So mother tells you to clear out your underwear drawer!

anneliese_32(6)December 5, 2013

Well, don't! A couple of month back I did just that and threw out the old worn sportsbras, which were delegated to a back corner, to be used by the next big paint job, which never will come around again.
Wish I had it now. the bands on the new ones fit to snug over the bandages and hurt and the next size up is too loose and chaffs too much.
So if you have one, treasure it, bed it in tissue paper in a box, label it and give it a big ribbon, there might come a time where it will be you most treasured possession.

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This is why I can't throw anything away; I might need it some day!

Anneliese, I'm sorry for your discomfort; hope you'll find something that works, soon

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Dang. I hope you find what you need. Did you donate it to some place you can go get it back? Drat. Feel better. Soft hug over the internet so as not to touch your painful areas. Take care of you.

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It never fails, whenever I throw something out, it seems that I need it the next day. Or when I tidy up, I can't find anything.
Good hint, anneliese.

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I am a tosser, most of the time I am happy about it, like to travel light, but there are times when it's handy to have something you didn't think you need

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