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mawheelDecember 3, 2010

"One person's mess is merely another person's filing system." --Margo Kaufman, Humorist and Writer, 1954-2000

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Yup and since I cleaned up my desk I can't find anything.

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I think I am at the stage of messing it up again - it looks so nice "clean" but more cozy when it's messy

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I have a strict filing system for my "important" stuff, like taxes, bill paying, etc.. Everything is accounted for month to month and year by year. It takes me about 30 minutes at the end of each year to collect my files and prepare for the next year. It gives me peace of mind.
Now, when it comes to my other "important" stuff, like my personal interests, I wing it. That also gives me freedom and peace of mind.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Oh goody - another split personality in the neatnik category :)

My kitchen and sewing area are extremely organized (that's a quote from a friend, I don't know the difference between extreme and normal organization), the storage pantry shelves tend to be, ah, irregular; and now that I'm in the process of casting out not-so-desirables, the books are hither and yon but I really DO know which is where. In other words, they're a mess that only I understand.

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When I broke my femur, seems ages ago, and my dear family came to help, they couldn't understand my system, so they used theirs and even now, after all this time, there are things I can't find, some may be lost forever. Some methods they thought were weird or quirky really make sense to me, and some changes they instituted just plain don't work and had to be changed back once I was able to run my own household again.
That is why time/motion studies never work, everyone has their own way of setting things up to suit them.

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I represent that remark! Another split personality here, somewhat. In the pantry my cans have to be all in their proper rows and correct things on the right shelf, for most of the shelves. Smiles. Spice cabinet, same thing. Sweet related on one shelf, savory on another, odd ball stuff on third. Then there is what Christy calls my 'pit'. Stuff I pile up next to my chair so I can grab it when I'm not walking well. I know what's there and where.

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