Rubber Liner-like Product?

steve1young(7A)May 7, 2012

Hey All,

I really like the look of garden beds that are edged in low dry-stacked stone walls. However, in full sun areas where the grass is more aggressive, I find that the grass has a tendency to run under the wall and into the beds. I was thinking of using a Rubber Pond Liner-like product to run vertically about 4 inches down into the soil along the outside edge of the wall to create a barrier underneath the wall and keep the grass out. I would then fold this rubber barrier so that it also runs flat underneath the stone wall. I hope that makes sense.

I know that a lot of folks on here are pretty savvy/knowledgeable about Rubber Line-like products and was wondering what you might recommend. It doesn't have to be quite as thick as a regular pond liner, but I'm looking for flexibility and durability as it will be in contact with soil for hopefully 30+ years or so. If cost were no object, I'd simply use pond liner and I'll probably start with pond liner scraps I already have.

I'm thinking that a Roofing Underlayment or an Ice & Water Shield might fit the bill.

Any suggestions/inputs/ideas are greatly appreciated.


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Don't use underlayment. It eventually falls apart. I put it under my liner a year aao and in the spots where I have pulled the liner back to make adjustments the roofing felt was in peices and crumbles to the touch.

Pond liner scraps would work, maybe a thick plastic like what is used for bamboo barriers.

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Thank pcan! That's very helpful. I'll steer clear of underlayment.

Still, I'm wondering if there is a more robust product out there that is similar to Pond Liner in terms of durability, but less expensive to manufacture because it doesn't have to be non-toxic to fish.

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I use the black barrier stuff for gardening for things like this. I can't think of the name of it off the top of my head, but it is non-woven, water can pass through it and you anchor it with u-shaped pins. I built a stone "planter" around my skippy filter and put this underneath and behind the stones to keep the grass out. Has worked great so far.

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I try to keep very aggressive maple tree roots out of my veggie beds & just used metal flashing on the inside of the rocks, top edge under the soil. It was pretty cheap & it's certainly durable. The annoying tree roots work hard to go over & under it, but I don't think grass would do that. Honestly, any non-rotting barrier should work for you, you just want to be able to hide the thing.

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