Beautiful weather

anneliese_32(6)December 16, 2010

Since I woke up real early the cat thought she had to go out. At 4:30 AM I opened the door. Cat went out, sailed of the stoop and slid downhill for about 12 feet and stayed. I was afraid she got hurt slid after her and there we sat with wet butts in the middle of the lawn. Just good that at that time nobody else was up and around. 29 degr, ice rain, in pj's and slippers is not very comfortable!

The cat made it back to the house before I did and we are both ok. I am old enough to know better, so why do I always get myself in those funny situations?

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Glad neither of you were hurt--except maybe for your dignity! So much for an early morning sleigh ride. Would your cat consider a litter box for emergency situations?

Our cat Maggie is an inside cat, but once in awhile, we take her in the back yard. This morning, she wanted to go out so badly, so we opened the back door and let her on the deck. That was fine--till she realized there was snow under her paws! She hightailed it back inside very quickly. :>)

We're on the "northern fringe" of this storm which is coming from the south. But it started snowing before 10:30 a.m. and with the temp. barely hitting 25 degrees, everthing that's hit the ground has stayed. Sure glad I got to the store early; now I don't plan to go anywhere.

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We had ice but it wasn't bad, it turned to just rain
and has warmed up a bit.
I was in Atlanta yesterday taking Sassi to have her eyes checked and we got out just as the snow and sleet started.
I think they got hit pretty hard with the icing.

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We also had beautiful weather here in silicon valley today. In the mid 50ties, and the sun shining for most of the day. The weather reports said that we'd have back to back storms that would bring tons of rain for days to come so we went out today to do our last minute shopping and mailing.I'm looking forward to spending the next few days preparing for Christmas.

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Since I deliberately slid down to get to the cat I was not hurt, just wet. We still have problems, we have since yesterday on and off misting, so there is a constant thin film of water on the ice which makes it extra slippery and the ice layer gets thicker.
The cat has a litter box and uses it in an emergency, she just don't like to.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Starting mid-morning yesterday, we got snow. Real Snow, all light and powdery and fluffly.

For those who have never had the dubious joy of being in the DC area during "snow", our usual mess is icy, heavy, icy, wet, icy, and always a real shock to Northerners who see "white" and GoGOGo -- often into a ditch or another vehicle. County reported 580 accidents last night on about an inch+ of snow. Actually, those were probably due mostly to the Southerners who rarely see more than a flake in the air and don't comprehend that even real snowflakes pack into ice when driven upon, and that more than usual care should be taken.

Me, I just looked out the window and enjoyed not having to drive in it.

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