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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevationDecember 4, 2007

I won my appeal at school!!! :) :) :) The Senior Proctor is aware of my name and even some of my drama, lol... teasing of course, but I am actually amazed at the ability to get personal consideration from such higher-ups. Classy, that, IMHO.

Sadly I do think I missed a lot of back-to-class 'bonding' while I was kept out, although I do get at least a weekly e-mail from some folks. Weekly is good, right? I no longer know if the invite to Ireland stands, but I have no reason to believe it doesn't, ya know? I'm just so glad to be seeing these same folks come August :)

It's feeling anti-climatic too, as my actual college hasn't gotten around to letting me back in to the course forum yet. I just heard from the Proctor yesterday, so they would have heard only then too. Odd mood and still very busy. Thought I'd report in to you guys, tho :) :)

If you have good news to share and don't feel like a whole post, please highjack away!

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Very good. Carry on.

Sort of good news with a wink from here. We bought my 87y.o. FIL's somewhat dented Buick last spring to try to get him to give up driving. He had forgotten how to turn the engine on and use of the auto transmission. It "wouldn't go into reverse, just died on him." Well, he wants another car. So DH let him drive his old Buick which he had had for six years. Got it out, up the street, turned in a small traffic circle, and back into his garage. Then turned it off. Then DH said, turn it back on and back out. There was the four minutes he took to remember where the key went, and then he backed into the side of the garage. DH had to stop him because he didn't realize he'd hit the garage (his garage). He was shocked to see that he had dented the car. Really shocked. And bothered. And DH pointed out....0.2miles and already a wreck. So that may be our temporary victory.
More easily won than Meredith's. But satisfying in a different way.

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Congrats Meredith! Best news yet!

Nothing new here.

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Congrats, Meredith! Our first grandchild was born Sunday. He's an adorable baby! My daughter is coming home after 6 months in the Andes Mtns of Ecuador. My youngest son just got a job selling cars and sold 2 in 3 days. My middle son has a pretty girlfriend. I got my little cast iron gas space heater installed today. My husband ran his first race in several years. Yay!


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My favorite time of year is here - I'm a total Christmas junkie. Nothing special to report, but life is good!

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carla17(Z7 NC)

I found out what is wrong with me, my thyroid. Hyperthyroidism, I'm happy though because I can be on my way to feeling better. Yay! Feeling better.
Mere, I'm happy for ya!


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Meredith, I am so very happy for you - that is a victory indeed. Hugs! P

Carla, It is always good, when you're not feeling yourself and you get a diagnoses that can fix you up easily. Thyroid meds are going to make all the difference to you. Enjoy your new wellness.
Love P.

My good news for the moment is I am leaving on the ferry boat today, and on a jet plane in the morning to eastern parts of Canada. A week of fun with friends in Hamilton,
Montreal and Toronto. Yeah! Then back home for Christmas preps, belated this year, but after the city Christmas lights and hub-bub in Montreal and Toronto, I will sure to have gained some Christmas spirit.
Pauline - Vancouver Island

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cecily(7 VA)

Meredith, your news is wonderful!

It's snowing today! We had lived along the Carolina coast for three years and didn't see snow so its thrilling to be back in the land of white winters. When my cat wakes and sees the snow I wonder what his reaction will be. He's being held prisoner in the house (he's been in for four years now with no chance of parole but he occasionally attempts a jail break)so he can't get his little feet wet but he can watch birds at the feeder.

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Good News: My oldest daughter finished her term at school with really good grades. My son is done with football and his mohawk haircut is finally growing out and he has a jazz band concert tonight. I only have 12 days of work left and then a two week break, I got to play with my grandson last night, my holiday shopping is almost done, I have been staying well and avoiding all the germs around here, and the wind and rain didn't do any damage at my house. YAY!
Love ya all

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Whoo! The decision-making cut into my project time and this one is a doozy :)

I got THE BEST e-mails from my Tutor and our Lecturer [really flattering that one :] and MyFavoriteIrishman and my favorite pals welcomed me back on the Forums :) The Opposite Side in my case still has not sent a thing acknowledging my 'win' even tho there should be forms or tuition to pay or something, lol ;)

Ann, thank you :) Your news really is wonderful, as odd as that does sound! If only my sis had an ah-ha moment like that about her bipolar meds on some famous occassions ;)

Thank you, orchids!! Merry Christmas!! Nothing new is good, I think, lol...

Linda, thank you and WOW :) FIRST GRANDCHILD?! So awesome!! Los Andes; para que?? How cool! And your other boys sound like they are doing fine :) What kind of racing?? [Space heaters rule, BTW, the doggedties and I agree every night!]

Merry Merry Christmas, rosenutty :) I love it too! Oy my family is SO un-Christmasy now that they don't 'have to' for Mom, but I am a Christmas gal through and through!

Carla, thank you and congrats!! You should see if Mel is around somewhere! Remember her 'buzzing' etc from thyroid issues? I can sure see where those make you feel awful, as I did have a metabolism-related disease ages ago and felt it day in and out!

Pauline, thank you so much :) And your trip! I'll have to poke around and see if you are back and how it was!! I've always wanted to visit Canada, btw.

Cecily, thank you! What did your cat think of the snow?! I do walk around with my Pepe le Pew kitty when it snows, and he pictures himself the Great Snow Leopard, you can tell ;) We actually had a wintry mix one night last week! Very early for here, but alas it was gone before I got up.

Kathy, congrats to your daughter! Man, I know that's hard! Hey, I like mowhawks ;) but congrats on that too, lol. I hope you are still staying well, and I can't imagine all the shopping done, lol. Yeah, it's ice storm season and I pray everyone makes out OK... so scary, and so much damage happens. Definite congratulations there!

BTW, Dad was in LA when it started raining kind of hard the other day [but nothing compared to T-storm season here, etc] and he said it was insanity! Folks wrecking and freaking out! Funny :) OTOH, as big snowstorms show here, if a population isn't used to conditions, that certainly shows!

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