What plant is this and how can I save it

GardenNovice6420July 22, 2014

Someone in the building my office is located threw this plant away. I heard from the cleaning lady that the woman was trying to kill it and just about gave up trying. It looks all long and weird, but the leaves still have great color and are so pretty. I'd like to save it. I hate that it's all long and weird. Would I be able to cut it short somehow and replant it?


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Ideally find it a nice shady moist place and give it some outdoor love (if you have a bright but not sunny place). It may want to go dormant in fall, or may be able to keep it as houseplant, I've never tried to overwinter one in the house.

I usually treated them as tender summer bulbs and stored 'lightly moist' in soil/spagnum for winter. I'm sure someone else will have further advise.

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Thank you dbarron and Donna.in.Sask ...

We have some slight shade/slight sunny spot out back. Right now, we have it in the window of the showroom (I work for a remodeling firm).

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