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lilosophieDecember 20, 2013

That seems to point up a significant difference between Europeans and Americans. A European says: "I can't understand this, what's wrong with me?" An American says: "I can't understand this, what's wrong with him?"
Terry Pratchett

It was so much easier to blame it on Them. It was bleakly depressing to think that They were Us. If it was Them, then nothing was anyone's fault. If it was us, what did that make Me? After all, I'm one of Us. I must be. I've certainly never thought of myself as one of Them. No one ever thinks of themselves as one of Them. We're always one of Us. It's Them that do the bad things.
Terry Pratchett,

Always be wary of any helpful item that weighs less than its operating manual.
Terry Pratchett

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Boy, has Terry Pratchett it right. I just got off the phone with a cousin in Germany. She said just the same thing - what is wrong with me, I can't understand all that new technology!
She is 94 years old.

The second quote is, I think, my most favorite Pratchett quotation. It hangs since quite some time on my wall. Thanks Lilo.

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Lol, I like the third quote. He's right on about that one. Been there done that.

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Genius of logic hidden only because we do not see what is in front of us.

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