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sammy zone 7 TulsaDecember 16, 2006

We have a new puppy.

We lost our Golden a few weeks ago to cancer. Once the disease revealed itself, it was too late to even consider any treatment.

Our new puppy is a Golden just like the beautiful dog we lost. We had two, we lost the Alpha, and now the younger of the two,the seven year old has quickly assumed the Alpha position, and does a great job in caring for his new brother.

It is so easy to take our dogs for granted until there is a change, then nothing seems to be right. I don't expect to replace the animal I lost, but all of his tricks, mannerisms and traditions of course, are also gone. Our puppy is developing his own character, and we really love him, but I don't know how long it will take to get over the loss of our beautiful dog.

Writing about my dog doesn't diminish my concern for people who are suffering so. But I just wanted to share my feelings since I think so many of us are animal lovers, and most of you have also gone through this.


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No, I don't think it diminishes anyone. Caring alot for an animal they become a part of the family and it's really wrenching when you loose one. Especially one you've had for years like a keeshound I had for 8 years, he got cancer that was inoperable and it was terrible when he died.

I got a malamute next from the pound that within a year I had gotten so attached to it, the look in his eyes said I know I'm going to die here, he was an adult and kept putting out a paw every time I got up to leave his cage. He didn't bark or raise a fuss as the other dogs did just kept raising that paw. He required a lot of dental work, had been running loose a long time if you could go by his paws and how skinny he was. I saved his teeth and put weight on him and his health and he was my buddy and I named him that. I lost him 9 months later after we moved to the mtns and a nut of a neighbor poisened him. I had gotten really attached to him, I was lonely, my husband worked an hour and a half away, we took long walks in the forest and he was my buddy and kept me company for 10 hours a day. I was really attached to him and I felt so responsible for him getting sick and dying I had no idea that neighbor put out poison for wild animals.

A year later my husband brought home this itty bitty runt of a white lab nobody wanted because he couldn't be papered and he grew into a huge dog, I've never seen a lab as big as he is and I never let him run free up there and he's 9 years old and I'll be crushed one day when he's gone and I don't think I want any other dogs, it hurts too bad when something happens. They become a part of the family. His best trick, because my husband is a retired det sgt is "bang you're dead" and he falls to the ground and rolls over:) I taught him as a puppy to be really gentle and to not grab food and even though it was just him and me most of the time as the grand kids came along he's very good with them and even when they hurt them he just yelps and lets me know what they did and he's never snapped at them. The gentlest dog I could have with 6 grandkids, the youngest now is 2.

So I always went with a different breed because I couldn't expect the new dog not to be like the old dog was. The loss of a dog is like the loss of anything else I think it's still grief and though it fades you never forget the animal. They win a special place in your heart because they never get mad at you, they're always happy to see you and when you're lonely they're company.

I'm sorry about the loss of your pet, that does hurt, and a silly happy puppy is funny to watch and takes a little of the hurt away because laughter is afterall the best medicine and a puppy is nothing but funny and they smell so good puppy smell.

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

It reads as if there may be some guilt in your heart for getting the new pup?

I have animals that are long gone that I still miss, and always will. But I'd have also gotten the pup, and would let him wriggle and chew his way into my heart. And I'd have a few good cries on puppy fur. My two older dogs are 11 and 9 - their time will come too soon.


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Oh Sammy, I am so sorry! It is just heartbreaking, I know. He's in great company for sure and I like to think of mine playing with other pets and loved ones who have crossed.

It's great that the younger one is enjoying his new brother and so nice that he isn't lonely.

And I'm smiling thinking of a bumbly puppy... just the best thing to warm the heart :)

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Thank you so much for writing. Leslie, poison is so terrible. Who would think that a neighbor would put it out, and especially put it out and not tell you? I am so sorry that you lost him like that.

Michelle, I do feel so guilty. I watched the Vet examen him, and she said that the blood tests indicated cancer, and she couldn't find it. She did 6 Xrays, and couldn't find it, then did an ultra sound, and on the inner side of the lower parts of his ribs was this terrible mass that had grown, and worked its way into his organs. I know that I could not have found it if she had to work so hard to find it.

My neighbor said that dogs often don't let you know that they are sick because in the wild, the weak are vulnerable and killed. He was always eating, and when it was time for a walk, he always jumped and acted as happy as can be. There just was no symptom that I could see until the last week.

Michelle, I do appreciate your support. The puppy is so cute, and the same color as his brother, so I still have the memory of the one we lost as being red rather than blond.

Meredith, you are always so sweet. Thank you.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

It's so hard to lose them. Teddy-Bear is 15 years old, his hind quarters no longer work, his kidneys are going, he's stone deaf. Yet it is going to be terrible to let him go. And he still wants his walk every morning. The bark still works perfectly!

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Oh, what a beautiful dog! Our spike lived almost that long. He enjoyed life (a bassett) even though his vision had mostly gone, and he also had trouble with his back legs.

They are wonderful - just wonderful.

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Sammy, please accept my condolences for the loss of Alpha. We lost our last beautiful Springer two years ago when I arrived back home from England just after being there with my dying mum. I finalized her affairs and while I am still waiting for lost luggage ro arrive, we had to have our Patrick put down also to cancer. As many people know it is such a terrific pain to endure - a different pain for my mum and my dog, strange how you can grieve for them both separately.

I firmly believe you did the right thing. It helps. We have had four springers - all totally different - Patrick was the most humorous - Special character of his own. I will always miss not having a dog. My husband says he cannot go through that pain again - whereas I know for me, that another pup would help. There has not been a moment in those two years, that when I have been away for even a couple of days or so and arrive back home, my heart always sinks when I realize there is no four legged friend there to greet me.

..........But Sammy, it is now time to congratulate you on your new Golden. They are up there at the top with me whether it is a retriever or a lab, I love them both. I am not quite sure but am assuming it is a retriever. I know you will enjoy him so much and you are right, it will never take the place of the one you lost, but it sure helps with the pain.
Wishing you lots of happy times with your new pup and his big brother.
Take care.
Pauline - VI

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hoovb, Teddy Bear is beautiful. Been there with a elderly dog - one of our springers was 16 when he died. But had all the symptoms you talk about. Unfortunately our dogs just do not live long enough - that is the downside, yet we love them so much. I guess God gave them a shorter life, because isn't it better that we outlive them. I think somehow, it is almost worse for them to lose their master.

Enjoy his golden months with him and I wish you courage that when the time is right you will know what to do to help.

I have a recommendation to any dog owners that have come to the realization whether it be because of illness or old age that the decision is made to euthanize. When I had such a bad night with our last dog and I knew his time was up and we needed to help him end his suffering. I phoned a girlfriend who lived in another city who is a vet and knew my dog very well, I was crying on the phone and told her that I would have to take him in. She said to let the vet know that you want to have him tranquelized first. I did, and they said come up and get the medication and give it to him 1/2 to 1 hour befor the appoitment. It was the best thing I could have done. He was far more relaxed and I am sure it helped his pain. I held him lovingly while the vet injected him and he peacefully went to sleep without any distress. On previous occasions that we had to do that it did not go nearly as well.

Hoovd, please know that this is not directed at you, but to anyone that finds themselves in this situation.

Take care and please give Teddy Bear a great big hug from me. Wish I could do it myself!
Pauline - VI

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Pauline, thank you for your kind words, and your good advice.

Our Vets have used anesthesia.

Last night our puppy slept beside Ricky. It makes me feel good to see that Ricky is not alone, and has a buddy.


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jerseywendy(z6 NJ)


My deepest condolences to the loss of Alpha :( I got quite teary-eyed when I read about him. 4 1/2 years ago our beloved Golden crossed over the Rainbow Bridge - cancer. By the time he was diagnosed it was too late as well. My vet gave him no more than 4 weeks to live, and at the end of the third week I had to make that God-aweful decision because the cancer was literally eating him from the inside out. It was the most difficult decision I had ever made - the most difficult day in my life by far. My vet was kind enough to come to our home, and we all stayed with him during know. :(

At that time we also had a younger Bernese Mountain Dog, who mourned the loss of his buddy more than I would have ever imagined. Within a month he had lost close to 15 pounds. He howled. And howled more - day and night. A gut-wrenching howl that we felt in our hearts.

We weren't going to get another dog so quickly as we needed time to heal, but Simon didn't allow us to wait too long since he was obviously very depressed. So along came Max, another Bernese Mountain Dog. We picked him up some 150 miles away from home, and the minute we introduced Simon to him all was well again.

Dollar (our Golden) was my "first" dog. He had traveled the world with us, stayed by my side when my husband was deployed, comforted me during labor pains, cheered me up when I was down, and just so much more. After all this time I still cry because he was just so very dear to me. He may be gone - but he will never be forgotten.

Best to you and your new Golden bundle of joy :)

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Aw, Wendy... my babies have mourned, too; it is also heartbreaking. I do love it when folks can get them a new companion.

Hoov, Teddybear is gorgeous! God bless.

Sammy, I have guilt like a piercing arrow for taking Beebee's brother, Jujube, to the car off-lead in my arms one night... it ended in disaster. It was so so close after Mom's death, too. That's what brought me and Beebee together - I knew who had gotten him when I got Juju and I paid her enough that she let me get him.

In the end, Beebee and I were clearly meant to be together, but the hurt and guilt! Even if it stems from what was obviously one's own fault [my case, not yours!] we are just human and do the best we know at the time.

So no guilt! Enjoy that new snuggle-baby :)

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