Tips to Organize the Christmas Party at Your Backyard

leenamarkDecember 17, 2013

If you decided to throw a Christmas party this year in your backyard, but you want to enjoy the party and the guests and not be stuck in the kitchen all day, it�s important you plan ahead and stay organized as much as possible.

Set a Date - Time and Guest List: Before you do anything else, you need to set a date and a time and pick your guests you want to come to your party. Once you know the number of people coming, you can be a lot more aware of how much food and drinks you will need.
Share your Ideas here to make Christmas a more merry making event!!!

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Interesting. Maybe if I lived in So California, Texas, or Florida. Not in Tennessee! Unless I hated my guests, I'm pretty sure we won't be outside. Thanks for the tips though!

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