Water garden plants and fish and other critters

CaraRoseMay 3, 2013

I'm starting to (preemptively, I still need to finish the waterfall before I refill and start planting!) look around at various plants and pond plant sites. I noticed most also sell fish, snails, and tadpoles.

Once my pond is up and running, I'm trying to figure out what to plant. The deepest part of the pond is probably 2-2 1/2 feet, and then I have a shelf that's about a foot deep for marginals. I was thinking of pickeral weed, dwarf cattail (these are all going to be in containers), some floaters like water hyacinth, a water lily or two...

How much space/surface area do water lilies need? Should I get some underwater plants like anacharis?

And then for critters-- Should I get the trapdoor snails? Are frogs beneficial? Fish-- I was originally thinking of goldfish, but it sounds like they're somewhat destructive to plants? Are there better fish I should think of?

Here's a photo from last fall. I intend to have the water level go into the gravel bog area so it's saturated. The upper pool and waterfall I'm starting to work on hopefully this weekend.

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I'm in zone 7b and I suppose things grow faster here. If you were here, you wouldn't really have room for more than one (if that) lily, and one water hyacinth would turn into many and overwhelm a pond in a short time. Perhaps zone 5 would slow them down dramatically.

Gold fish don't bother plants at all. Frogs will probably show up on their own eventually. I suspect that you will pick up some snails from plants you get at a pond store.

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Holly_ON(6a Ontario)

Why not try a hardy pygmy helvola as a smaller growing water lily. They only spread 2-3 feet and their yellow blooms are 1 1/2 inches. Other varieties will just be overwhelming and won't allow for other plants. Don't forget using some oxygenators if you are planning on fish. I would stick to small goldfish in your pond.

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