Longer list of ranked hardiness for floris in zone 5

nippstress - zone 5 NebraskaJanuary 26, 2013

Hi folks

Sorry for the repeat front end from my HT list, but the same issues apply to this list and threads usually get separated.

On the way to figuring out which floribundas I grew that were cane hardy, I ended up having to rank them all anyway and thought that might be useful to share. I only ranked the ones I was relatively sure about, which usually means more than two winters in my yard, but I listed some from only one winter with a note like "might be better". The #1 ranked floribundas are duplicates of another thread of cane hardy HT/floris. Also note that I winter protect all my yard with 6" high cut up circles of leaves in the winter, so I'm only guessing about the distinctions between those that only grow with protection from those root hardy. I ranked them root hardy if I never have to baby them or worry that they've come back for 3 years or more, but no more than 6-8" of cane survives the winter. I may need to revise this since I didn't have time to do much protection this year - this may be my test case year!

In any case, feel free to add your input from your experience. I coded mine with the numbers below and I think it's a useful distinction, since saying a rose is "hardy" can mean as much as 2 zones difference depending on conditions, location, and amount of rose surviving. Nebraska has yoyo weather from very hot to very cold and dry summers with frequent blackspot of one sort or another. Your survival rate will undoubtedly vary on many of these, but the higher the ranking, the more confident I'd be that the rose would stand a good chance in your zone 5 or warmer garden.


1. Cane hardy - only needs cosmetic pruning in spring, otherwise healthy canes
2. Root hardy - needs pruning mostly to the ground but regrows without protection
2a. Root hardy wimps - survives each winter but tiny & never thrives
3. Root hardy in protected site - same as above but it's in a warmer zone pocket
4. Hardy only with protection - will not come back from graft or roots without several inches of protection in a normal winter, i.e. zone pushing in your zone

Floribunda Roses hardier than expected in zone 5 (those w/ an asterisk are in a zone 4 pocket)

1 - cane hardy (w/hybridizer)
Black Cherry - Zary
Black Ice - Gandy
*Bolero - Meilland
Bonica - Meilland
Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale - Kordes
Champagne Moment - Kordes
Cherry Parfait - Meilland
Cinco de Mayo - Carruth
Easy Does It - Harkness
*Eutin - Kordes
*First Edition - Delbard
*Floral Fairy Tale - Kordes
Grand Duc Henri - Lens
Gruss an Aachen - Geduldig
*Hannah Gordon/Nichole - Kordes
*Heaven on Earth - Kordes
Heimatmelodie - Tantau
*Hot Cocoa - Carruth
*LavaGlut - Kordes
Pink Emely/Bad Worishofen - Kordes
Pink Gruss an Aachen - Kluis
Pinocchio - Kordes
Pomponella Fairy Tale - Kordes
Pretty Lady - Scrivens
Puerto Rico - Delbard
Rainforest - Moore
Sunsprite/Friesia - Kordes
World's Fair - Kordes

Flori2 - root hardy (w/hybridizer)
Amberlight - Le Grice
Anne Harkness - Harkness
Bahia - Lammerts
Bengal Tiger - Kealovetz
Blueberry Hill - Carruth
Burgundy Iceberg - Swane
Chic - Boerner
Chihuly - Carruth
Chrysler Imperial - Lammerts
Colorific - Carruth
Confetti - Christensen
Disneyland - Zary
Elina/Peaudouce - Dickson
Escapade - Harkness (may be better)
Everest Double Fragrance - Beales
George Burns - Carruth
Guinevere/Louisa Stone - Harkness
Hettie - Barden
International Herald Tribune - Harkness (may be better)
Julia Child - Carruth
Lilac Dawn - Swim & Weeks
Marieken - RVS
Mardi Gras - Zary
Melvin - Jerabek
Moondance - Zary
October Moon - Barden (may be better)
Olympiad - McGredy
Oranges 'n' Lemons - McGredy
Pillow Talk - Weeks (may be better)
Playboy - Cocker
Singin in the Rain - McGredy
South Africa - Kordes
Tempi Moderni - Barni
Trumpeter - McGredy
Wishing/Georgie Girl - Dickson

Flori2a - root hardy but wimps (w/hybridizer)
Ebb Tide - Carruth (don't kill me, I love it even so)
Hiroshima's Children - Harkness
Irish Hope - Harkness (in zone 6 pocket)
JC Thornton - BEES (in zone 6 pocket)
Kiss of Fire - Gaujard (might get better)
Our Lady of Guadalupe - (probably I have a wimpy plant - others report much better)
Valentine - Swim (same as above)

Flori3 - root hardy in protected site - zone 6 pockets (w/hybridizer)
Drop Dead Red - Carruth
Flash - Barni
Grimaldi - Delbard
Hot Chocolate - Simpson
Innocencia Vigorosa - Kordes (probably better)
Isabella Rosselini - Poulsen
Lili Marlene - Kordes
Minuette - Lammerts
Sammy - Athy
Summer Dream - Warriner
Tickles - Dykstra
Tiki - McGredy
Wavria - Lens

Flori4 - hardy only with protection (w/hybridizer)
Atlantic City - Jolly
Daily Sketch - McGredy (might be better)
Erfordia - Matthews (might be better)
Guy de Maupassant - Meilland (might be better)
Gypsy Carnival - Suzuki
Little Darling - Duehrsen
Mauve Melodee - Raffel
Mellow Yellow - Carruth (might be better)
Outrageous - Zary (might be better)
Pride of England - Harkness
Purple Heart - Carruth
Spice of Life - Dickson
Tenacious - McGredy (might be better)
Tuscan Sun - Zary (probably better)
Zambra - Meilland

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elks(US5 Can6)



I include a link that has the cane hardiness reports of many classes of roses from gardens from New England, through Quebec and Ontario and into Michigan and Minnesota. You might find it interesting too.


Here is a link that might be useful: The William Saunders Rose Society Articles Page

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seil zone 6b MI

Some more great info! I'm glad yo had good luck with Black Cherry, Disneyland Rose and Easy Does It because none of them wintered well for me at all.

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nippstress - zone 5 Nebraska

Thanks for the extra information on the Rose Society hardiness list, Steve. It's always good to bank on roses that have done well for others in the area.

Seil, I'm surprised that Black Cherry in particular hasn't done well for you in zone 6. Mine is fairly exposed but puts on a great show each year - just goes to illustrate how different yards and rose experience can be. As for Disneyland, it got thoroughly stepped on this mid-summer so it'll be needing replaced anyway (it's the kids' yard too, and they ALMOST caught that frisbee). I'll be interested to see how an own-root plant of Disneyland does for me since the previous one was a large grafted plant from a local nursery.


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