Spider plant problem :(

nour_lbDecember 17, 2013

2 weeks ago I put my spider plant inside in the kitchen cuz I read online that it can't tolerant bellow 4 degrees. Yesterday I noticed that part of them are withered and some leaves have brown tips. Is my plant dying? :( and what should I do to save it?

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Is the soil really soggy? Try to hold back watering it and place it in a sunny window if you can. I think it should be fine. I normally don't leave my houseplants outside.... you may want to try the houseplant forum and good luck!

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I agree with surya. Spider plants seem to do really well with letting it dry a bit. Good luck! I love variegated spider plants.

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I did hold back watering (since it is cold now) i water about once a week and it is recieving indirect sun light

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Maybe direct sunlight could help it? Hm. Or at least some place warmer. Something to get it pretty dry. Let it get to the point it's dry, and the plant is practically drooping. I do that on an ongoing basis with my spider plant and it flowers constantly. Seems really happy that way.


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