey!

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I finished today by mailing the last package--in the rain.

No decorations here. The ex is still recuperating from surgery and enough--is enough. I'm not that big on it anyway although I get completely disgruntled if I don't think the neighborhood is properly decked out.

Fortunately, the neighbors have put on some nice displays. I don't know how they did it but a block over they lit two palms from the bottom up. I really enjoy looking at that.


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pete41(9ab FL.)

Buy Gummy Bears,I am ready-
Big Christmas kid here.
Don't know if I will have the nerve to use my new gift rod and lures Christmas morning.
Depends on the tide.

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

I'd love to see photos of your neighborhood lights, Michael. Also would love to see a photo of anyone's tiniest efforts to get in the spirit.

I put a string of lights out in the garden so I could see it after dark -- which seems like all the time lately! I like this photo because of the 'wreathe' of light.

Happy Christmas to all.

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