Beginning of Autumn

deanneart(z5Southern NH)September 26, 2006

It is difficult to believe that October is just around the corner and the first frosts are just as imminent. Where did this year go? It seems that only in the last week or so I was finishing potting up the containers and now it is time to take them apart. Seems so sad but if the truth be told Im about ready for a rest from tending everything outside. I took a walk around with my camera yesterday and enjoyed some of the views I still have. The annuals are now the shining stars in the gardens and are definitely worth all the work to have so much color at the end of September.

The terrace gardens are just about finished up except for the sedums but the variegated foliage of the ÂNora Leigh phlox still sparkles in that border. The fuchsias are as happy as can be with the sunny days and cool nights and putting on quite a show to finish up the season.

The dogwood is just beautiful this time of the year and has more berries on it than IÂve ever seen before. The birds have stripped the Mountain Ash and have started working on the dogwood in the last few days.

The containers are just full of color and it seems a crime to dismantle them before the cold but IÂd better start taking them apart soon. I think IÂm in Âfrost denial mode at the moment.

Thanks again Eileen for this wonderful Illustris! IÂve enjoyed it tremendously this summer. IÂm hoping I can successfully winter it over.

This container has been just terrific this whole season and there are no flowers in it! I love that it looks so great and doesnÂt need the constant deadheading of the arrangements with flowers. That Plectranthus ÂLemon Twist is an amazing and wonderful plant. It always looks great, takes to pruning well and grows like its on steroids. I love it! The other plants in this are one of those Cordyline australis, a Strobilanthes, Coleus ÂGays Delight and a Ipomoea ÂSweet Caroline PurpleÂ

Another absolute favorite form this year with an Abutilon pictum ÂThompsoniiÂ, Abutilon ÂBella hybridÂ, Plectranthus ÂLemon TwistÂ, Coleus ÂDappled Apple and a lantana that didnÂt have a name. I want to do this arrangement again next year but replace the orange flowered abutilon pictum with the one that has yellow blossoms. I thought IÂd call it the ÂLemon Meringue container. LOL

This has been so nice also with the Sedona and Tilt-a-Whirl coleus with the scavola and fuchsia. The green spotted leaves are Calla lily ÂFlame that unfortunately never bloomed. They were pretty small corms that came from HD so IÂm hoping if I save them and replant next year IÂll get some flowers. Cant you just see this arrangement with those orange calla flowers? That would have been great.

This container on the patio has gotten gigantic. I think the abutilon in this one is about five feet tall now.

Here is the other sideÂ

The containers on the front steps are still looking nice as well. I just canÂt tell you all how much IÂm loving those fuchsias. The only problem with this picture is that canna lily was supposed to have more of a pink flower instead of that coral one and it just clashes with that dahlia in that upper container. WonÂt make that combo again. LOL

The breezeway entrance with my Âhelper posing for a pic. You can see one of my Hydrangea ÂLittle HoneyÂs and one of the purple pots I bought in Rochester when visiting Mary.

The asters have opened in the driveway garden are look terrific this year.

OK I guess IÂd better quit before this thread doesnÂt open. Enjoy!


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And enjoy I did Deanne. I really need to try one of those Abutilon next year. Do you have a favorite?
I did get some Plectranthus this year and like those. I have learned about so many neat plants from you and Sue and the rest. Like you I need to get to work on bringing some of the tender ones in.
I like the purple pot. I planted some red salvia and a pineapple coleus in a cheapo purple tub and it adds a lot of color in its spot.
Is that Lemon Queen Heliopsis by the fence?(last photo) That is another plant I would like to get. Norma

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Oh wow! It would be absolute torture for me to have to see all this beauty expire because of the on-coming freezes! I am even hating losing the few combos that 'I' can't bring in. I think I have reached the stage where I am glad I don't have so much in my yard to see frost. I have never dismantled any pots before a freeze. It is easier to do it afterwards.


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Hi Ho, I am a visitor from over yonder at the rose forums. I check this forum almost daily because you folks have awesome photos--! Deanne, your containers are outstanding and I wonder , what sort of fertilizer regimen do you use ? It appears to be hightly effective ! And are the pots typically large diameter-20" plus or so ?
Greetings to all from the left coast..
Kathy in the Napa Valley

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Norma, So far that Abutilon pictum 'Thompsonii' is my favorite. I only started growing the 'Bella' hybrids this summer and love their larger crinkled flowers. I've not grown that beauty Sue has, I think it is Abutilon 'Souvenir de Bonn'. That one is simply wonderful. Did you see the photo I posted of it with Monique a while ago? That one might wind up being my favorite. I'll be able to tell you the end of next summer. LOL ~~ Yes that is Lemon Queen in that last photograph. I got that plant from MOnique and Les and just love it for late season color.

Marian, thanks! Yes, it is always sad when the frost comes but in a way I'm relieved that the season is over. I get pretty tired of watering all those containers by the end of the summer.

Hi Kathy in Napa Valley! Great to hear from you. Thanks for the feedback. RE feeding the containers, I've done several different things in different years. I usually start with the Miracle Grow potting soil that has the slow release fertilizer in it and that takes care of things at the beginning of the season then this year I supplemented with Osmocote slow release around the end of June beginning of July. When I noticed bloom reduction and slower growth toward mid Autust I started doing a weak solution of Miracle Grow liquid twice a week when watering. Some years I just did Miracle Grow liquid feed at the recommended dosage once a week. I've found that the plants seem to enjoy a change of food and did a bit better this year for it. The Osmocote mid summer saved me time and I didn't risk burning any of the foliage from foliar feeding when it was very hot.

Yes the pots are mostly over "18 inches or so. I have a few 24" pots and a friend of mine even found me a 30" that I can't wait to pot up next year.


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Gorgeous Deanne, I'll be back many times to look at these again. The new pale purple pots are very cool and the 'Lemon meringue' is absolutley sensational. I could see the pale yellow datura being right at home in there. So much to enjoy and what inspiration for next year. Many, many thanks for sharing them with us.


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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

What a wonderful "wake up" call. Just gorgeous Deanne...did you say the other day that your garden was petering out? LOL! I should peter out so well. I really love the "smokey colored" affect your gardens have taken on in the fall, with the rich rubies and deep pinks. are the queen of containers and I could never pick a favorite, although the Lemon Meringue is actually making me hungry...scrumptious! :-)

Rhajii sure does a great job of being the "focal point" well he should! :-)

I'm tickled that you like my 'Illustris'. He certainly is doing wonderfully for you.

I too am in love with your container with Cordyline in it. I am going to have to get some of that 'Lemon Twist' for next year. I saw them in the nursery very early this spring and they were wimpy and weak looking (probably just young -though I didn't know it at the time). Obviously I don't have your vision. :-) What a lovely accent for your containers.

Thanks for sharing this Deanne. It is always a pleasure to be able to soak in some color and beauty when the gardens are winding down and you do it so well.


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Fantabulous! I was at 3 different botanical gardens this summer and none had containers that came anywhere near as stunning as yours. It doesnt look at all like things are winding down in your garden at all.

I cant wait to see what you put in that purple pot next year.

I love the dogwood behind the fuchsia.

Your patio looks like a tropical paradise.

Thanks for the eye candy.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Michelle is right, of course. I never see container combos anywhere as nice as you can see right here at Deanne's. I'm looking forward to seeing her win the Fine Gardening container contest some year. Maybe next year. Everything does seem to look great right now. It's tough to imagine frost taking it all out in the next few weeks.

My favorite is the Cordyline container. Too bad that Plectranthus doesn't grow as well for me. I took my purple Cordyline in last year but may let it go and start fresh next spring since I only have so much room for non dormant plants.

Thanks for sharing, Deanne!


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Thanks Deanne for the response re: fert and pot size. I am pretty much an organic gardener but have found that my pots do better with bit more ooomph! I did a test pot with Osmocote this year and think I will go that route next season, and will use Maxsea -don't know if that brand in avail in the east as it is manufactured up in the redwoods and sold only in independent garden centers here, but it is seaweed based and a triple 16 formula- water soluble like MG.
Thanks again ! I really enjoy this forum and will continue to look for nuggets of wisdom. Or nuggets of frivolity. We enjoy frivolity out here in the wine country...!
Kathy in the Napa Valley

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Deanne, these are just spectacular as always. I can't imagine the work involved dismantling that many pots! Good luck.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Sue, I have to disagree with you in that I feel that you really are the container queen here. LOL But seriously, your containers are the best I've ever seen anywhere bar none. That one you have with the orange Acalpha (I think that is what it is)is the most dynamite container I've ever seen. I love that! Also, that one you have with the Euphorbia cotinifolia (I'm thinking that is what that plant is)next to your hot tub in the JoAnn's pot is another winner in my book. You just have so many outstanding arrangements with outstandingly grown unusual plants. I marvel at them.

Kathy, thanks for the heads up about the MaxSea fertilizer. I've googled it and it turns out it is supposed to be great for orchids which I grow indoors here as well. Anyway I found a site and ordered it! Cool! Like I said I like to rotate the fertilizers as I think the plants do better for it. I'm looking forward to seeing how this one works. ~~If you like nuggets of frivolity you should pop over and join us on the Idylls. Great group of gardeners!


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Especially enjoy this series as I've lost steam in my own garden.

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Deanne, your containers are all still looking so nice. It was good to be able to see them one more time before the season ends. You've done such a beautiful job of caring for them over the summer. The gardens are looking great too. Thanks, I really enjoyed looking at these pictures of your Autumn garden. It's beautiful!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Thanks Bug and Eden. Much appreciated.

I'm addicted to snapping photos lately. I just want to capture every last bit of beauty before the frost takes it away.

Here are another few from my ramblings with my camera in the last couple days.

This line of containers on the fence line has turned into a tapestry of color.

The hayracks have really performed well this year.

This container has my three year old Iresine herbstii and the Fuchsia 'Blacky'

A window box on the shed.

The alyssum is billowing out of the rose garden now. I pruned it back about three weeks ago and the cooler weather has spurred it onto some beautful new growth.

My brug is finally putting on a lovely flush of blooms. It had a bad case of mites this summer and looked miserable for a month or so but oh the rewards when they finally do bloom!

I sure hope I can get another couple weeks out of this season.


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Okay, northern girlfriend. 'Fess up. What she's not telling you, Idyllers and lurkers, is that her "container wall" stands at least 8' tall. Put that in scale and you can begin to really understand the depth of beauty she has created.

Best from the south, where here in Z6 I'm basking in a few extra weeks. :-)))))

Have fun tomorrow!!


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Sheesh, here I am in Northern Cal with a growing season from Feb to Nov and my brugmansias look like cr**ola !!!Whats up with that ??? Has to be Operator Error. Think I better prepare a new strategy for next summer.
Kathy in the Napa Valley

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lidigentri(z5/6 CT)

Hi Deannne - I am a 'religious' lurker and your pictures keep me coming back for more! Absolutely stunning, as usual. The containers on the fence are especially beautiful. Wow to everything! If ever you are on a garden tour again, I'd love to see it in person as I am sure it is a whole different experience to be surrounded by these beauties. As always, thanks for sharing.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

So Liliane, get yourself over to Idyll threads and join in! It is always fun to have have new folks. Just jump in.

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Martie, you are a hoot! Thanks very much. That 'wall' of plants on the fence is really only in the 7 foot range. LOL

Kathy, my brugs are seeming to do a bit better now that the weather has cooled off a bit. It surprised me. Maybe it is just because they've finally had enough growing time in to bloom well.

Liliane, no need to wait for a garden tour. I love to talk plants and gardens with fellow gardeners. If you're in the Southern, NH area next summer send me an email. I second Gardenbug's invitation, why don't you join us over on the Idylls???? Lots of great gardeners over there.

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