baby fish question

Monzi zone 8a South CarolinaMay 30, 2014

I just moved from Md to SC.I put in a pond in March and the went back to Md to get my fish in the first week of April . I also got some plants from a friends pond. In just a couple of days my fish were VERY happy in their new home . 3 days ago I found 7 or more babies.My question is how long does it take for fish to go from breeding to hatching?? I am assuming that I brought the eggs with me in the plants but it would be cool if they were my babies! I did bring a couple of potted plants from my pond also . It was still very cold in Md in March.

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

what kind of fish?

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Monzi zone 8a South Carolina

Oops...I guess that would be helpful. comets, shubunkins and 1 Koi

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waterbug_guy(Phoenix AZ (Melrose))

Eggs hatch pretty fast, couple of days. Depends on water temp.

But it would normally be a couple of weeks before the fry might be noticed. Depends on food supply, temp and how observant the keeper is. In a fish tank when looking for fry of close they can be seen right away. But in a pond they aren't often seen until pretty big, like 1/4" say.

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Monzi zone 8a South Carolina

Thanks,I just noticed another smaller batch so they must be mine !

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Oh, a new pond. How exciting. Glad your fish are happy! Please post pics!!

When I put in my pond I jumped the gun and got the plants first. I put the underwater plants in a blue tub with water and dug the hole for the pond, put the liner in,etc; this took a week or so. When the pond was ready, I put the water in and when I went to get the plants, I was amazed to discover a whole bunch of baby fish in the tub. The eggs must have come in on the plants. There were about 40 babies in there and a couple were fan tails of some kind.

So... you might have babies from your own fish or from the plants. who knows. It will be an adventure over the summer to find out!

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