He's helping again!

agnespuffinDecember 22, 2011

The dear hubby was doing some laundry....he comes into the den and says, "I just thought of an old joke."

And here it 'tis!!

The Lost Chapter of Genesis:

God and Adam were strolling around int the Garden of Eden. God notices that Adam is not his usual cheerful self.

God. "what's the matter Adam? Problems?"

Adam. "Well, you aren't around all the time, and frankly, I get a little lonesome with no one to talk to."

God. "I understand..Maybe I should make you a companion. A Woman. Someone to take care of you, wash your clothes, cook your food, raise happy children for you. Would that make you happy?"

Adam. "Sounds good!! what would it cost me?"

God. "Just an arm and a leg."

Adam. "Oh! what would I get for a rib?"

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heheehee. Steve in Baltimore County.

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husky004_(z5 NY)

Good one, Steve! But it still costs you an arm and a leg!

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