Arggh! Rain, rain go fish in yet!

jalal(z3/Canada)May 24, 2011

I am so jealous of anyone who actually has fish and plants growing in their ponds! I was going to put my fish out yesterday but it rained all day and the temperature outside is only 45F today. Not flooding yet though although my sump pump is running every hour today. My pond plants are actually growing it's just frustrating not having the fish in yet.

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Awwww.....Must be frustrating. At least your fish are safe and warm in their winter home. Patty -it has rained her almost every day for 2 months. My dehumider broke and my house smells like butt right now. Arghhhh!!!!

Hopefully your summer season runs longer then usual. Anything can happen right? I have to tell you I admire your heart as a ponder. Even if the season runs shorter I know you will get your fish out and make the most of it.

How are your fish by the way? If I remember right you have a very nice set up in your house for them. I would love to have a winter set up for my fish.


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Took holidays so I could get out and clean up the yard and get the pond up and cleaned. Haven't done anything yet aside from mow the lawn. Of course I am getting the inside jobs done- spent the last 2 days renovating the garage and installing a door opener, I hope I can finish it today lol. Havent even got bedding plants yet, and yet this is the best May weather I remember having for the last few years. What was it 2 years ago that the gardens weren't up til end of June. Just think how fat and happy the fish will be when you get them out and they can get at all the mosquitos. Take care

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Thanks Lisa. Yes the fish are warm and happy. Looked at the forecast for the next week and it's supposed to rain until Sunday with temps not reaching 60F till next week. The rain won't hurt the fish (LOL) it's the drop in temperature at night time. I have days off again Monday so maybe then.
Their indoor pond was easy to build and can be taken apart if I want--it's 300 gals 2 x 4 wood frame, 1/2" plywood on the inside, carpet then liner with fake wainscoting on the outside. I lost the one koi this winter to an ammonia spike and my one white fantail and a shubunkin to old age I think (they were 9 years old). Stopped at my favorite pond plant store yesterday and got them some fish food.
Squirlette--at least you are more productive than I am! Have done very little except try to find a dress for my daughters grad. I have lily bulbs to plant and the two pots I do for the front step. My garden is almost all perennials and they are doing great. Bleeding hearts are blooming already silly things. At least the cloudy weather is easier on your health! Time for morning coffee! Take care ladies!

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Yep, lots of rain, flooding (not us thankfully) and more rain. Today was nice, but the weekend coming up is supposed to be MORE RAIN!!! Thank God, at least we don't have tornadoes.

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