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lilosophieDecember 7, 2012

Going to Ukiah, my county seat, so many times and now discovered they hold an annual haiku festival, Ukiah is haiku spelled backward :)
I have a notion to submit a couple to the 2013 event, if there is one.
What do you think?
Check out the submissions for past years, very interesting

Here is a link that might be useful: Sounds like fun

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Go for it Sis!

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so kind and so wise
she sees with beaming candor
Lilo should enter

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Oh Robin! You're a "smarty-pants"! If I sit and think for an hour or more, I might come up with a haiku, but wouldn't bet on it! Now, I have an assignment for this afternoon.

Lilo, I totally agree with Don and Robin, you should definitely enter!

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Haha, Robin - thank you and you did a good haiku :)
I am seriously considering to enter, just for the fun of it, have to keep an eye out as to the date of entry of submissions, looks as though sometimes in January.

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Go for it. I know you come up with a good one.

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I agree, go for it.
Rob, your are good and quick. I'm impressed.

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