My surgery went well

cupshaped_roses(6)December 21, 2009

Due to increasing overweight I - like 4 other family members before me - chose to go through bariatric surgery and Friday dec. 18. I got a RNY gastric bypass surgery. The surgery went fine - but the post-op pain was really realy bad - but the next day I felt tired and worn out from all the tense muscles due to the pain. But I was able to drink more liquids and I only only liquids for a week -progresing to pureered foods (baby food) week and soft foods from weeks 3. My weight is dropping fast and I am down to 260 pounds today and have lost 45 pounds during the last 13 weeks - but will probably start the loosing weight fast the next weeks. I do not feel any hunger - due to the neurohormonal changes by bypassing 90 percent of the stomach, that cut the nevers sending hunger signal to the brain. Also the production af ghrelin hunger hormone goes down about 90 percent. And the 6 feet of baypassed small intestine will make me absorb about 40-percent of the calories and nutruients - so I need to take more supplements especially calcium, b12, Vit. D and iron adn have the levels monitoried doing labwork every 3 month.

I need to losse about 80-85 pounds more and it will proably happen pretty fast during the next 6 months. Overcoming morbid obesity - before I develop more comorbidities - or even become super morbid obese - and then have to have painful surgery to remove exess skin was not something I wanted to go through. So I did the surgery to prevent it and regain my health and reclaim my life. I love that I will be able to become more active and work harder with gardening again. It may seem very extreme to having your stomach and intestines rearranged like this - so from now on I can only eat small meals about 5 oz - protein first, veggies and fruit, and small amount of complex carbs. 50 percent will not tolerate sugar or highfat foods since it causes dumping syndrome. Basically the surgery will force me to follow a diabetic diet in small portions 5 times every day. Had I not gotten the surgery I would have kept gaining weight and besides hypertension, pre-diabetes, bronchitis and pneumonia - I would also struggle with osteo-arthrosis in my knees, hips and back. Now this will not be an issue. I am very happy that I went a head with it. It is no easy way out - and GBY patients have to follow their diet and exercise. If they return to poor eating habits and stop exercising - about 30 percent will regain the weight they lost ... the surgery on is own is only a tool - it does not work if not used correctly.

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

My late DH had this type of surgery years ago so I know just what you're talking about. It is a very serious decision and changes one's life in many ways. It did save his life at the time (just to be clear, his later death was unrelated to the surgery.) I wish you great success in following the diet and exercise the rest of your life, and great happiness in the new and healthier you.
Sincere good wishes,

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania


Its quite radical, but only you know what's right for you. I have been battling weight gain my entire adult life and am just beginning to understand my problems. The psychology of self discipline has become my hobby. Sometimes fun, more often frustrating.

Talking about your problem is good for you.

Good luck.


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Anne - sorry to hear of your loss. I truly hope I will be among the 70 percent, where the produre will help me loose and maintain the weight loss and resolve the comorbidities. I will do my part.

Harry - Thanks for understanding. I simply could not recognize myself when I reached 300 pounds - I was no longer just a big guy - but in fact morbidly obese. Even though I was lightweight morbidly obese - the comorbidities followed - and I did not want to allow myself to reach 400 pounds like some other members of my family did. I fought the weight gain so many years and I was always losing. Lost 50 pounds and gained 60 - lost 60 and gained 70. Lost 80 ... and lost ...

So even though bariatric surgery and the Gastric bypass procedure may seem radical - It will hopefully be a lifesaver and give me many good years - without having too much excess weight to carry around. Overweight is extremely damaging to most persons selfworth and confidence - and people think overweight people are less intelligent and selfdisciplined - and gets chosen for jobs later than average weight persons regardless of qualifications. Let's face it - appearance does matter - and far too few see with their hearts.

There are many reasons why people eat more than they need ... but all know the effects. All research about morbid obesity - persons having a BMI over 40 show that 95 percent are unable to maintain a weightloss. They can loose weight but will typically regain with a vengeance ... The worst eye-opening studies actueally show that the longer overweight persons stay on a calorie restricted diet - and the more weight they loose - the more they will gain!! 3 groups of persons - one group of persons followed a calorie restricted diet 4 weeks, another group 8 weeks and the last 12 weeks - guess what group had gained the most weight one year later ... extremely discouraging - to know that you have less than 5 percent chance of fighting it - and that if you eat less calorie in an attempt to loose weight - the heavier you will become.

If not severe or extremely overweight or even morbid obese - the best strategy seem to be to maintain the weight. Most do however try to loose weight - and press the triggers that makes the body even better at storing fat and gain weight - and of course then they try harder and longer - which causes them to gain even more weight ... A multi-bilion dollar industry keeps that circle of insanity going.

I just know that bariatric surgery is the last resort - and that many more should consider (Please do not get the lap band - 40 percent have it taken out after 5 years and most will need a revision before 10 years. RNY GBY is the golden standard of surgery - with DS a good choice for people with a BMI larger than 45-50. Think twice - cut once.

Also the surgery is Gastro- intestinal and even though it does alter some of the neuro-hormonal appetite control mechanisms - it does not resolve emotional issues and poor diet habits - using food for comfort, rewards and to stuff uncomfortable feelings. Unless these issues are adressed - even bariatric surgery can and will fail - as it does for about 30 percent.

Obesity is much more complex than eating less and exercising more (also known as the sure way to becoming morbid obese). In 30 years from now they may laugh - that we resorted to surgery - but it is the best option at the moment for treating morbid obesity. And I wish more people had it done - before they become super morbid obese - because the costs and risks is higher then. And it usually takes several skin reductions too. I wanted to prevent getting to that point - because I love life and gardening and travelling too much - and my vallet is economy sized - even though my ass was business class or even first class sized. :-)))

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dove_song(WA State Z6b)

Ahhh, what sweet souls you all are. :)

Anne, I too am so sorry to hear of your loss. (((Hugs)))

Cupshaped Roses, I'm happy to hear that your surgery went well! (((hugs))) And I'm praying for the BEST of health for you. And yes, I very much agree with you. Far too few see with their hearts. Mores the pity. It's cowardice and a deficit in emotional intelligence -- at the least.

As a youngster I was taught to see with my heart. As an adult I taught seeing with your heart to my children. It's very gratifying to see them living this love out in their lives.

Love begins at home -- and sadly--often so does hate. Growing up I was shocked to see how all too many children were so blind and downright cruel to others they deemed not as worthy as they and their like-minded friends. I still see that blindness very much evident in this world, and it sooo doesn't have to be that way. A hateful mindset is weird--destroying the occupant of that mind and sadly wounding some of innocent they come in contact with. Again it does NOT have to be that way.

Well, I'm babysitting my granddaughter so I'd better quit typing for now...

Take good care, my friends. :)



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Thank goodness the surgery was successful----I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for success in your quest for good health and weight loss.
I understand how difficult it can be to fight the weight battle.
I can't be active due to my past surgeries and it makes weight control difficult.
Keep up the good work and keep us posted with your progress.

thinking of you

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I'm glad to hear that you are on the mend - just rest and recuperate for now.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Hi. I'm glad you're doing well after surgery. I wish you success and what better way to start a new year! I miss you and hope everything else is going well.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Best wishes for excellent results. It is a tough situation for many. I hope you feel better quickly. A beautiful springtime filled with roses will surely help.

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my thoughts are with you in this new year. I hope you enjoyed the holidays without too much stress. Your first step was the hardest part. OHH- phooey.
Its hard for quite a while. I'll smile for you every morning.

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)


We are glad you are on the mend. Take care! We have a co-worker who had the surgery six years ago, and he has kept off the weight. He exercises like a bandit!

I still have a photo of your garden up as wallpaper on my computer at work.

God bless!


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I'm sorry I missed this post when you 1st posted it. Hopefully you still check in here & will see the post has been bumped up.

Can you give us an update?

While I've never had weight issues; I know people that do have issues. My daughters aunt struggled with trying to lose about 200 pounds; another friend is in the same boat with another that did have the surgery

My SIL did those pills back in 95 or so; the ones that I think are now off of the market; but they were the rage back then. She was not successful and passed 4 years ago at age 40 from problems associated with being obese. So, your fears are a reality.

Friend 2 who I haven't seen since we moved; emailed me to say she lost about 80 pounds; I don't know how she did it.

Friend 3 had the gastric bypass surgery; her dad had it done the year before by a different Dr. My friend did not have a good doctor & had issue after issue until she almost died. Back when I had my last back surgery in August 2006; she finally found a Dr to go in and see why she was so sick. Apparently doctor 1 did not hook her back up correctly.

I can't stress enough that anyone wanting/needing this surgery to do as much research on the surgeon as you can because it could cost you your life.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

Niels, I just happened upon Conversations accidentally today and was amazed to read your story. The few pictures I've seen of you always depicted you as having normal weight. I've also always had the idea that only we Americans are the fatties of the world because of our junk food mentality. I wish you all the best and the greatest success with your weight control regimen. You've obviously done a lot of research on this issue and that bodes well for your success in losing and maintaining a healthy weight. I've wondered why we've seen so little of you on the forums, but I hope that will change soon.

Best wishes,


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altoraMA(5/6 MA)

I just saw this, hope you are doing ok. You probably don't remember me, but you used to give me tons of advise and helped me to decide to get Gerbe Rose, which always makes me
think of you.

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I think an update is in order ...long overdue.

Thank you for your well wishes rose friends :-)

I am doing so well weight wise - have lost 110 pounds and I am getting in better shape every month, by running, biking, swimming and weight training.

I have had no complications from the surgery what so ever (Yet?) - I take my vitamin supplements and I eat very healthy - smaller portions than before. I just do not tolerate sugar - it makes me really sick (metabolic dumping syndrome - heart races - I sweat and get nausea - so I stay clear of foods with too much sugar).

But loosing weight has also made me regain myself or discower new sides of myself. I have had to work hard on healing years of sexual and physical abuse as a boy - since I have become more in touch with my feelings - my core self - and it has been rough and not always pretty as roses in may.

I was assaulted and it retraumatized me and gave me anxiety problems and the court case was tiresome have him sent to jail.

For a while I coped by drinking way too much - so I had to bite the dust and admit - that I had to quit drinking - that it was no way to cope with emotions running up and down ... it has taken and still take some therapy ...but I feel better and stronger and more grounded.

I am looking for a bigger house ... so I am in between gardens - At least I will be able to keep my rented allotment gardens I use for cutting roses, propagation and veggies/herbs. It is spring so I work my butt off preparing the soil, building raised beds - but it is nice. Most new roses I buy this year I will grow in pots - so I can take them with me to the new house and garden (When I find one I can afford) and I hope that the garden will not be too shaded ...since it will limit the number of roses I can grow.

I really look forward to the spring flush - 8 weeks and the roses will start blooming and 10 weeks - peak bloom! Ahh ... (hope the weather behaves the 3-4 weeks they peak!). I do the last pruning and weed these days ...

I have not blogged about roses and gardening ... I have had to prioritize and work on the issues I mentioned.


Yes - it is important to find a good surgeon that specializes in WLS surgery. And yes there is a risk of complications - but the chances of of improwing life quality is much better - and far out-weighs the risk of complications - most of which can be managed. But all surgery has risks of complications ...

Doug - How blessed I was - to be able to meet you in Iowa. I often think of you and your wife and hope you are doing well - and that your rabbits do not eat all your roses. Hugs!

Ingrid: If you have read this far - you probably understand why I have not posted much - but just read and lurked here on the forums the last year. The reason you have not seen pictures of me as a big guy - was that I was very good at avoiding camera lenses :-) I will post a before and after picture - this summer.

Alida - Sure I remember you! I hope you and Gerbe are doing well - even though I must say that rose does not repeat well - I still love the scent of the flowers.

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

Thank you for the update! We are glad you are healing and also keeping your hands busy in the soil. We always look forward to the photos of your roses. I also am on a weight loss journey for lent, having lost 12 pounds in the last month. When I get out in the garden more (we are still wearing our winter coats in Iowa) the job will get easier.

Thanks for reminding me about the wabbits. I planted some snow peas and one seed has sprouted. Well, I can see the stalk where the snow pea was before the wabbit ate off the leaves. LOL!

Some things never change. It is a good thing I planted many seeds.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

Niels, it takes such courage to face and try to overcome the traumas of one's past rather than trying to stuff them all down with food, or alcohol, or drugs. I admire everything you're doing to become a physically and emotionally more healthy person. It's hard work and not everyone succeeds. Something tells me that you're one of those people who will. Best wishes on your long journey. Most of us have issues of some kind, and it's often a life-long effort toward resolution. But you learn and grow along the way and that's what's important in life. I wish you the best of luck in finding a new home, one that is conducive to your and your roses' happiness and well-being.


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