pickup trucks

iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)December 21, 2007

"--males own about nine out of 10 heavy-duty pickup trucks"

I thought about this as I was filling up the gas tank and crying loudly even though a gas war was going on and I got the gas for $2.71/gal. At least the cashier was cute and had beautiful hair and that lessened my pain. Kind of.

DW (AKA the Troll) has quite a mouth on her but only weighs about 100lbs and refuses to drive the truck. She probably is smart or I would have her picking up loads of dirt and compost etc.

Do you have a pick up truck and if you are of the female persuasion, do you drive it?


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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

My DH has a Ford PU and I don't drive it because it feels too big to me. I can drive it, I just don't like to. If I had a PU it would be one of the smaller ones. It sure is handy for hauling stuff and taking the dog to the lake.

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We had a Ford Ranger, before some idiot ran a light and totaled it for us. No one hurt at all, but the Volvo did sustain quite a bit of damage. :) That said I did drive it when DH would let me but would have preferred the extended cab version because I could never get the seat far enough back to be comfortable using the clutch. It was really akward. I could see myself driving an F250 but that won't happen because I can't stomach paying that much for gas. We compromised with an Odyssey with the passing of the truck and brought our 3 car household to 2. While it can't haul mulch it can haul 4x8 sheets of wood and walboard flat and other long garden items. Plus I can shove the seat way back. :)

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

What Orchid describes is the reason I don't drive our 3/4T pickup. That and it's old and the object of many of DH's less than gentle monologues.
The first time I rode in a dually, I was pleasantly surprised by the visibility of the road. But I wasn't paying for the fuel to keep it running. With this one (from a NOLA native who cobbled it together), it had a carboreteur problem and was getting only 3mpg. We did have a discusstion over taking it to Slidell, cheaper mechanic, or to Harahan, more expensive mechanic, but less fuel to get there. It's now up to maybe 10mpg. DH wishes it would be stolen. (It would probably be a repeat of the theft of a friend's classic convertible uptown NOLA; it was stolen and broke down three blocks from his house. The thieves even left some of their beer behind. )
Ah, Christmas memories.

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Yes, a Tacoma, and yes again, I drive it. I LOVE to drive it. I use every excuse to drive it. You know: it is rainy and I feel safer, it is windy and I feel safer, I may need to haul something for someone today, the radio is much better and I can actually hear it (really true), it is more comfortable. Sometimes, just because I wanted to.
I do acknowledge the gas is so much higher. I am bad, I know it. I do drive the car alot, too. But the truck can accelerate onto the freeway ramps so much better than the tired old RAV. Another of my truer excuses.


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Elise(9b BayArea CA)

We have a 1999 Chevy Silverado (extended cab) that we bought when we were building our house. It was invaluable for hauling building materials. We also used it alot for landscaping as you can fit one cubic yard of compost in the bed.

We have two other cars--I have a company car and my husband drives a Lexus. So the truck doesn't get used very much but we still drive it on the weekends. It comes in handy to haul bulky stuff like the Xmas tree and golf clubs. We also use it to take the dogs to the beach.

The only place I won't drive the truck is downtown San Francisco. The parking garages are old and narrow and you can scarcely find parking on the street that it will fit into. Otherwise it's fun to drive. And it's not roughing it at all--it has heated leather seats and that feels good this time of year!
How Californian is that?

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pete41(9ab FL.)

96 chev.s-10
about 27 around town
32 hi-way
47,000 miles.
has a retro AC thats useless as it cuts the power down to crawl speed.
Real adventure driving it in the summertime.Thought I was going to die going to Jacksonville 100 miles away.
Love my truck-have had about a half dozen over the years.
Worse-Dodge not for Montana
Best my 4cyl.Chev .i have now.Highly recommend for a lightweight.

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Ford F 150 (IIRC)
has the extended cab (not fully) and a full sized bed

Do I drive it? If I have to, heck, I can drive anything.. use to drive a tow truck.

Reason I don't drive it? My back. My Mazda Tribute is about all my back can take. Love the seats as they adjust every which way. It's rare I can't fit everything in the back.

Hubby has the truck in case we have to haul sheet rock. In his book it's a good excuse lol

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Foghorn, yes, and yes. When I can get it away from DH which isn't often, he uses it as his rolling office - Ford 250 Supercab. We always have had one, it's necessary for his work, replace it every 100,000 miles or so (that's about 3 years).

Truthfully, it's so full of engineering equipment, maps, gear etc, you'd have to clean house to get more than a driver and one passenger in it (not dirty mind you, just full - he's OCD about his vehicles), but the seat adjusts enough directions I'm completely comfortable driving it and I'm about 15 pounds bigger than your wife.

I had my own Chevy S-10 for a while so I would have something to drive off highway (berries, fishing) when DH was busy - He watched a water tanker roll a few feet down a hill one day into one and pancake it...he sold my little truck.

I do have to tell you though, our gas bill can just about bring me to tears each month ($3.12 9/10 today at the cheapest pumps in town), and I don't pretend to be able to parallel park it!

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Got me a 2x2 Tacoma, cause if it's snowing I ain't goin. It is cherry red and the ladies love it! Yer, Jerry Lee

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rozannadanna(8 TX)

yes I have one. A Ford explorer Sport Track Pickup. 2004 model. I had a 2001 model and traded it in on the 2004 because I loved it so much. 21 mpg - can seat 5 adults. Bed is small but I haul anything I "need" to haul in it. If I can't haul it in my truck I just figure I did't need to haul it. A very comfortable ride. Good visability and very easy to drive.

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Deb likes driving our light duty pickup (F-150) when I take her Explorer to out of town jobs. She hates driving the F-250 (heavy duty). The 250 has an extended cab and those things need 40 acres to turn around. She likes the ride and shorter turning radius of the 150. Suspension on the 250 is stiff enough to rattle teeth out unless it is towing a heavy load. I do understand her dislike of it.

She looks good in the 150 too :)


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jody(7b - NC)

Just a Ranger and its MY truck. It is, like many trucks, my rolling office.

We decided against a bigger truck and bought a 5x10 trailer with a 3500 pound axel. I use it to get mulch and compost.

I think I will always drive a truck. Don't want a car. I have an extended cab, but lust after a four door. The truck has a camper top, rubber mat, double slideby windows so I can carry the dog in the back, but he rides in the cab with me.

The great thing about a truck, you always have a place for stuff.

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I LOVE my pickup truck. It's a red Toyota from the late 80's. Has never stranded me EVER. I like the space behind the seats for stuff and I don't like my head next to the rear window. It is supposed to seat 4 people, but the back "seats" are a joke. I ride back there sometimes because I wouldn't make anyone else suffer. But usually, I'm just putting my stuff back there. It has the extended bed with a liner and an old shell to cover so I can lock things up. I have a car that seats 5 and gets better mileage and has a big trunk, but I am always driving my truck! You never know when you might want some fertilizer or plants........best to be prepared :)

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I have one of the smaller trucks, a GMC Sonoma two seater, because I can't justify the additional expense (both in gas and auto-price) for a bigger model. Love it. So far I get okay milage and I like the convenience of being able to pull up to the local garden center and then driving away with bags of compost, fertilizer, dirt, sand, rocks and of course more plants. It has a liner and I think nothing of throwing dirt on top. Something that can't be said for a prissy car. Now if only an auto-maker could come out with a decent hybrid truck that gets more than 30 MPG.


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