Should this tell me something?

anneliese_32(6)December 21, 2013

My cat Midnight will not eat any canned cat food, She might eat a bite, but that is it. She is supposed to eat something meaty besides her kibbles, so after chicken thighs failed (too much fat) i fed her turkey cutlets, about 2 Tbs a day or chicken breast. Yeah, I know she is spoiled. I cook them for her. What get's me she will eat the meat from 1 national brand but not from another. I would not be able to tell from which brand my chicken comes without seeing the label, the cat never misses.

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My cat won't eat canned cat food or chicken I cook and mince for her. She will eat a little black forest ham from the deli. Also will eat yogurt when I feed it to her on a spoon. I love her and I do feed her with a spoon. I wouldn't want my adult children to know this.

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Our Maggie has never eaten canned cat food; we were concerned about her not getting enough moisture from only the dry food, so the vet suggested we give her--less than a tablespoon--of minced chicken mixed with a little oil. She loves it!--but only if we use canola oil. Gabriel, I put her dry food in the palm of my hand with a little water on it--for more moisture--and that's how she likes to eat!

DH and I don't say Maggie is spoiled, she just knows who's the boss in our house! (And it isn't he or I!)

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They have us worshiping at the cat food isle, best place to meet new friends. Good conversation starter. Had an older cat (17) that was having problems and fed her rice with broth and chopped chicken breast, she loved it. The ready to eat chickens at Costco are cheap and quite large. We tried medicines too but it was just her time.

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Don, how nice to 'see' you! Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

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It should tell you that you love that sweet member of your family, who cares enough to stick around as long as they can. Maybe you should only eat what they pick out. They'd want it for you too! Smart babies. I'd have fed Keegan kitty anything he wanted, if only I coulda read his mind. 18 is long enough, I guess. He lived a happy life and that matters too. My Maggie Moo will eat anything as long as it doesn't eat her first. She lived on the streets for awhile and is less than discriminating. Sometimes, she'll beg and beg for whatever I have, finally, I'll give in and "show" her she doesn't want it, but then she'll eat it! I figure once she sniffs fruitcake she'll quit, but nope, she ate it! Glad it was only a morsel. Can't be good for kitties.

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