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mawheelDecember 2, 2010

Never love anything that cannot love you back.

--Bruce Williams. American Writer and Talk Radio Host

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Can nature, not included maybe your pet, love you back?

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Don't know for sure about that one. Steve in Baltimore County.

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Does that mean..will love you back? or has the capability to love you back? what is love? questions questions questions.

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sweet_betsy No AL Z7

A rather puzzling quote. I love many things that can't love me back--my home, my car, the outdoors, books. When I considered whether he was talking about a love interest, I tend to agree. As mwoods said, it raises many questions.

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The ramifications of this quote puzzled me, too, especially since I pondered putting another one with it, which said, "Things are beautiful, if you love them." --Jean Anouilh. I decided they were perhaps contradictory. I also think the word "love" is used so much in our society that its real meaning is lost. When I watch "Househunters" on HGTV and almost every person says, "I LOVE this room", or "I LOVE the way the light comes in the windows", it becomes a word with lessened meaning, at least, to me.

Believe me, I'm not a philosopher!

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I love my surroundings - do they love me back? The demand attention and maintenance and effort from me, is that love?
I agree with Mwheel that both "love" and "hate" are words overused

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Love is expressed by doing more than words, things and situations do for us in different ways than the words we have for each other and we use the inherent purpose of them to our advantage when we want to express our likes and cares. Sending flowers is one example of expressing love, so is taking out the trash, both inanimate but having meaning. The mind is a wonderful adventure.

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