#403 The Good News Only Thread!

gardenbug(Canada zone 5)September 30, 2008

I want to start this one FAST! :)

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

What is it???

I told you, it's for MOI!

Why all the tape? I know what it is already!

MMMMMMM! Must be from Woody...

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Jerri_OKC(z7 Ok)

Phoebe, you are one lucky girl to have an aunt Woody who loves you. :) Very cute photos bug!


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Auntie Woody, indeed! What a special treat.

I wonder how much Phoebe can tell from that box. Think Misty sent along a little message through the olfactory senses?

Don't mind me....just thinking about the PBS special on dogs.....


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I'm sure Misty sent along an affectionate message to her big buddy too...

Saucy - we watched and enjoyed the PBS dog special too - I think there's a part II on this coming Sunday that we're planning on watching too.

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Grand idea, Bug! Oh, a package in the mail is always so much fun! Gotta love Aunt Woody :)
Slow day on the farm. I'm catching up laundry..ah, the aftermath of vacation. Also getting some of my vacation pictures uploaded.
We're due for a new computer, so I'm shopping for that between loads. Any comments on Windows Vista? I've pretty well decided what computer I want, but I don't know anyone running Vista, and am a little skeptical about bugs, etc. Look out, because once I get the new computer, there's going to be yet ANOTHER skydive video to watch :)
The picture in the last post was indeed a plant kaleidoscope. They had a huge bowl of succulents. I want to make one of those!! Surely, somewhere in DH's massive inventory of crap he's got the bearings and whatnot to make it. Hm, better shop for the scope while I'm thinking about it. I need to get started farming and quit spending money.
My box of bulbs from Scheepers came yesterday. Whew, the box was much smaller than I was afraid it was going to be. But...when did I order 3 more peonies, and where was I going to put them?
The dogs have been especially needy since we brought them home. Gus is under the impression that he needs to sleep on the bed. I'm going to have to ask my brother what's up with that.
Dryer shut off...later, all!
From our journey through Marinette, Wi.

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Very, very pretty Brenda ! I have Vista on my laptop. DS hates it as do others I know, but I think it's pretty. Is that lame or what ? I only use my laptop for non-powerful tasks.

Good News Only: Dodgers beat the Cubs in game one of NL division playoffs. This would be bad news if V was here.But shes not ! Na-ner Na-ner

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Gorgeous Brenda!!!! Autumn is in full swing here...complete with rain...and raspberries.

Thinking of V, but happy for Kathy! Hehehe

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Beautiful picture Brenda!

We stuck with Windows XP when we got the new computer last week. I don't know anyone who uses Vista yet and I wasn't feeling inclined to have to learn something new and probably 'buggy'.

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Kathy, I think Vista is pretty, too.

I have had to download some fixes, and my version of Microsoft Money wouldn't work with it, no matter how hard I tried :) So I guess it's been a pain, but I haven't really noticed the computer pains anymore than I have with any other operating system.

Pretty scene, Brenda. I remember thinking Wisconsin was "cool" with all it's lakes...I got to visit with a friend in the Navy while stationed in Chicago. I'll bet the water in that fall is icy cold....how come you didn't jump in and give us a picture of that, thrill seeker, you!

I'm really getting off the computer now :)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I got my wish. Sarah has posted on her forum for May 2009 Mommies. I have been waiting for her to be ready to speak up rather than pestering her with calls of "How are you guys doing?" It is a tough spot to be in and I don't know if she'd prefer that I call or just sit back.

The forum has a thread on walking during pregnancy, something all the mothers know they should do, but with morning sickness and lethargy, hard to do. So with her typical energy and pride, this is her response:

"Does a 19km (12 mile) hike yesterday count? Plus an extra side trail to a peak?

It was beautiful except that both DH and I are hobbling around like we are on stump legs....

The amazing thing is that SS didn't complain once - and I said I'd make him a trophy for it. I thought that was impossible!

Now, what to make for a trophy? I was thinking of taking his shoe and painting it gold and screwing it to a wooden base..."


That Skyler continues to be an amazing blessing in our lives.

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I think a the Golden Shoe Award sounds like a perfect honor for his 12 mile achievment!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Heck, for 12 miles, two golden shoes would be good! 12 miles is more that I ever did, even in my younger, healthy days!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I am so happy with the statement," That Skyler continues to be an amazing blessing in our lives".

I am enjoying the pics of Phoebe and her gift. Very cute.
What a lovely friend Susan is. :-)


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

The "Golden Shoe Award" sounds perfect! Kudos to all three for making the 12 mile hike.

Lol, Saucy, I figured I'd let the chips fall where they may. Given my grace, it's a wonder I DIDN'T slip off a rock and go for a swim. I have every confidence that had I done it, DH would have captured pictures. He's very helpful that way ;)

For better or worse, I guess I'm going to have Vista. I'm not a huge fan of new and improved software. Shoot! I use Microsoft Money for the farm books, so I suppose that will be another upgrade I'll need to buy. I decided on a Dell all in one desktop. It has a 20" monitor, and eliminates most of the cables and wires. That means this hulking desk with a hutch can go upstairs with the old computer, and I can eliminate some clutter in the tiny office.
Hm, a giant delivery truck is here. Too early for the computer...

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Well I need somewhere to post my thank yous so will do it here. I tried to do this two days ago but couldn't get the thread to open. So here goes. If I missed anyone Sorry.

Thanks Eden and everyone for the birthday wishes. We did eat out with friends that evening, but the day just didn't seem like a birthday to me for some reason. I didn't really want one or need one. LOL. I actually was more up the next day.

Pretty pictures for everyone.
Happy Birthday Wendy and Ei!
I would try to upload some pictures for you But I think that is a lost cause.

Marie I was thinking your birthday was close to mine. Or is it we are just close in age?
Love the raspberry pic. They look yummy. And I think the raspberry patch is a perfect spot to talk to Reed. I think about him often. And all your family.

Cindy, I really like that picture. I am trying to figure out how the bench is made. Is it part of a canoe?

Saucy, I tried for a closeup of a bee the other day, but got nothing as nice as yours.

Eden , Your garden looks lush yet. I am actually enjoying mine a lot this fall. It's still nice and green and flowering well yet. The rain and cooler temps this year did wonders for it.

Brenda., I am intrigued by the reflection in that photo. I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation and another skydive. I never have seen your video. My download time on those is atrocious. I will miss your more frequent posts when the guys put you back to work:(

Deanne you can make a single flower look so scrumptious. Ouch on the toe business.

Marian, the butterflys here seem to have slowed down. There were many many more before the cooler weather. I think we are in for a warming trend for several days now. No fires here yet,but DH did kick the furnace on yesterday morning for a while. I did see one hummer this morning.

Pm those asters are brillant. I have a purple one (don't know thw variety) but it gets four foot tall even with trimming and usually flops open but it sure puts on a show. I have been going to divide it for three years now. Will it happen next spring? I hope.

Kathy, sorry I had Adiens name wrong. I almost called him Mr. Baby, but I did know it was an A name. LOL
For a bit there I didn't think I was going to get to see your B-day pic for me, but it finally came up and it is right up my alley. Very naturey.

Ahh Martie , can't beat zinnas for bright colors.

Pretty Lily, Wendy. "wandering and staring with a shovel in one hand and a bag of bulbs in the other."
Thats me most of the time. LOL

Julie if I don't start clean this pigsty soon, I'll be able to wintersow right on the floor. I need to implement the Julie job trend. Unfortunately it just doesn't work for me that way. I'ts all or nothing here.

Michelle, When I was helping take care of the kids a couple of weeks ago. The Three year old girl had a puzzle with the Disney princesses. There was one Isabelle couldn't remember and she ask me but I couldn't come up with her name either. She was oriental looking. I have been told since then , but now have forgotten again. I guess I missed that movie. Anyway I'm happy to hear that Kenzie will get to see them. Nice that she lives so close to Disney.
Hey, Kenzie colors for my B-day pic. Pretty. I think of her everytime I go out the front door because I have a pale yellow latana blooming with a varigated lirope that has purple flowers. Eden I like the barrel arrangement two. Is that all planted Michelle or staged?

Hi to Sue and everyone else. Norma

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Greetings to all on a breezy cool afternoon here in Norcal , fingers crossed that the promised first rain will arrive as predicted. The last two days we have been changing out all the lighting at work big rebate from PG&E for installing more efficient lighting, but it is horrible now in my ÂawficeÂ. I think I have enough light to perform open heart surgery in there. IÂm going to find a couple of extra table lamps around the house and take them in on Monday.
Somehow, I managed to wish Brenda a Happy Birthday instead of Eileen. ! See below for corrective measure .

Michelle, add my kudos for the container at the shed door. Are you computerized at home or are we still on office posts? I guess weÂll know if we donÂt hear from you all weekend. I might be going to Orlando in Feb. on biz. You could give me a pointer on a public garden to visit I bet. I havenÂt been to Orlando since the early 80Âs.

Cindy, I think I took a pic of that urn in your Ei B-day greeting. I love the shape of it.

PM, happy you are on the mend enough to observe manual labor being performed in your behalf.

Happy Birthday Eileen !! From Garden Sept 08

Kathy in Napa

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I didn't get a chance to take some new pictures for the birthday girls until today so here's some belated birthday flowers:

Happy Birthday Ei:

Happy Birthday Norma:

Happy Birthday Wendy:

And, just for fun, gb, here's Phoebe's little buddy looking for her big friend in the north alley:

Her big Copper buddy is going to come for a few days visit in 10 days or so. Copper hasn't been here in a while now so it'll be interesting to see how much she's matured and how she compares with Phoebe. I sometimes called Phoebe Copper when Phoebe was pestering Misty to play with her! Phoebe and Copper have quite similar characters at times.

Today was another curry day here - made two curries to take to dinner tomorrow at friends' - we all like curry so we do regular get-togethers for curry and bridge. The timing is a bit off though because I was planning to get together with my samosa-making friend in a couple of weeks. We were going to make a huge batch of samosas so we'd both be stocked up for a while. Since we haven't done that yet, I have no home-made samosa to take with us to dinner tomorrow.

It was very chilly here today. Deanne and others with brugs - when do you bring them indoors? I can't remember when I did it last year. I think frost is going to sneak up on us soon.... The brugs and the elephant ears are the only things left to bring in. Evicting the EE from their pots is always a huge chore!

gb - you have my sympathy re the dinner dance! I feel the same way about events like that - I avoid 'em like the plague these days :- )

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I've missed you all! I've done nothing but work and read dire economic prognostications, but nice to see the idylls percolating along per usual. I've rescued abandoned unweaned kittens from our hedge this week, which definitely goes under the good news thread. Ein's groomer rescues baby critters and graciously took them on. Woody's brunnera and pup are gorgeous and adorable, respectively. I see Brenda is still leaping from planes, but Deanne has injured her toe in the kitchen. Sounds horribly painful. I've got draft idyll posts saved to email but never posted so may hunt for them over the weekend...or not since still slammed with work and it'd be stale news anyway. Rumors of rain are afoot, which is a blessing. An order from Bluestone was on the table tonight, and the clematis order from Chalkhill arrived earlier in the week and is mostly planted. Curry sounds like the answer for the week's end. Waving to all,


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Denise ! We miss you too ..Rain is here, and it will either move west or south or both. As I speak it is a wimpy sort of rain.We have been told to expect 'real' rain overnight.
Please come and play this weekend...

Kathy in Napa

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning! :-)

This aerial photo captures a view of partially sunlit pastures bordered by groves and hedgerows near Monmouth in southeastern Wales. Farmers attempt to earn a living raising sheep and cattle, which speckle pastures in the foreground, but some are selling their land to retirees and vacationers, altering the familiar landscape. Vincent J. Musi

I love the hedgerows and the sheep dotting the pastures, it reminds me of two of my favorite movies for some reason...National Velvet and Lassie Come Home. I just noticed there is a little bit of bad news in that caption but I am going to ignore it. [g]

Gardenbug....I like this Idyll-title. We all could use a little more good news every day. So I went looking for what good news I could scrounge up and was pleasantly surprised to find that there is some, if you look for it. Below is a link to an encouraging article.

I am very impressed that Sarah and company were able to complete a 12 mile hike! I hope they have recovered. I am a firm believer in exercise helping to keep the positive chemicals floating around in the bloodstream, among other things. Great that they are getting Skyler in the exercise habit early too.

That is so neat that Phoebe is receiving packages from Misty. Phoebe's coat is looking luxurious and shiny. Misty is looking very perky and sweet. We are seriously thinking about getting a dog one day and sure it is a bad idea the next. If one magically showed up on our doorstop, we would have to stop vacillating. :-) I would love to find one of those new breeds that cross the Standard Poodle with the Labrador Retriever. I think they call them 'Labradoodle'. They are supposed to be hypoallergenic which would be a real plus since DH has a mild allergy to dogs. Not easy to find a good one and very expensive to boot. All our previous dogs have been brought home from a shelter.

Brenda and Woody, we just ordered a new laptop, for DH. It won't arrive for a few weeks, but we ended up getting Vista too. Not happy about it, but they are including XP disks to change over to it, if we find we don't like it.

Woody...is that Eupatorium 'Chocolate' in your photo?

My box of bulbs from Brent & Becky is sitting on the table hoping to get started getting those in the ground this weekend.

Norma, I have an Aster that flops despite trimming back but the photo I posted is of one that doesn't flop. It is in more sun than the other one, I wonder if that is the difference?

Well...running out of steam here...Loving all the photos as usual...keeping my fingers crossed that the West Coast contingent receive their long awaited rain. :-)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I couldn't resist posting this too...

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Yes, Denise, you've been working too hard and you should come and play this weekend! Don't try to catch up, just jump right in and tell us how cute those kittens were....(a friend has new kittens with eyebrows!)

I'm sipping on my coffee. I've printed my itinerary. Put my camera with my purse and cds. Mustang Sally keeps saying, "lets go!"

Kathy, I'm torn about the new light bulbs. They don't last as long as they say (one just "blew" in the living room and popped the breaker for that room....) and then they're bad for the landfill, but I don't see recycling options for the new bulbs. And then there is the harsh light they emit. Nick just put new bulbs in the upstairs bath, now I can see EVERYTHING.

Eden mentioned the artisan bread last week. I dug up the link and I'm ready to bake. I'm going to attach the link. Sarah and I watched the video clip and that made the instructions very clear for us.

Norma, I lol'd about WS on the floor :) It's all or nothing here, too. Things are a lot better now that someone is coming once a week.

I've typed and deleted, typed and deleted...can't seem to get what I want to say out, so I'm going to go rustle up some grub and hit the road (sounds like I'm leaving on a horse).


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Air mail cookies! perfect. :) Woody, that shot of Misty is darling, look at that little face, give her a kick for me, willya?

Figured I'd chime in here first since I still have to finish the last Idyll and this one seems manageable. Nothing like a weekend of torrential rain to rev. up the canvas business, highlight leaks (my sympathies, Sue, got 'em, too, just not in THIS house), and put me behind. It's drying out though.

I see you've managed to sneak birthdays in on me, too. Calls for detective work on my part (like I need this?).

I instantly noticed the Larches in the scene you posted, Brenda. The guy down the street gave us a teeny one (15") and I've pulled a Wendy (wandering around with the shovel, lol) several times trying to figure out where it should be interred. Hard to believe it will big one day. I'd like to see Brenda hurling herself into the water in a neatly tucked "cannonball", personally.

OK, clearly I need to get some reading done. Maybe I'll be back later, but I really want to get outdoors and get some cutting back done today (in case we get another round of monsoon rains).

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Clearly, Chelone and I hit the submit button at the exact same moment....great minds :)

Hi PM! That's why I quit watching the news years ago - they always made me so "down" before I even got my day started. It makes getting the weather report a little harder, though :) Thanks for the good news :)

Lassie Come Home! What I want to know is why Benji gets no love when it comes to silver screen dogs? I wanted a "Benji" in the worst way....

Now I'm really gone. "This is Saucy, reporting live from Bridge of Flowers" :)


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

It is Saturday and the recent news is that my favorite family is collecting passports this week and planning a TRIP. Much as this scares me (she is pregnant) and means they will be out of touch for 3 weeks, it is an adventure that will help with their healing. Looks like Peru will be the destination, though this could change.

Yesterday we got the detailed report of the 12 mile hike in Alberta last week. Here is one portion of the tale. Indy dog was with them. Sarah wanted her on leash, as required in National Parks, but given her nature, Wayne suggested letting her off. Sarah was not convinced, but did let her off leash. They walked onward for a while and Indy began acting oddly and Sarah was wondering what it was all about. As she rounded a bend, there was a grizzly not 20 yards ahead! Sarah began talking to it and got Indy on leash right away. Skyler was VERY afraid and Wayne was a distance behind. He got a huge branch and began making noises and banging trees so that Mr Bear would know he was outnumbered. Sarah continued talking to Bear saying how fierce a dog Indy was and that it did not want to mess with them. She then noticed that Skyler had completely lost it and was about to fall apart and scream and cry. So she spoke to him about not letting Mr Bear know he was afraid because he could TELL. But Skyler couldn't pull himself together and she had to slap him. He immediately gained control.(Sarah had to do that once before and he understood what she was doing and that he DID have inner resources.) Mr Bear began to wander off the trail, walking in parallel, and shortly after that they reached an open area and continued on their way with Skyler firmly between them. By this time Skyler had decided that the event had been pretty cool and he wanted to see another bear!!! Sarah explained that one was all he might see in a lifetime, and that was plenty!

Does a Mom really want to hear these tales? I don't know.... But it was a lifetime event, and given my daughter, it was a fabulous encounter...and they lived to tell the tale.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Good Morning Idylls!

Yes, were back! :-) The vacation was lovely and I hope to share some pictures later. I dont know, is it because Im working now or so much going on in my life? But, this is the *1st* time I really wasnt looking forward to coming back home. I always love vacations, but am always glad to get home too, but this time...not so much...LOL! Anyway, it was lovely and will tell you all about it later, but for now I want to pop in and tell you Thank You for remembering my birthday. Its a little shocking to see your name in big print...LOL! :-) The pictures/cards are so beautiful, each and every one. I too was blown away with Michelles container...just beautiful and perfect there next to the rich colored door and shutters! Michelle, would you mind sharing the recipe? :-)

I want to comment on everybodys pics...they are all so beautiful....Marian thats a great close up shot of the butterfly...do you know who he is? Eden its so good to see you posting...Ive been thinking of you. Love all your cards...the fall vignette is beautiful...is that Fireworks? And what is that beautiful purple flowering plant in Wendys pic? I'm always so inspired when I see all the Idyll gardens! Each with their own personality and every one as beautiful as next...the Idylls are the best! Cindy your pictures are stunning! Where was that one shot taken with the goose? I *love* it! You too Brenda....where did you take all those lovely pictures?!?!! :-) The picture that amazed me most though, was you jumping out of a plane...you go girl! :-) What a daring and exciting thing to do...you *do* tempt one! :-) Your dahlias are stunning Deanne...you are a pro at growing everything to its most possible perfection! :-) I saw some lovely dahlias while on vacation that were smaller in flower size, but tall and planted in the landscape. Ive always loved the dinnerplates, but I dont know, but this one *really* appealed to me. Ill try to include that pic from my vacation later. Wendy I love your clematis and your lily pic too! Is that an orienpet?...Silk Road; maybe? I love it! I have Silk Road but mine are still so young and not really throwing out big flowers like yours. I guess I need more patience. :-) Saucy...I love all your pics too, but especially mine :-) ...what a sweet vignette! I love the thumbergii too. Ive got a plan in my head for a container planting of it climbing up a trellis (not trellis but cant think of the word I want, you know the thingamabob you put into a container for vines) with purple fountain grass, burgundy and yellow pansies, and the burgundy yellow flowering oxalis. Now well see if I ever actually do it...LOL! Smiled when I saw your bee. Did you hear that The Secret Life of Bees is now a movie? I definitely want to see it. Kathy...I would *love* to see all your beautiful roses in person...just gorgeous! Which one is that beauty you posted in my card? The raspberries look absolutely yummy Bug! Makes me want a bowl right now, with a little cream and sugar...yumm! Woody...loved all your pics too, but especially that one of Misty. I *love* her perky ears...she is *adorable*, but I see fiesty too! I bet she doesnt let herself get bulldozed too much! :-) She seems perfectly comfortable in her own skin...what a cutie!

Well, Ill be back later to catch up some more, but first I want to get my birthday wishes out too!


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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Aaaaaahhhhh! A BEAR!!!! Boy, 'Bug Sarah really has it together! If it were me someone would be washing underwear! (We have seen bear evidence in the orchard behind us and there were three removed from our neighbourhood this summer and taken to wilder environments....)...And Skyler has learned a few great things too - how to face up to something scary is a hard one...

And Happy Birthday, friend! Or should I say "Friends" - I am still trying to sort you all out!

PM2, I love that photo! Nature's quilt...

Woody - cute pup! I know I'd be a sucker for that little face!

And 3C - Winter sowing on the floor! Hahahah! I LOVE this site!

Sr. Phil just got elevated to sainthood - yesterday DS wanted to go the city - he can't drive - so DH took him. Seeing as DH would have time to kill while waiting to bring DS home, he also took Adrian and the NDNs (next door neighbours), took them to Cosmic Adventure (huge indoor playground), bought them hot dogs and Slushies and drove everyone home again. Kids were all asleep in the car. DS carried Adrian in, and popped him into bed (aside: see how you spell that, Sue?)clothes and all. He slept 12 hours. He is a rumpled dirty little grub this morning, but they had such a great time!

I was home alone for afternoon/evening - read a book and ate a whole box of Kraft dinner. Heaven1

Yesterday I weeded the rock bed and filled the bird feeders. When I went to get the sunflower seed, I saw that some little varmint had gotten into the bag and there were lots of seeds on the shed floor. I also noted that a varmint, probably the same one, had also mulched the shed floor with my huge bag of cedar bark. Well, when I toted the bark outside to mulch the rock bed, I was surprised to find it absolutely stuffed full of sunflower seeds, most of which had sprouted. I guess little varmint had made himself a pantry for the winter...I am hoping that does not indicate a fierce one! Winter, I mean.

It is going to be sunny and quite cool here for the next 5 days so I anticipate getting the outside in shape!

No Julie job today - weekends off, o.k.?

Hope you all enjoy yours!



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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

WEll we are in store for a beautiful day here and I'm thinking I'm going to have Doug get the utility trailer down and start excavating some of these pots. If I don't get started the job will never be finished and the frost will decide for me what I'm saving and what goes. (I'm thinking I've been procrastinating for just that reason. LOL) I do know that I"m not even going to try to save any of the papyrus this year as they just get too big and too buggy regardless of how carefully I treat for insects. They simply don't like the indoors. I'm also going to let most of the begonias go. I've got a couple spotted angel-wing type that I'm going to keep but other than that the rest can go. I've got a large pictum abutilon that is going to go just because I've got too many to save. Does anybody local want any abutilons? (They really are too big to ship at this point.)

The really GOOD NEWS is that I'm on the verge of buying my new telephoto lens for bird photograhy. I've been saving for this for two years and am finally on the brink of having enough $$$ for it. Doug said he'd kick in the rest of what I need for it and to just order it. Woohoo!!!!!! I'm so phyched. So now I'm really ready to put the gardens to bed and start workingn with my bird photography.

Denise, how great to hear from you! You've been missed around here. Glad you rescued those kittens. I just can't understand how people can abandon animals like that.

All of you going to vista will have to let us know how you do with it? The only reason I didn't upgrade my laptop when it crashed the end of August was because I don't want to deal with Vista.

Brenda, what a lovely photo! There is something so gorgeous about fall colors reflecting in the water. ~~~ When are you expecting the new computer?

Bug, how wonderful about DD and her family's 12 mile walk! Fantastic! A bear? Good grief. ~~ Doug and I are planning on heading north and hiking through the Flume Gorge next week one day but it will only be a few miles and not 12!

Norma, so glad you're able to check in. Sorry you had problems opening up that last thread. What a bummer. ~~~ I've found that as time goes by I'm becoming more indifferent to having birthdays. I was traumatized by my 50th but after that I don't seem to care anymore.

Michelle, I agree with everyone, that arrangement by your potting shed is absolutely fabulous! When did you put that one together? I love it that the ornamental kale matches the color of the door. It's beautiful.

Woody, your gardens are looking marvelous! That brunnera is really fantastic. Most of mine have 'browned out' ~~ YOu can start stripping off the leaves off your brugmansia and get it ready to brin in any time now. I'm going to give mine another week or so to see if they'll open any of those buds they are loaded down with. ~~ That puppy of yours is as cute as can be. Who could resist that face???

Chelone, have you told you DH about the IdyllCraft Camporee?

kathy, love those roses! So what are you planning on doing for your rainy day?

Eileen, welcome home, looking forward to your vacation pics.

OK I've got to get busy here and get things moving. As Doug says, I'm burning daylight....

Have a great day everyone!

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Good Morning sunshine, beautiful autumn day here. I really, really need to get some plants inside or there won't be anything left to bring in. Instead I'd rather take a drive to the cider mill and go on a nice autumn walk in the woods (NO BEARS PLEASE). We should also be doing more work on the kitchen.

Bella is really interested in learning to read. She knows all of the uppercase letters and we're working on recognizing the lowercase ones and just starting to put sounds with them. Yesterday we talked about B all day and thought of words that begin with B. I'm not one who really believes in pushing a child into learning something early and my kids all learned to read at school in first grade which was fine. Bella really wants to read though so I'll work with her as much as she seems interested.

Michelle, how great that Kenzie will get to spend her birthday at Disney World. She will love that.

Marie, I'm a better safe than sorry type person which isn't always a good thing. I discouraged Jennifer from going with Randy to Puerto Rico last week though (only because she asked my opinion). And that was to a $4000 a week condo on the beach that he stayed at while redesigning the kitchen for a remodel. I told her she can go next spring after the baby's born and of course I'll keep the little one, no problem. I do know Sarah's going through a lot right now and hope her adventures help her sort everything out. Everyone's different and should deal with life their own way I believe.

Saucy, you need that artisan bread book! There are so many great recipes in it. I tried a few last year and had so much fun baking with it.

My kitchen floor would be good for wintersowing right now too Norma if you can sow the seeds in drywall dust.

Ei, so glad you had a great vacation. I wanted to tell you that I think of you and your sister often. Hope she's doing well with her treatments.

Denise, great to have you back. Please do post what you'd written and saved if you want to. I know we'd all like to read your thoughts.

I'm about maxed out on the news here too. I've found this presidential election year interesting but am at the point where enough is enough and I also don't want to hear another word about the financial stuff. Ughhhh!

I'm off to buy another gallon of Cottage White paint. I think this is can number 6. We've been using it on the ceilings and trim throughout the house. Someone asked about pictures of the livingroom. No I haven't posted any. I love the color but Brad bought big ugly black lazyboy chairs and we now have a tv hanging on the wall too that I hate. I figure it's his house too and what does it really matter in the grand scheme but I don't think it's pretty. Maybe I'll take a few pictures for you of the pretty parts though...

Have a great Saturday everyone.


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'bug, I'm so impressed with your favorite family's determination to literally put one foot in front of the other. And now Peru! (Machu Picchu has always been a destination I thought I'd see before I was 30!) I'm equally torn about being on the receiving end of hair-raising tells from one's children. Mitch passed out in the shower last week, too busy to recognize he was getting sick with a cold and probably fainted from exhaustion. A toe appears to be broken, but that's the worst of it. I got this info calling home during a lunch break. Not quite on par with a griz encounter but still...

Deanne, that's great news that the lens is nearly here!

It occurred to me yesterday, watching the skies for rain, that I may just pull back entirely on summer and garden only for fall/winter/spring. A few agastaches, gaura, gaillardia will be summer. Wonder if I've got the discipline to see it through. I lost my beautiful coronilla in August, several new lavenders, a cistus from Cistus in Portland. The soil-borne pathogens get really touchy from irrigated water and by August lots of the mediterraneans succumb, esp. the young, fast-growing stuff. Or I just didn't water enough! I've planted the new winter-blooming clematis close to the sitting area under the pergola where they can be enjoyed and, most importantly, kept an eye on for water needs. Along with the cartmanii Joe there's Lansdowne Gem and Wisley Cream.

Saucy, the kittens were solid black, healthy, and Duncan wanted to keep them all. I've raised an abandoned kitten before, our beloved Jules, and the dropper full of formula every 3 hrs was challenging enough with one, let alone 5. I nearly started weeping when the groomer said he'd keep them. Jerri, Cynthia, our groomer...people like that are priceless. Now I am tearing up!

I might as well break Julie in now with the So Calif version of celebrating idyll birthdays. It's usually spiky but always affectionate, and there's a pot there for Norma, Wendy and Ei. (For the agave buffs, the pot on the ground in front of the green ceramic holds A. bovicornuta. Bovi/cow and cornuta something to do with horns?)

Happy, happy, happy birthdays!


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - yikes! Grizzly...! (Julie - I got a good chuckle from the underwear comment!)

PM2 - yes, that's Eupatorium 'Chocolate' in the north alley. It's great stuff! It's underplanted with White Nancy and Beacon Silver lamium, so most of the spring and early summer, the house side of the alley is silver. The 'Chocolate' is a late grower so it doesn't even appear above the lamium until mid June and then the rest of the summer the dark folage of the 'Chocolate' looks good with the silver under it. And then the billows of white flowers in October are a nice way to end the season. Some say it seeds a lot but I haven't found it to be so - so far at least.

Actually, the north alley is one of my favorite garden areas. We only developed it in the fall of 2005 after we were asked to be a host in the garden tour for 2006. The north alley was such a mess I would have been embarassed to have it seen in its original state so I hastily created a garden there. The alley had been one of the main access routes for heavy equipment during the renevation of/addition to the house in 1999 and then the neighbour's addition to their house in 2001. The soil was compacted and lumpy and bumpy; the fence and gate was a falling-down mess that had been taken down and thrown back up with little care several times. The alley is 55' long so there was a fair bit of work to remove the grass and establish beds and a path. Actually, looking at it all again makes me think of Saucy's GG path and wonder how that is going... In the link below to the pictures of the north alley, you can see how I used the grass removed for the path to make the beds on the sides of the alley. It's a relatively easy and efficient way to do things I think.

Deanne - thanks for the info on the brugs. One is still blooming a bit - but doesn't have too many leaves left to remove as most have yellowed and fell off on their own! I think last year I just cut off the ends that still had leaves - but should I leave the ends there and just strip the leaves instead?

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Woody, A lady I know from another forum who's a brug expert strips the leaves from bottom to top. I think it starts them going into dormancy. I'm not sure when she cuts the tops off. I just wait until the day before a frost and hack them to pieces then stick the denuded trunks in the garage. They stay in the garage until just before the garage is going to go below freezing. I'll probably lose them one of these years. LOL


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Coffee with Idylls this morning while I decide the how to arrange the priority list for todaygood news: It rained off and on overnight and is mostly clear this morning .Everything looks and smells great, a bit of post rain flopping but well worth it. Looks like we only got about a ½ inch , but it will be enough to keep me from having to water. We may get a few showers today so I am lining myself up with both indoor and outdoor chores.

Welcome back Eileen , glad to hear you enjoyed you time away. The rose is Honey Perfume, a floribunda. Though I dont find it to be particularly fragrant in spite of its name, it pumps out the flowers very nicely over a long season. I have quite a few old roses which are intensely fragrant so I may have a high expectation in that area. In any case, I would definitely buy it again.

I had to google Bridge of Flowers because I had no clue what or where it was. Now I know ! Looks very pretty in the few pics Ive found.

Ok back laterneed some breakfast

Kathy in Napa

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Hair done, so now I can go to the dinner thingy tonight, armed with kleenex.

Now it's off to the dump and pre-voting. DH will be away in Antwerp on the regular voting day.

I paid my $80 this morning to attend an East African quilting day on the 21st. A bus load will be attending. I usually say no to most things, but this time I figure why not???

For anyone interested, here is the site, a blog, for the quilt being assembled for Sarah and Wayne, showing not only the fabrics mailed in, but also giving a short intro on why and how this became a reality. (Scroll down to the bottom and work your way backwards)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - that quilt link.... oh my.... What a fabulous quilt that's going to be! Where did you get the fabric you sent? That is extraordinarily beautiful!

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Marie, that is so wonderful that your quilting friends are doing this. It will be so pretty, and such a marvelous memorial to dear Reed.
The 12 mile hike astounds me. Many years ago my brother, Nolon, and I hiked up to a natural hot springs in the foot hills of Idaho. I have no idea how far it was, but we started out on crusted snow, and as the day warmed we were falling through every step we took. The going wasn't too bad, but the return trip about got me. The snow had got into our boots and our feet were cold and wet. We found a cabin for just such people as us, and built a fire to dry out our socks. It was approaching nightfall when we got back to our vehicle. It was an experience that I never wanted to repeat!
Thank goodness we did not meet up with a bear of any type. I am proud of Sarah's courage and wisdom in handling that situation. She is a strong brave woman. I can imagine how proud you are of her.
And now an overseas trip...I hope she will share pics.

I hope this dinner/dance will not be too painful.

So good to see Chelone post this morning. I have been concerned about her.
Chelone, did you get my e-mail?

EI, sorry I was lazy and only posted one BD pic for the 3 of you. The butterfly is a Great Spangled Fritillary. Their habitat is open woodlands, and we certainly have that. They are very common here.

Norma, I have still been seeing butterflies, but I think we saw our last hummingbird a week ago today. I brought in the feeder so it wouldn't be attracting those cursed yellow jackets!

I am happy that a few of you saw my thesis on the last thread. I sort of got carried away with my posting, but I was trying to speak to everyone. I don't think I succeeded. :-(

Pm2, I love that Wale's pic. I am intrigued by the wispy 'vapor' coming up around the building. I am wondering if it is from the sheep inside?

Brenda, your pic of the fall colors looks like about the stage ours is right now. I went out awhile ago to look for color around our yard/woods. It isn't too impressive yet.

Denise, I love your succulents pic. I think the purplish spiky plant is the one that I have that the bugs eat chunks off the sides of each leaf so bad. I like the plant but hate what they do to it.

Woody, you still have a lot of lovely stuff in your yard, including Misty. A very cute pic of her. :-)


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Marie, thanks for sharing the link to the quilt blog. I'll certainly be following along to see it when completed. What a special tribute to Reed it will be. Something to be treasured.

Bella is watching Cats for the millionth time it seems, and Brad is being a lazy boy in his Lazy Boy. We went up to the Outlet Mall for a bit this afternoon and then picked up tickets to take Bella to see Disney On Ice tomorrow night. She'll love it! I'm thinking it's after 6pm and time for nice glass of chardonnay.


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Todays weather does exhibit all the attributes of the official turn of the corner from summer to fall. A bit blustery, with showers now and again and having to change ones garb multiple times to stay comfortable. I planted the rest of my snapdragons, and will plant Iceland poppies and pansys tomorrow. The soil is nicely moistened but not wet by any means.

Im joining Eden in a glass of wine, although it is only 4pm here ! Im prepping for an evening of baseball viewing. Going to cut into chunks and coat some organic red potatoes with olive oil, herbs , sea salt and parmesan and roast them , and have some Sonoma county broccoli. No meat tonight I think. Im still scratching my head in wonderment that the baseball team of choice is one game away from sweeping the Cubs.

Denise I swear every pic you post of your garden looks different. Either its bigger than you are letting on or you have mastered the fine art of isolating small vignettes and capturing them from different angles. According to my handy-dandy gardeners handbook of plant names: cornuta = horned or horn-shaped. Did you get any rain ?

Woody, I had a great time visiting your north alley project. I love to see things like that develop..very inspirational ! Ironically as you and Deanne discuss foliage stripping and chopping up Brugmansias , I still await the first bloom on mine . We will start to have much cooler nights now, and frost will be a possibility towards the end of the month. I guess I need to plan a better winter strategy other than leaving it out exposed, almost killing it , and having not a leaf grow on it till May as it struggles to regain its composure after my winter abuse. I think Im going to build it a little tent .

Wonderful quilt project bug. People can be so nice cant they ? Your grizzly story reminded me of the bear-in-the campsite incident my DH and I experienced many years ago at June Lake in the Sierra. It was before we moved to Northern Calif and were complete dolts about camping in bear country. We hid in the restroom after sneaking out of the tent and watched as a momma and her cub ate our food. They were not grizzlies, just the common brown bear of these parts. We never made that mistake again !

Deanne, how exciting that your new lens is on the horizon. The Idylls will be de facto beneficiaries when we get to see some of the fabu bird pics you share with us this winter. I still think about seeing that Cardinal at the childrens garden in Brooklyn.

Eden, I also dislike the exposed TV look. My TV is so old that it is in a cabinet, circa 1980 ish. It simply refuses to die and I cant justify the expense for a new one till it does. The next one will go in a media cabinet with doors , out of sight unless its in use(which is rarely in winter) so my TV purchase will have to include a piece of furniture too.

PM, beautiful pic you posted of Wales. I surely would like to visit there one day.

Norma, lol feel free to call Aiden Mr Baby ! I still call him that quite often .

Marian, how goes the prep for the guests next week ? I have noticed that you and I are having very similar temps-in fact it seems a bit warmer for you. I have many of the Idylls weather on my home page its fun to compare .

Wondering about Chelone, Cynthia, Mary , Honey ?

Psycho-kitty naps this morning in the Eureka lemon. From Garden Sept 08

Kathy in Napa

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Well, I never!! The boys set me to picking corn today. Right outta the blue, like I had nothing better to do. We have some on sandy ground that's not going to stand well, and there are no beans ready to run yet. Guess they were bored and thought they'd torment me. It's a different combine, and the software for the yield monitor is the least user-friendly thing I've ever seen. I spent yesterday trying to get that all set up. I guess the harvest wheels are officially rolling.

Bug, I'll be thinking of you. I'm not one for that kind of thing, and those "first time I've seen you since" encounters are so tough. ((Marie))
Oh, my-a bear! Sounds like they handled the situation admirably. I can't wait to tell DD about that, she already thinks Sarah is "da bomb"!
That quilt is going to be wonderful! What a thoughtful thing to do.

Thanks, Norma. I had a lot of fun playing with the camera around all the water on vacation. Amazingly, I didn't drop it into a waterfall!

Kathy, a Happy Birthday is always good to hear ;) What a precious psycho-kitty. Seems harmless enough. Of course, so did my son when he was asleep, lol!

Woody, that's an adorable shot of Misty. She almost seems to be demanding to know what you've done with Phoebe.

Hi, Denise-good to see you! Yep, I still don't have any common sense!
Hey, passing out in the shower may not be a bear, but still! Glad he wasn't hurt any worse!
I'm so glad you found someone to take the kittens!
" Jerri, Cynthia, our groomer...people like that are priceless."
I heartily concur.

LMAO...Chelone...honey! There are precious few positions I can "neatly tuck myself into", let alone while I'm hurtling toward water. You HAVE seen the skydive video, right?? I'm saving a special birthday picture for you, young lady.

Saucy, I'm not sure I'm ready to see myself first thing in the morning in the bathroom mirror with energy efficient light...yeesh!

Ei, good to see you back. I'm always ready to get back home. No bed sleeps as good as the one at home! The birthday pics were from Olbrich Gardens in Madison, Wi. and the fall color picture is from Marinette, Wi. I need to put together a couple of slide shows and post them in another thread.
As for skydiving, ya know I came to Illinois to do that, right?! Just say the word, I'll swing by and pick you up, and away we'll go :)

Julie-what do you do when you haven't done a Julie job for...I dunno....15 years?? Lol, just kiddin', but my housekeeping IS deplorable.

Deanne, good for you on the new lens. I have little to no idea what I'm doing photography-wise, but I do believe I need a different telephoto lens. There was a squirrel in the driveway yesterday, and I just couldn't get a good picture without scaring it off.
The new computer should be here toward the end of next week. I'm thrilled to be getting it, and dreading the rearranging needed to set it up. I imagine I'll run into some prize-winning cobwebs in the process.
IdyllCraft Camporee-how perfect!

Eden, I was a kid who couldn't wait to learn to read, too. Of course, a big part of that was that the grown-ups would spell things they didn't want me to hear, lol! Good for Bella! A love of reading opens the door to the world, IMHO.
I agree, enough is enough with the election. Let's do it and get it done. I've been interested and involved, even went to some rallys, but I'm ready to move on.
There has been talk of a big TV on the wall here, too. Our living room is the only room downstairs where they didn't demolish the original 1800's trim and lower the ceiling. I just can't picture a "modern" looking tv in there. Currently, the tv is in a cherry entertainment center that looks fairly decent.

Marian, we don't have any color at all here at home yet. DH and I were talking earlier that for the last few years, the soybeans haven't colored up like they usually do. They usually turn a really pretty yellow before they drop their leaves. To me, it's about the only time a bean field is pretty, but a whole field of that bright yellow is spectacular. I don't know if it's the weather or all the genetic work they've been doing on them.

HA! Revenge is mine. DH was revolted to hear that he was getting frozen pot pies for supper. And no, not ones I made and froze...boughten ones. Guess the surprise was on him after all, lol!

Rock on, Idylls

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Hey Deanne, take a look at this Colocasia on the far right of the thumbnails....is it the one in the pond at Wave Hill?


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Because last week was a busy one and little to nothing was accomplished outdoors (save "lumberin' operations) I consigned myself to clean up yesterday. And it was fun! It was a lovely day, stout southeasterly breeze (which is off the water and chilly), and plenty of sunshine. Things are starting to dry out a little (after 5" of rain) and the fall colors are beginning to "turn on" here.

Learning to control fear is a tough one, 'bug, but essential to make navigating life's waters as easy as possible. I'm certain Sarah's timely slap was a prudent "attention getter" and the necessity of it was discussed later, along with the important safety "protocol" involved in encounters with wildlife. Your daughter is an amazing woman. I have seen bears in the wild a few times (Black bears), but recall a time when I was riding on a logging road miles from home and my horse began nervously prancing with his head up high, wringing his tail, and snorting. I saw nothing, but heard rustling in the undergrowth, and have long thought it was a bear chowing down on late season berries. Bears are really intelligent and they'd rather do their thing peacefully than "mix it up". Make plenty of noise so they know you're there and give them a wide berth so they may melt back into the wild unthreatened. What a great story! Love the "Golden Shoe" award, too.

I've wanted to visit Machu Pechu, too. I have always recalled that the masonry is so precise that you can't fit a credit card in between the stones. And they built the whole thing without the wheel! Betcha being a slave/prisoner in that society was drag...

CFLs are not my favorites, either. They give everything a vaguely greenish cast, to my eye. But we use them, too. Flourescents are the way to go for efficiency and while I could perform surgery in the Salon one day I will appreciate the light (picking out dark thread on dark fabric is the acid test for me). I wish there was more promotion of the very necessary recycling required of them, though! My community makes it rather easy to recycle those things, but I still share the same concerns you do about the nitwits that simply relegate them to landfills and eventually the watershed...

Reading was huge in both the helpmeet's home and mine. We were both reading by Kindergarten, but times were slower then. I remember the day I "got it", too. I was sitting on Mum's lap in my grandfather's wing chair and we were reading from the "green books". I was sort of nattering along and Mum ppointed to a word and asked if I knew what it was. I did! (that wing chair is in the "Biddy Suite", and the "green books" are in the THTTF and will be moved here soon). We played the same games, Mum and I, that you play with Bella, Eden. Sometimes I get misty when I read those little things that you, Michelle, "t", Julie, and others share. But in a good way. :)

Deanne, you must have the photographic equivilent of the Hubble telescope in your arsenal now. You must be just about beside yourself with excitement over the new lens. What fun for us to be able to soak up the proceeds. Our two measely planters will go bye-bye when Jack Frost arrives, I will rescue some Geraniums for inside, but that'll probably be it, though I'm considering heeling in the Vinca as a cost saving measure for next season. Naturally, the first thing I did was tell the helpmeet I wanted to host the IUVIforMe telling him it will be a multi-day affair... "OK" he said, "sounds like fun.". He is probably the easiest going guy I know (like Doug). If there is fun to be had, he's all for it. As long as I am the "cruise director" he's in.

I've been following the political race and the financial debacle with great interest. I've pretty much skipped the debates, preferring to read and listen to the news. Frankly, I've paid more attention to the financial debacle than anything else. And it's taken a lot of work for me to get the entire picture of what's happened/happening clear in my mind. And still I have to scratch my head and slowly work back through it when something new pops up. I did OK with accounting classes but I found both Macro and Micro Economics sort of dry and it was hard to "wrap my brain" around much of it. Can't wait for the next round of statements to roll in... :/

I've done some laundry, but my hair is still in its pillow induced "crest", the kitchen is still messy, and if I'm going to get outdoors again today I have to wrap this up and get crackin'. (gotta check out the links, too).

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I'm still here. I discovered a rancid "dog bed" down in the Rat's Nest and have decided washing it would go a long way toward banishing, "houseatosis". ;)

(Big Laundry week for us. This the 4th. of 5 loads between yesterday and today.)

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I've checked twice to find Eden's post where she mentions location of the TV and/or politics and can't find it. Hate when that happens but have been reading a little sloppily.

However, I found an old draft idyll post email where I tell Marian that I loved your unknown relative skidding up to your childhood home in a cab, like the opening paragraph of a short story. I had a couple of those relatives too! Nothing like having a perfect stranger give you a huge bear hug...

And I can't believe you have that memory of "getting" reading, Chelone. My early childhood is fairly murky, just a few memories gleam out. Duncan has a memory like mine, but Mitch amazes me constantly with the detailed stuff he comes up with. I agree on the economics reading, one step forward, two back. But since these "smartest guys in the room" don't understand it, I don't feel too bad...(Sounds like he doesn't need convincing, but remind the helpmeet of all the idyllpower that can be harnessed to work like navvies on the shrub border and whatever else needs doing during the summer camp.)

Kathy, I'm amazed at your comment about my photo, since I just shuffle the same pots around and was sure you'd yawn! That grouping has been pretty constant all summer right outside the back porch. I'll probably do another massive shuffle to get set for fall/winter.

Saucy going to the Berkshires brings to mind Taylor's "the Berkshires seemed dreamlike on account of that frostin'..." which always sounded so exotic to me. No rain materialized here, such disappointment, but Marty brought home this watering device on adjustable tripod legs, which can stand over plantings, a contraption much like I've been waiting for someone to invent, so I used that yesterday and it's a winner. Maybe I'll get a photo.

Much excitement on the street last night. A noisy but happy poker party by the 20-somethings up the street and a neighbor locked herself out of her own house while tending another vacationing neighbor's dog, whose house she couldn't get into because the alarm codes were changed. Alarm somehow is set off in the attempt, which is $300 a pop here if the police roll. With the vacationing neighbor's dogs still unfed, she heads back to her own house, which she finds she's locked out of and can't climb through a window when your house is alarmed with the motion detection system, which hers is, so she phones from our house for a locksmith for $70 to come out, etc, etc. I check on her about 9:30 p.m. and they're still waiting on the porch for the locksmith, their puppy Chip whining behind the locked screen door. (What must these frustrated dogs think the humans are up to?) These alarm systems I guess provide some psychological security but what a nuisance...

PM, thank goodness your back is coming around. I kid Marty that he has a spine like a cow, absolutely no flexibility. He's coming out of another bout where he was slightly zig-zagged.

So weird, after refreshing to check new posts, now I see Eden's post above mine. They're not kidding about these "technical difficulties"! Eden, my old draft posts involved news that doesn't belong on the "good news" thread, nothing terrible but I've been getting updates on my mom's visit to her sister in Florida, and the situation is sad and complicated. Our 10 yr old tv sits in an armoire (so '80s!), same cabinet since we moved in 20 yrs ago. My dad updates his tv regularly, increasing in size, sound system and amount of wires on the walls...drives my mom nuts. The huge tv he has now makes me nauseous to view in their tiny den.

(Julie, I loved the birthday "partay" story! And more harvest news, please, Brenda & Michelle, it's so fascinating. Any pictures would be wonderful. Michelle, here's another fan of that pot! Cindy, my salvias are really late too. There goes Martie, whooshing past...)

Happy Sunday to all.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

I have found her! She's an angel
with the dust of the stars in her eyes.
We are dancing, we are flying
and she's taking me back to the skies!

I can't believe you guys brought up Leslie Ann Warren's Cinderella...that was my absolute *favorite* t.v. movie.

These words really spoke to me as a child :-)

"In my own little corner in my own little chair
I can be whatever I want to be.
On the wings of my fancy I can fly anywhere
And the world will open its arms to me...."

I thought L.A.W. was the most beautiful woman in the world and I've also always thought that our Babs really resembles her. Though *I* wanted to be Leslie Anne Warren! :-( But somehow dark haired, brown eyed Italian just doesn't cut it...LOL! I've always loved red hair and porcelain skin - why do we always want what we can't have? LOL!

Just a quick pop in, as I'm out watering the pots. I must confess they have been living by their own free will for the last couple of weeks. I didn't want anyone to have to bother watering them while we were on vacation and today is the first day I've had a chance to get to them. They were definitely dog-ear wilted, but amazingly almost all of them have perked right up...I don't deserve their kindness, but sure appreciate it! :-)

Bug, I meant to say yesterday how good it was to hear that Skyler is such a joy and comfort; what a lovely thing Sarah said. I admire and am amazed at the strength and love you all draw from one another. I can't say all I want to say here, but know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers...

I love Psychokitty! :-)

Brenda...I think you're getting addicted! ;-) Well, I need to rustle up a little more bravery here, but I definitely will remember your offer. I think you would be the perfect person to get me out there! :-)

Chelone, I'm not all that happy with my CFL's either, but I use them cause it's "one small thing I can do". Probably not the smartest thing though, that I put one at the basement stairs. :-) I'm enjoying reading about your clean up and preparing for winter doings...there's a great comfort in that, though I can't really say why....kind of like crockpot food, hot chocolate by the fire, reading a good book. Me, I love all the seasons, but I really do love spring and fall best. Heck, I even like winter though I really wish it were only in December & January.

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Oh Hi Denise! I was just checking to see if my post showed up and then saw you! I'm really glad too because it reminds me....I love your whole vignette...but I *really* want to know what that lovely ruby red flowering plant is in the pot with the golden potato vine. Is that the flower? or the plant? What a color!


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Hi Ei, that's great that your pots survived your vacation. That ruby-red plant is an aeonium, and those are the leaves. I wonder if Eden grows them. They always attract a lot of comments when I post photos. I know that they are fairly tender even for succulents, since our Huntington Cactus Garden lost huge amounts of them bedded out in a rare frost a couple winters back. The dark, almost black Zwarpkof (sp?) is the one often seen, which grows tallish, but there's lots of cool aeonium species. Incredible geometry of nature! I love them because they remind me of splayed open artichokes/carciofi. (See, I know a little Italian...)

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Good Sunday afternoon, it's sunny but brisk here today. More wall sanding going on. Also a trip to Target for cat litter and a Halloween flag for the flag pole. We're going to take Bella to see Disney on Ice this evening. That will be fun.

Chelone, great to have a nice newsy post from you. I'd love to have an uninterrupted day to do garden cleanup. I don't mind tidying up the garden at this time of year. I'm more than ready to put it all to bed.

Denise, great plant collection in your picture. I do have a few aeoniums, a couple are variegated, a couple are green and I have one dark one but none so pretty as that red one of yours. What is that cute little green and gold grass? We at least don't have any wires from the tv. Brad did go to the trouble to run them behind the wall. That was my one condition. The only good thing about the ugly thing is it is it doesn't take up any space in my small livingroom.

Kathy, sweet kitty in the lemon tree!

Marian, how great that you're almost done with the chore of getting most of your plants in. Wish I did too!

Marie, hope the dance went ok last night.

My dad's coming down later today. His 78th birthday is Tuesday and we're having a birthday dinner for him tomorrow. I'm in charge of baking the cake.

I think I'm going to go join Bella in a short nap before we head out to the show. Have a good afternoon.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Last night was OK, but today more than grim, so I can't post on this thread.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Gardenbug...don't hold back...anywhere you post is great.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I'll try to solve my anger first, then revisit. Of course it involves "ex".

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Nice Sunday plans, Eden, and happy birthday to your dad. The little grass is Miscanthus 'Gold Band,' just a year old in that spot.

I'm going to attempt a description of my little walled garden. The back lot is 20 feet deep and 40 feet long. The main planting bed curves around the pergola, and lots of pots are staged on the bricked terrace at the juncture of the hardscape and beds. Lots of interesting effects happen this way! Here's a wide view, and the pots I posted previously are in the foreground of the photo, now seen from behind. The steps to the back porch can be seen. The outdoor laundry shed is directly behind those two chairs, built against the back wall of the house. Around the corner from the laundry shed, the east side, is the larger bricked patio, where the fringe tree is. The garage/office would be behind those pots in the foreground, on the right of the photo, to the west. (The empty bird cage just holds candles for now, but I was thinking of mossing it up and planting the bottom with something hanging through.) Almost hidden in the back is a little ladder I was using to prop a sprinkler on, but now I've got the new gizmo on tripod legs. The ladder is sitting on the narrow brick path that follows the curve of the main bed. This narrow path runs east/west behind the main planting bed and another border that lso runs the length of the garden, east/west. The trunk visible is the smoke tree Grace in that narrow bed that runs roughly parallel to the back boundary wall.

This photo taken in April was probably taken with my back at the creeping fig-covered boundary wall looking back at the house where the porch can be seen. The back wall of the house faces south. The garage is unseen on the left, to the west, and the office part of the garage is directly opposite the watering can to the left. This salvia was just cut back to nubbins, and the hummingbirds still fly in, bewildered at the loss. The brick access path mentioned above curves unseen between this main border that the salvia grows in and a narrower border that the yellow foliage clump grows in (Golden Arrow, Persicaria amplexicaule) which runs parallel then widens off at the east end and includes the smoke tree Grace. The Angelica pachycarpa in this photo survived direct sun all summer. What a trooper!

Clear as mud, right?! Why's it so hard to put this stuff in words? It would take 5 mins to take it all in, in person. If I had Brenda's nerve, I'd get up on the roof for an aerial photo...

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(sheesh, I should've stuck to answering the question.)

Sorry. Miscanthus 'Gold Bar'

Off for a bike ride.

I think this thread could be seen as hoping for good news but in reality welcoming any and all news.

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I agree, all news welcome. Thanks for the id Denise. I'll be back when I have more time to look at your lovely little garden. Marie, thinking of you. And now worrying a little too. Just my nature...


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The good news is that I have just received confirmation of W&S's tickets for Peru. Sure I'll be anxious, but no more so than if they stayed at home with cruel harassment.

Steak for dinner tonight I think. No, not for you Phoebe!

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Ohhh'Bug, this doesn't sound good. Worries me too.

This morning I was awake at 3:30 and at the computer by 4:30, back to bed at 5:30 and up at 7. When I am awake like that, I have what I call my "dark thoughts". This is when I think about money, health, aging. This is when I am sad for my little Adrian who, unless he meets that 'special someone', will be very much alone by the age of 30 - no sibs, no parents (to speak of anyway) and likely no grandparents either. When I confided these thoughts to Sr.Phil his sympathetic reply was "You're such a Female". Yup, I am.

Went to church and had a chat with the choir director about Brahms. Not a satisfactory conversation there either.

So after lunch I went to bed.

Oh Denisez10, your courtyard looks wonderful!
I hope your toe is now more comfy, Deanne.
Eden, it sounds like Bella is delightful.

Steak for dinner here too (and not for Ajax).

A quiet evening here I hope.



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Zeus is planning a midnight garbage can raid for meat juice soaked napkins....I can see the hampster wheel turning in his little head.

We had Yankee pot roast with Rosemary yeast rolls...and something green on the side.

Ah, Julie, you'd be surprised at who'll take in those Phils....If Jake's still living in my basement, he can come stay with us, LOL!

GB, we'll commiserate. You don't have to hold it in on account of "good news." The bear story was exciting, and so is news of Peru. I still have not finished the applications for our family's passports....maybe I should get back on that :)

Denise, love, love, love your garden!

Kathy, you're an enabler...that website is fabulous! Instead of posting on Idyll this morning, I took a little detour and dreamt of next year's garden. I love their "collections" - what a fun way to order!

Today I taught boyscouts to cast leaves. I did good, but it's not fun to me if my audience isn't just as enthusiastic. They liked playing in the mud all right, but I knew they weren't planning to place them in their gardens as a decoration :)

Well, I'm off to fold some clothes and get everyone ready for the school week (yeah!)


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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I had such an enjoyable day, I hate to see Monday come. The weekend just flew by. DH, son and daughter pitched in and they managed to get the lawn mowed, a ton of perennials moved, and a large viburnum dug out and moved. It was beautiful yesterday, but this morning, was chilly and damp. It took me two hours to warm up when I came in the house. The air conditioners even got put away and the storm windows pulled down!

Later in the afternoon, DD did the food shopping and cooked a delicious lamb stew. Perfect fall fare. Add in a Patriots game and the Red Sox and it's been very relaxing.

Julie...your sleep schedule sounds a lot like our house. [g] If I wake up in the night, I make it a rule to only think about gardening. I rearrange the plants in the beds until I fall back to sleep. :-)

Gardenbug....amazing Bear story. Really wonderful that W&S know what to do with such an encounter. I also sympathize with your outing. I don't look forward to those either. Glad W&S are getting away for awhile. It will do them good. Such an exciting trip too!

Denise...I wanted to say earlier in the week, that I just loved the photo you posted of the Agaves and Succulents in pots. I really love that decorated pot with the spikey agave? in it. Very pretty color and glazing and it adds so much to that vignette. Now that last photo is another great one. I always enjoy the colors and textures in your garden. Glad that Marty was okay. Scary though.

Eden....two of my kids are really into cooking and I decided last Christmas to try to include a cookbook a year, so I'll have to get a look at that Artisan Bread Book...thanks. [And thanks Saucy too. :-)] Oh, and I like the 'Cinnamon' paint for the kitchen cabinets. Great name for the kitchen. :-)

Saucy...I rarely watch the news any more, either. My Mom LOVED Benji and had a stuffed Benji on her bed. [g] We drove through Woodstock in August and hope we have time to go back and spend more time there. We have been to the Norman Rockwell Museum but not since the kids were little. Enjoyed your photos.

Woody...I have that Eupatorium too. Who can resist a name like 'Chocolate'. [g] Mine is in bloom now and I love the fuzzy white blooms. I am a bit worried about too much reseeding after hearing stories, but I deadhead it quickly and it has not been a problem. I had so much fun looking at your link to the North Alley project. Quite a transformation. I love some of the ideas you had and I am very impressed with your ability to create gates and fences and air conditioner covers. I wish I were that handy. That copper fence/gate with the clematis came out looking like a professional did it. I also love the Harlequin Honeysuckle on that fence. I've never seen a variegated one. Is it fragrant? Is the chain link fence painted black? It looks nice and the SAClematis is perfect for it. I have been nursing along a small cutting for two years and it is large enough now to place at the bottom of a trellis. I finally noticed some fragrance this year. Looking forward to mine getting as big as yours. Yours didn't take long!

Marian....I'm not sure where the vapor was coming from, and since everyone seems to enjoy Wales...Kathy, I would like to visit there some day too.... I have another photo from that series from Wale's....

Men gather to inspect penned sheep in Wales. There are more than three times as many sheep as there are human inhabitants in the nation of 2.9 million. Most of the country's 11 million sheep live in a rugged central region known as the 'sheep curtain.'
Photograph by Sam Abell

Running out of steam again....waving hello to all...


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A quick morning hello this morning. I'm working today since we'll be taking Friday off and that means a 4 day weekend coming up for me. I hope the weather holds through it.

I devoted myself to evicting the grass that had set up camp nicely under the Blue Rug juniper (a Julie job?). I urge you all to take heed! should you have a groundcover juniper DO NOT, I repeat do not, turn a blind eye to grass poking up through it. It was a completely miserable job, requiring most of 4 hrs., on my hands and knees, patiently moving the juniper's branches this way and that to get at the grass below. It was difficult to cultivate the ground to get the grass runners because doing so disturbed the places where the juniper branches had rooted themselves. :( The juniper is huge (easily 15' across), though it desperately needs to be pruned back and some things need to be thinned out. I am going to wait until it's time to make Christmas decorations before taking the pruners to it. In all, it looks 100% better, and it really is a handsome plant. I have pictures, but haven't had time to go through them.

Denise, I think your garden is terrific! I am always fascinated by small, urban gardens. I love the way you have put up fences, pergolas, trellises to add more interest in a small area and give yourself more "platforms" for things. Brilliant. I have had to go back and forth several times to put your description to the pictures.

I think leaf casting sounds like a blast. I hope the little urchins behaved themselves. :)

I think those same "dark thoughts" too, Julie. The helpmeet is much the "grasshopper" and I'm definitely the ant. :( I am a creature of habit, with a routine that takes care of the details and tends to keep ticking one more chore off the list. He's the one who "interrupts" me to go have fun. ;) I tend to read when I am overwhelmed and sleepless.

PM2, good to hear you've managed to get some major gardening done, too. Feels good, huh? Helpmeet's mother was Welsh, we used to hear her muttering away in Welsh when she was irritated by something. She was a rig, all right.

Hang in there, 'bug. DGS's mother doesn't really have a clue about what her ex. and your daughter are experiencing now. Let's hope she never gets one, either!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

I am determined to find some joy in today...even though I woke up too early once again. I tend to zip through my many forums when I am sleepless to try and distract myself.

This morning I found a positive posting by DD on one of the forums which just shows what attitude can do for a person.

"As of this afternoon, we have plane tickets to go to Peru from the 9th to the 27th of October!


Everyone is thrilled except Skyler's mom who basically said that DH is irresponsible, is not a fit parent, is a danger to himself and others, is cruel, etc... (but could he babysit Skyler because she has to take a course)

If you knew DH, this would simply make you see red, or laugh your head off because it has no foundation. Grr... if the last post about her was frustrating, this one takes the cake!"

Often times when people put others down or spread rumors, it is to heal their own hurt, jealously, and uncomfortableness with themselves and their life. This seems to be a dangerous example. But imagine my rage yesterday as she lashed out because she needs to be the center of the universe. Of all times....

I'm working on my attitude once more, learning from DD and DSIL. Amazing what I learn from my kids!

It is still dark dark dark outside my window. Soon DH must rise and prepare for his 8:30 class. I think it may be therapy mowing for me today!

Have a super day today everyone! This one's on me!

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Joy for me today on 'bug's tab!! Added to my own wishes for everyone it can't help but be a good day. The good news in all this, Marie, is that you have a place to come and rant and a pretty amazing group of people will rant right along with you. Or just listen. Or laugh with Sarah as suggested. In any sense, coming here is just plain good news no matter what!

Yesterday BGGF Virginia and I went "stuff" hunting in the gardens and came up with a pretty wonderful dried bouquet. At least it's materials for a dried bouquet since you all know I have no skill and arrangement unless it's in the ground :-) Where's Michelle!!!!! I need you to cyberly guide me through this!!! Anyway, despite the 40degF misty morning we had a blast and spent a happy few hours warming up with cuppas and catching up on news.

The whole weekend was actually great. Rich and I decided we couldn't do a darn (and other words ;-) thing about our current financial situation, nor Ky's current financial situation, nor the various crises that are plaquing really good people we know, so we'd just have fun, and have fun we did. All Julie Job tools were put out of sight, we picked the last of the peppers out of the garden and stuffed them up with rice and herbs and green tomatoes and feasted. We found the stupidest blips we could find in the newspaper and LOL. We made our own joy, and it's good to know that this can still be done amidst some real disheartening events.

So, today I'll think of all the great pics on this and other threads, and of this group rallying through situations much tougher than mine, and be grateful to be upright and talking :-)

Off to the shore today to meet a brand new prospective client. Yet another reason for celebration!!! Ocean and biz opportunity!!! Always a great combo.

Best to everyone -


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Another sunny lovely morning here but I think its supposed to get cloudy later on. Still no frost. The weather people are saying there might be one tonight but I'm gambling that there won't. If I lose things, Oh well! I potted up 105 rooted coleus cuttings yesterday and still have another couple dozen to go. I know I'm a bit nuts. That doesn't seem like cutting back to me. I'm actually planning on culling half of them and only keeping the best of them. I've gotten about thirty pots cleaned out and am planning on getting another forty or so done this week. I'm leaving the fuchsias for last as they are so lovely right now.

Kathy, yes, that alocasia looks like the one at Wave Hill although the one at Wave Hill was called 'Yellow Splash'. I actually did find it at some mail order nursery on line and its currently doing well. I'm hoping it can get it through the winter. Its really a lovely plant. ~~ Love Psychokitty in the pot! What a cutie.

Denise I just love your garden! You have such an interesting collection of plants. I love that its so very different than anything around here. You've done wonders with the space you have. ~~ Where did you go for your bike ride? ~~~ OH yes, I have that Persicaria 'Golden Arrow' too. It doesn't look that good in my garden. LOL ~~ That's too much with the alarm systems and getting locked out of the house.

Saucy, so what do the boyscouts plan to do with their leaf castings? ~~ I'm planning on letting a few of my larger abutilons go. YOu are welcome to them if you're interested in trying to winter them over?

Julie, thanks, The toe is still sore but on the mend.

Eden, how was the show? I'll bet you and Bella had a great time.

Eileen, how neat you loved Leslie Ann Warren's Cinderella too! Also one of my all time favorites. Wasn't she just a perfect Cinderella?

Bug, Peru! Amazing. Good for them.

OK waving hello to one and all, I've got to get back to my de-potting chores. Have a great day everyone.

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

gb - The 'ex' sounds like a lovely piece of work! Try some vigorous yanking of nasty weeds as therapy - that would seem to be an appropriate activity....

We had a nice curry dinner and bridge session on Saturday. My friend was showing off the new additions to her menangerie - she has had a life-long obession with sheep for some reason. For her recent birthday her DH bough her 4 sheep! So she now has 4 sheep, 2 horses, 2 Goldens, 4 (or maybe more...) cats, and several rabbits. (Plus two kids... she didn't have her first child until she was past 40!) Before she goes off to work in the morning ( ~45 minute commute) she has to muck-out the barn and feed all the animals and then clean up herself and get the kids ready to go (they go to school near where she works so they go with her...) I don't know where she gets the energy!

Eden - I hope you have a nice birthday party with your father.

Julie and Saucy - you guys are stingy :-) When there's steak for dinner here, Misty gets her share too... She's an important member of our 'pack' and sharing the food is one of the ways packs bond :-)

PM2 - yes, the Harlequin honeysuckle is scented. The chainlink fence is black - I much prefer the black ones to the bare metal or the green you sometimes see used. Black sort of 'disappears' more easily. The SAC doesn't get cut to the ground here. I did that the first year to help it get established but now I leave the main framework and just cut back all the previous year's growth. If it gets too big eventually, I will do more drastic pruning as needed.

Chelone - that grass removal sounds like it would have been a very prickly job! While I like the look of some of the low-growing evergreens I am not inclined to add any to the garden here because I fear that most eventually get overgrown and then be difficult - and painful - to get back under control.

Denise - your garden looks like a lovely place to relax and immerse yourself in plants!

Deanne - I am constantly amazed by your unlimited energy for dealing with all those plants in pots! I feel like a lazy slacker... :-)

We had Jasper and Blue yesterday while their 'parents' went to visit their son. Usually when J&B come for a visit it's for a week or two. Poor old Jasper looked confused when his 'daddy' came back for them in the evening. He had obviously settled in for a long stay in this, his second home, and was uncertain whether to stay or go when 'daddy' appeared!

Jasper is 11 now and aging quickly - and the tumors are growing fast again. I doubt he'll make it through this winter. Randy found the article in the link below when he was reading the Washington Post yesterday. It is a touching memorial for a much-loved dog and brought a tear or two to our eyes as we read it in Jasper's company.

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Marie, the happiest of birthdays to you today my friend!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Good Morning all....

Looks like we may get a good rain this week. It it doesn't start today I need to wash my car before going to town in the morning. The honey locust leaves are falling, and stuck all over it. Where they blew off, they left a dirty spot...all over the car!

Kathy, you asked how the prep was going for the expected guests. Actually I do not feel compelled to do very much. I recall that she was a very 'relaxed' housekeeper. ;-)
I doubt if she has become a neatness freak...at least I hope she hasn't. Besides, she has glaucoma, and I haven't heard how much it has advanced since I last was with her.

It seems strange to think they are 31 years older than when we last saw them. I am trying to feature what they may look like now.
I was hoping our fall colors would be better, but it is still too early. I do have a little in our immediate area.I will start another thread with them on it, so I don't slow this one down.

Marie, I do understand the kind of person the ex is. I have one in my family. Tim's ex is so much like Wayne's. She is a control freak. And she knows it all !!!!She has made some very hard comments about Tim, just as Wayne's ex does him, and yet Tim has been granted a lot of time with the girls. I am so thankful for that.

TTYAL...I am going to post those starting fall pics now....


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chloehoover(z6b VA)

Happy Birthday, Marie -- I hope it is a peaceful, calm one for you!


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Best birthday wishes to you, Marie! ((BUG))

This is a shot of the Thai Pavilion at Olbrich Gardens. A lion stands guard, and it is one of the most peaceful and beautiful places I've had the chance to see in person. I had a strong 'Bug Vibe' there, and spent some quiet time pondering the way life works.
From the plaque:
Building Peace & Understanding

The Pavilion was crafted in Bangkok, Thailand by Thai artisans, all skilled craftsmen.
Each piece of the Pavilion was carefully packed in shipping crates to travel by ship, train and truck to reach Madison.

The Artisans * September 11, 2001
The artisans flew from Thailand to Madison to reconstruct the Pavilion at Olbrich Botanical Gardens.
Their plane was one of the last planes allowed to land in Chicago on September 11, 2001

Column Raising * September 13, 2001
Construction of the Pavilion began with a traditional Thai ceremony to commemorate the raising of the first column and symbolize friendship between the two countries.

Tile Signing * September 22 and 23, 2001
Community members wrote messages of peace and hope on the back of the roof tiles.

Grand Opening * June 15, 2002
The Thai Pavilion and Garden opened to the public with a grand celebration of Thai culture.

'The fact that both the artisans and the pavilion arrived safely in the midst of chaos and destruction seemed a blessing and a promise.'
Andrea S. Musher
Madison Poet Laureate

Take care, friend
PS..given my questionable photo skills, here's a site that has more pictures ;)
P.S.S. Just when I think I've captured the most serene and beautiful shot....a farmer shows up in it, lol! I didn't notice Jim until I previewed the post. He says Happy Birthday to Bug, too!

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Happy birthday, 'bug!
(a photo Mitch took of a nonprofit group he worked with over the summer, Inner City Kids, the most cheerful photo I could find!)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

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Happy Birthday Marie!


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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Happy Birthday Marie ..I hope you will be amused at this pic of our "Muttonhead' of some year's ago.

We just got another e-mail from the friends who are coming tomorrow. I will not need to prepare any food for them. They plan on eating with me at the Golden Year's class, and (like us) they only snack in the evening.

I have washed the car, and made their bed, so all that is left to do is to wash the dishes, vacuum the livingroom carpet, and tidy up the hall bathroom. I am really looking forward to this visit. :-)


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Hi all from the frozen north...

Happy Birthday Marie,(I'm not sure of the date, so I may be early, late, or on time!).

It is quite cold today, but bright and sunny. I should be working outside but I think I'll put that off for a day as it is supposed to warm up a bit this week.

The carpet cleaners came this morning to clean the family room and stairs. The FR is large - (15 x 24 ft. I think )so there was a lot of stuff to move out. As a result - no work possible in the office or storage room for now. The carpet feels wet to me, and I don't really know how long it will take to dry. I will be opening the windows this afternoon to try to get some air circulation going.

And of course, DS has a cold, so he doesn't want to work outside at the golf course today - instead he has started to replace the floors in the two upstairs bedrooms. This means that all of Adrian's bedroom furniture and stuff and junk is all over the rest of the upstairs. So no regular tidy up or anything can go one there.

On the week end DH decided to start his project of moving the deck steps. This involves removing my little pond and relocating all the stones and bricks I had there. He has gotten as far as taking out the pond and stacking all the stuff, but the whole area looks awful with dirt and holes etc. So not much that I can do out there either.

The only "safe" place for me to be is in the kitchen or laundry room, so cooking and washing are the orders of the day - and likely all week too!

These men will be able to keep me in JulieJobs for a month!

You all have such gorgeous gardens and photos! Maybe I'll spend some time today looking through mine (of course they are not organized in any way whatsoever so I'll have to brwose through everything) to see if I can come up with something to show you all.

Woody, Ajax doesn't share his food with me so I don't feel guilty at not sharing mine with him *LOL*. Oh, he's part of the pack all right. In fact, he thinks he's the leader!! And the beds are HIS beds and the couch is HIS couch and so on. Such is the way with dogs!



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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

On the subject of birthdays... I've just started reading'Struck by Lightning - the Curious World of Probabilities' and it talks about the fun fact of 'the birthday problem'! Here's a quote:
'...if 23 people are selected at random, there is just over a 50% chance that two of them will have the same birtday (meaning the day and month only, not year). With 41 or more people, the probability is over 90%. This makes for a nice parlour trick; the next time you're at a decent-sized party, find a poor sucker who hasn't yet heard of the birthday problem, bet him that two people in the room have the same birthday, and watch the money roll in.'

It made me think of the multiple birthdays on the last thread....

The book points out that while the probability of each of the 23 people's birthday being on any one day is 23/365 or 6.3%, the question of two people having the same birthday involves a question of the number of possible pairs - and there are more pairs than people... 23 people can be paired 253 different ways! That would work out to 69% - but that includes the possibility of multiple pairs having the same birthdays so the actual probability is closer to 50% (He doesn't explain the math of how to adjust for the multiple pairs though, just gives the adjusted probablity number.)

I thought it was a fun birthday fact though!

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Happy Birthday Marie !!! From fishzoo

Heres to a Good News Birthday !

Kathy in Napa

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Here is a birthday vignette from Saturday on the Compound:

Or maybe this one? "Wanna play ball with me?"

Many happy returns, 'bug. :)

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Before grass was wrangled:

Post wrangling:

What's this cleverly hidden behind the Hydrangea blooms? perhaps an elephant eye watching me?

ooohh... I see!

Good thing Rex found it a couple of weeks ago and alerted us... I've been mowing under it and around it with my usual industry all summer long, lol! I can't wait until we've had a few killing frosts, I'm going to cut it down, spray it with some laquer and keep it as a curiosity. It's an amazingly beautiful thing to behold, though presently I admire it with great caution. ;)

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Happy Birthday Marie! :-D

No personal photos that are Birthday worthy, but this fall photo from National Geographic looked like a celebration all by itself! Hope you were able to wrestle some happiness from the day!! :-D

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Chelone, Nolon commented, just a couple of days ago, that there must be a hornets nest nearby because he is seeing lots of hornets. Yours appears to be close to the ground. Around here 'they' say it means a bad winter.
Nolon collects the nests and has them stored on the shed. I think the mice have torn them up to make their nests. :-(

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I've watched a Blue Jay "dive" into the paper nest and eat the contents (I'm just guessing that it's larvae left in there....mmmm.....protein!).

Good picture of it, Chelone.

Just cooking dinner here....tonight's roasted acorn squash, salmon, and green beans.


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Hola amigos! I'm back from my trip, which was utterly wonderful. Buenos Aires is an amazing international city. We walked for miles, ate lots of beef, drank lots of Malbec, rode horses with a true gaucho, and discussed politics with an Israeli, a couple of Danes and a couple of Dubliners (almost sounds like the lead-in of a bad joke?). Now it's back to real life, with tons of mail, email, laundry and work meetings to catch up on.

I already can hear Deanne asking, but the photos are still on the camera. Our flight from Miami was delayed this morning, so our catch-up time was cut short.

Kathy, I just want you to know that I am utterly shocked by what you (and your *@ Dodgers) did while I was out of the country!

I have a lot of catching up to do, but I'll take this opportunity to say:

Happy Birthday, Marie!


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Happy Birthday Marie. I hope it was peaceful.

I had comments I wanted to make from my previous reading but I'm feeling a little under par tonite so will leave it for another time. Norma

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Evenin all , and fare-thee-well to Monday. It was unproductive as all get out today. Wasted time, too many fires etc. Yesterday my plans for the garden went awry as I went on an outing with DS to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire , which was in majestic Gilroy(home of the garlic festival) and thus a two hour drive each way. We used to go almost annually when the screaming meemies were young-uns as it was located for many years in Black Point Forest in Marin County and only about a half hour or so drive away. Sadly, the property was sold to developers and the Faire suffered from some slap-dash venues ,management changes etc. It was , and is expensive as he*l but at least I only have to pay for myself these days ! Though not as big as it used to be it was still fun. I will share some pics in the next couple of days.

Brenda, I need to go back and view all your garden trip photos. It looks like you got some great shots (farmer cameo notwithstanding ! )..

Chelone, Im not sure I classify any garden related chore as a Julie Job. Thinkin an outdoor Julie Job might be more in the line of exterior window washing, cleaning out the gutters, getting rid of the spider webs on the porch lights, etc. Now a 4 day weekend sounds really keen to me ! I have my Oregon trip coming up, but I always like the extended weekend at home.

What fun to get a snapshot of Denises fabu garden complete with dimensions and descriptions of unseen elements. Aerial shot ? Did we not have a pic of Marty cavorting on the roof not too long ago ? That puts him squarely in the non roofphobic camp, so put some cleats on him and send him up with the camera !

Deanne, thanks for the clarification on the Colocasias. I think I will pick one up next spring , though it will of course be the only plant I buy. Right.

A wave to all, I need to do at least a smattering of chores around here this evening

As they say at the Faire, Hip Hip Huzzah !

Kathy in Napa

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

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Full_Bloom(z5 IL)

Just wanted to say Eden I know it must have been hard for all of you, but you are such a thoughtful daughter and I'm sure it meant alot to your dad...Happy Birthday Wishes to your dad! Hope Bella enjoyed Disney on Ice...who were the star characters? I'm sure she loved it...lots of fond memories for me and young Paul too!

Denise your garden is gorgeous..clear as mud or not...I loved the pics! Thanks for the plant I.D. I'll have to do a search for that one...I think he'd be perfect in one of my wall pockets! :-)

I'm afraid I'm not myself tonight (nor last night either) so I'll leave my ramblings for another time, but just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying all the pictures and all of Marie's cards. Marian your picture brought a smile to my face, but poor sweet little cutie...how did she get a name like muttenhead? Or is that self explanatory...LOL! I bet she brought a lot of light to your life! :-) PM2 that fall picture of the red trees took my breath away and I'm so glad Chelone didn't leave me in suspense...I'm horrible at guessing! :-) Kathy that fish pic is sooo cool! Well everyone's posts are wonderful and a treat for the eye....

Sweet Dreams! Ei

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OK, we're gonna try this again. The "Vignette" is still where it's supposed to be, but last night I had a terrible time uploading pictures.

Another birthday wish for 'bug! 2 shots from Saturday on the compound:

and a closer view of the same thing:

And this is what Blue Rug looked like before I yanked out the grass:

It always amazes me how a little bit of judicious clean up can really make such a big difference. In the same vein as keeping on top of the clutter...

Welcome home, V., you trip sounds devine.

Be brilliant today, everyone.

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Happy Belated Birthday Marie!!! In keeping with the Tydll, continue celebrating with 'Soaring Spirits'!!!


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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Good morning all,

Well it looks like things got just a brush of frost last night. I won't be able to tell until I get outside and look at the dahlias etc. NOthing in the back under the trees got anything but the lawn across the street looked a bit frosted. We'll see. At this point it will be a bit of a relief to be hacking down mush instead of lovely, large plants in their prime. I've dealt with about forty pots so far so I still have a long way to go but at least I've made a dent.

Saucy, I hate those paper wasps! they get pretty nasty this time of the year. I didn't catch if you sprayed that nest? We had one last year that we'd sprayed several times before they stopped flying out of it.

Chelone, love the pics of Wrecks and the blue rug juniper also the lovely vignette with the kitty statue. I love those ground covering shrubs. They always look good and are tough as nails. I've got to be careful when I deal with any junipers as they give me a pretty nasty rash.

Woody, years ago we used to sail on a shcooner every summer and there were normally 33 passengers. The first morning the captain would do this "Who has a birthday in January" thing and so on and so forth through the months of the year and almost every year for ten years there were people who had matching birthdays. Always a fun exercise. Turns out my next door neighbor across the street has the same birthday as I do and they also have the same date for their wedding anniversary.

Julie, I'd be beside myself with that much disruption in every place in my home. I'd be tempted to burry my head in the sand.

V. welcome home! So glad you had a great trip. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

OK time to get off the computer and get something accomplished. Have a great day all


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Good morning!

Sarah made it to the bus, even though it was a rushed mad dash :)

Deanne, the year we had the paper wasp nest, I had to put up a trap on our deck...they kept getting after any protein sources (they like to go inside the grill and pick off little bits that get cooked on the grill)....after the nest was destroyed by the jay, I haven't seem them since. I couldn't have sprayed it without a giant ladder :) they were high in an old maple....we never saw it until the leaves fell off and exposed it.

We had a good hard frost here....but it didn't hit any of my plants, at least that I can see. I'll check it out later.

Did I tell you guys that Nick and the kids went apple picking and brought home a bushel.....I am serious. Nick's reply to my "why" was, "well don't you need that much to make a pie?" I could make a dozen pies. I bought ingredients yesterday....it's gonna be like Forrest and Bubba around here, "apple fritters, apple dumplings, apple cobbler, apple tart......"

I've gotta get moving. Tuesdays are early day at the gym. This week the weather is looking good for beekeeping! I hope my neighbor's schedule will accomodate :) She's been canning end of season veggies at the town barn (our town donates produce to local food banks)...she's quite busy with that :)



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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

I am about ready for my trip to town, and (hopefully to meet up with our visiting friends).
We had a pretty good rain during the night, and it is coming from their direction, so I hope it has not slowed them down.
I will probably not be back to the computer until they leave.

I am interested by the differant terminology in speaking of members of the wasp family.
I found a good link on that subject...

TTYAL, Marian

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wendy2(zone 6 MA)

Happy Birthday Gardenbug!

This clem is from Inta's garden, I don't have an ID but I challenge 'bug to name it!

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Thank you dear friends. It was a fine birthday, which included phone calls from both "kids" and even a duet by S & W.



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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good morning....

Pretty cold out there last night but I can't tell if we had a frost until I get outside. Loving that the sun is out this morning, but Dr's appt instead of gardening today. More shrub moving hopefully tomorrow.

Have been wondering where a few people are that haven't posted in awhile. I haven't seen Anita post for awhile. I think she must have gotten lost, cleaning her house. Anita, I did enjoy your Silverstein poem, but I won't be turning my attention to the house until every last garden chore is done for the winter. At least another three weeks. [g]

And speaking of Anita....Ei...how is your sister doing?

Wondering what is Babs up to? I think ever since she got that mixer for Christmas last year, she is probably baking up a storm. Maybe fall breads? We need some recipes, Babs. :-)

Cindy and Cynthia....we just moved two Hellebores and I thought of both of you and Cynthia's Mikey having such a lovely final resting place. I should be so lucky. [g] Someone told me that Hellebores resent transplanting, maybe it was one of you? They definitely started wilting a little after they were replanted, but I was so happy the next morning that they were looking just fine and I am loving their new placement, right as I come out my kitchen door, I will get to see them bloom much better I think. I would enjoy some Hellebore photos from the two of you.

Cynthia...how is Audrey Hepburn? :-) We are working on our post and rail fence now. DS is replacing some of the worn rails this week and pressure washing and staining them. When you took yours down, what did you replace it with?

Norma....I was wondering about how Wyatt is doing? He must be getting big. Have any current photos? Is the Disney movie you are trying to remember Mulan?

Denise...did you get rain? I just realized, that I don't really know what part of California you are in...are you near San Francisco? What goodies did you get from Bluestone and Chalkhill? No photos of the newly planted? [g] Do you have to give Clematis a lot of extra water with your dry conditions?

V....looking forward to photos of your trip.

Martie...How did DH's veggie garden do this year?

Chelone, how is the Magnolia doing? Still looking good?

Woody are you baking anything this week? :-) You mention stocking up on samosas, do you freeze them?

Michelle....I thought of you a few days ago. DH asked me to please go through all the catalogs and magazines that were collecting on the desk and I threw out my David Austin catalog. I was wondering if you are planning any more rose purchases next year? I also wanted to know if that container next to your shed was an arrangement or planted? It really caught my eye!

Ooops! I just looked up and I need to get moving to my Dr's appt...I will be back later to finish...


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

It was a frosty morning here - frost on roofs and on the ground too. I got Randy to put the brugs in the garage last night and they'll get moved to the basement this weekend. It's chilly but sunny out and rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, so I think we'll have to wrestle the elephant ears out of their pots this afternoon.

PM2 - A batch of whole wheat bread is rising in the oven at the moment. Yes, when we make samosas, other than the ones we can't resist eating on the spot, they go into the freezer. They freeze very well and are easy to thaw and re-crisp in the oven when you want them to go with dinner.

gb - you have a lot more color than here too. Only a few maples have started with color here although hints of yellow are showing in many things so the green is starting to fade away.

Our big worry now re trees is that we found out last week that Emerald Ash Borer was found in the northern part of town in the summer. The backyard woodland garden here is dependant on our white pines, the red oak and the huge green ash. The ash has a lot of deadwood so we're waiting for a tree pruning service to show up soon. Now we're worried that the deadwood is because of EAB! I figured that EAB was going to show up here sooner or later so we have been planting smaller trees over the past few years. Those ones will help preserve the woodland garden from too much sun when the ash eventually dies. BUT they are not sufficient to provide shade for the patio and shade the living room window and the roof. The ash tree definitely contributes to reducing summer cooling costs. So now we're mulling over how to deal with the possibly of a sooner-than-expected loss of the ash. I think we'll be planting a Northern red oak next year with the intention that that will be the ultimate replacement shade tree. But, since it will be years before it's big enough to be an effective shade tree, we're likely going to look into the possibility of putting solar panels on the roof in the back. That area gets strong west sun - the tree currently protects the house and patio from the worst of the heat of it. In the absence of the tree, there should be enough sun there for a solar panel to make a significant contribution to reducing cooling costs. Something to look into over the winter....

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

Good afternoon, everyone!

Definitely a hard frost here last night - I went to the garden this morning for Adrian's lunch salad and the lettuce and celery had been hit. He had to make do with carrots.

I have been researching vegetarian kids on the web this week, and am pleasantly surprised to find that Adrian is really getting the variety to fulfil his nutritional needs. He isn't big on quantity, but that may just be the kind of metabolism he has - unlike mine and that of my children when they were growing.

The entire house is still in an uproar, but this afternoon the weather will be great so outside I will go to create some sense of order somewhere in my life. The carpets are not yet dry; the floor is almost complete in Adrian's room so hopefully his furniture can go back in. I have decreed that nothing will go back in unless it has been cleaned and sorted. He still has board books on his bookshelf and he is reading "chapter books" now. He has a whole drawer of McD plastic toys and even he does not want to go there anymore...so this week I will get all that done! Yahoo! Next the menfolk will tackle the Master Bedroom (or Mistress bedroom if you want). Or the "main" bedroom. My stuff is already sorted and pared to the minimum, but Sr. Phil is more of a "Keep it" kind of guy... These are JulieJobs that even Julie doesn't get around to!!

Anyway, all is quiet - well, no, the hammering and sawing continues - but all is well anyway on the northern front.

Am re-evaluating my choir membership - starting to think it is not a real good fit for me. I love the music but my talent is somewhat lacking....still "on the fence" if you will.

"All of God's creatures have a place in the choir
Some sing low and some sing higher
Some sing loud on a telephone wire
And some just clap their hands or paws or anything they've got..."

Maybe I'm a Paws creature...



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Im glad you all liked the fall container picture. It is actually from last fall. Since my computer is still gone, Im scrounging for birthday photos. It isnt planted, just stuff that dries well. Sedum, cattails, lavender sea statice, verbena bonerinsis, peegee hydrangeas, celosia etc. No kale, Deanne thats sedum. I have to admit I believe that the orange is something fake. I should do another since Ive cut some things back in that area and it would fill in the bare spot.

I worked on the containers on Saturday and also finished the brick edging behind the butterfly garden. Now on to the edging in the Secret garden.

When I get home at night there isnt much garden time anymore. Its been rainy here as well. We got over 2" last night. I made up 2 arrangements last night and then it was dark. I made one for my desk at work with the flowers and foliage from bronze fennel, gartenmeister fuchsia, Tilt-a-whirl coleus and rust colored mums in a terra cotta dish. The other for the table at home is obedient plant Vivid, lime colored hydrangeas and black pearl peppers and their foliage. I like to try to think outside of the box when it comes to arranging. I grew the black pearl peppers from seed this year and have a row of them in the potager. They are really a cool plant with their nearly black foliage and black pearls.

The purple dome asters are putting on their show along with the sedums and a few mums. I have one mum that is absolutely massive. It too is purple in color. The garden looks really quite good yet. DH even mentioned what a lot of nice color is going on it.

My parents came over on Sunday for lunch. We had the vegetable beef soup that I had made along with homemade applesauce, cheddar and cracked pepper bread with apple/walnut crisp for dessert. My mom brought her new laptop with built in webcam and we had fun seeing and talking to Kenzie. She danced around showing us her fairy costume for Halloween. I couldnt help thinking how neat if she could come be a real fairy in my garden :o)

Woody, we have 4 green ash trees on the west side of our house. I worry about the borer getting into them and loosing all our shade.

PM2, I dont plan on anymore roses for the time being. Although, a couple in the new front area could be nice. Hows the back these days?

Chelone, I love your pergola! Now that has presence.

bug, I love how blue the sky is in your 2nd picture. Sorry to hear that the "ex" has no compassion and is such a doozy.

Ei, great card for bugs birthday!

Brenda, next time Im visiting my sister in Madison I think Ill have to try to get to Olbrich Gardens.

Cindy, what a very cool garden shot for bugs b-day. I love that door and the hosta is such a bright addition. Im assuming a IU shot?

Marian, I hope your visit with your old friends is an enjoyable one.

Martie, a great decorator once told me about arranging dont over think it. Your weekend sounds fun.

Cindy, did you find some things in your garden for your boxwood containers. Thats what I usually do is just hunt around and keep an open mind. Some things hold up well and if not I pull them out and replace with something else.

Denise, I like the idea of moss and plants in your birdcage. Your garden is fabulous. Id love to come explore it.

Norma, Princess Jasmine from the movie "Aladdin" It came out when my DD wasnt all that much older than Kenzie. DD loved all those movies. Shes probably just as excited to go to Disney as Kenzie.

Id better end this now. No one will want to read a novel.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Wendy, perhaps the clematis is Sir Trevor Lawrence.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Good afternoon....waking up from a cat nap...really don't enjoy sleeping this late in the day. I think I've been doing a little too much lately and sleeping less, so I guess I needed it. So how is everyone this afternoon?

Ei...I am sorry you were not having a good day yesterday. Hoping today was better.

I hope no one is editing what they want to share, because the title of the thread is 'good news only'. I think it is pretty difficult for us to get through a whole thread with no bad news from anyone. [g] Well, we only have room for a couple more posts anyway. :-)

Wondering if Marian had her company today and how that is going. Seeing someone after 30 years has to be very exciting. :-)

Denise, I enjoyed your description of your property. It is fun to try to fill in the gaps around what the photos are representing. You do a great job with such a small site. BTW, how is Marty's back and toe doing? My DH is still going to PT since the last time his back was out of whack. He goes 2-3x a week religiously and has reaped the benefits of it. He is now having trouble with his heel...ongoing issue with Planter Fasciitis...which I think I remember others here reporting having problems with. He has been in pain for a couple of weeks with it this time and has a PT appt today. Flexibility is not his strong point either and I gather that is also a factor with the feet issues. $300. for a house alarm going off? Ouch!

How do you remember learning to read, Chelone?! I don't remember learning to read. [g] I am lucky I remember what I had for lunch, most of the time...lol. I do remember we learned to read with Dick and Jane, although I don't remember actually doing it. What are the 'green books'? I have always been in love with books and libraries. I can remember we had one around the corner from the house we lived in when I was in elementary school and I can still see the interior of the library in my mind. I was going through the Nancy Drew series at that point. I have always visited a library frequently no matter where I lived. I still visit the same library I used all through high school.

Eden and Chelone....I also enjoy putting the garden to bed and getting ready for winter and hopefully putting things in order so that spring will be easier. I don't always find the opportunity to do that, but we seem to be really coasting along this year. Even have cover crop 6 inches high in the veggie beds. All the houseplants are in the house...big deal...about 8 of them. :-) DH has managed to take care of any weeds that were getting ready to go to seed.

Chelone, aren't the sedums dark and gorgeous this year?

How was the seashore, Martie? I would love to hear more about your 'sailing days' when you have a slow day. :-)

Saucy....I wish I could spend some time at your house the next week...I love all things apple!

woody...that is so interesting about your friend who likes sheep so much...lol. I have always enjoyed sheep for some reason. I liked them even more up close and personal, I love the feel of their coat and their steady gaze. :-) I can't imagine how she keeps up with all of it, but it sounds great. I always wanted to live on a farm, like Shirley Temple in 'Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm'. Great when you are young and strong, but as you get older, hopefully you have an interested next generation to replace you. That Harlequin Honeysuckle is variegated? Hmmm....I see Bluestone has it. I had seen it before but their photo is out of bloom and not nearly as nice as yours. I wonder if I could grow that intertwined with Sweet Autumn Clematis, or bad idea?

Cindy....is that your garden gate? Very very pretty and inviting!

Hi Michelle... :-) For some reason, DH enjoys when it starts getting dark early again. I just don't understand it, I hate that! If I was working and had to wait to garden until I got home, I would find that quite a nuisance. Especially since I seem to work in the garden more in fall and spring and not very much in summer when it stays light so late. Isn't that great, that you had a 'visit' with Kenzie! She must be so excited about Halloween and how did she like Disney? So your Mom has a new laptop? How old is your Mom? DH's laptop arrived today and it is still sitting in the box. I haven't got the energy to start trying to get it up and running. At least he doesn't have an old one that needs a lot of files moved or anything, it just has to work out of the box. At the last minute we added a camera too, since it was only $20. more. My back is feeling much better but easily tired. Happy to at least be moving comfortably again.

Would you believe two squirrels actually climbed into the squirrel proof feeders this weekend?! [g] Wish I had a photo of it. The type of feeder that has a cage around the tube of seed, so that only small birds can get in. I keep telling DH they have to be very small immature squirrels. I hope that was a fluke, because I don't want to buy new feeders.

Hello 'bug, Kathy, Deanne, Sue, Julie, Wendy, Norma, Brenda...and is Mary still working on the grotto garden or a bathroom? There has to be some Halloween crafts starting soon, no?

Sun was out today and ...Chrysanthemum 'Medicine Bow'...is still pretty but starting to go by.....

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

PM2 - My Harlequin overlaps with the SAC. The SAC does rather engulf the honeysuckle so I wouldn't want them together all the way along the fence. The honeysuckle has the east end of the fence and the clematis is on the west end (with ambitions to spread further east where there is more light....!) - they overlap in the middle. The Harlequin is a bit odd in that it doesn't twine like most honeysuckle vines do - I have to tie it to the fence. I prefer that actually because it would be easy to take the honeysuckle down if we needed to, just by cutting the ties. It would be easy to thread it through the chain link if I didn't want to tie it. If you were growing it up a trellis, you'd have to weave it in - you couldn't rely on it to find it's own way up. I'm not sure if they're all like that or whether mine is odd - maybe it'll twine as it gets older...? (Mine is 4 years old I think.) I gather you can grow it as a shrub by keeping it pruned short.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Woody....it must always smell great at your house. lol We rarely bake but someone is usually cooking something on the weekends. I think I would like to try to make some bread. We have a bread machine, but I didn't find it working out quite as well as I expected, so it has sit in the cabinet for a couple of years. Maybe I should go back to doing it by hand. More satisfying anyway.

Thanks for the tips on the SAClematis and the Honeysuckle. I think I will have to find two locations for those. I have one Honeysuckle now with dark leaves and pink w apricot flowers, that is very fragrant, but it is such a short bloomer. I also have a 'Mandarin Orange' Honeysuckle that is not fragrant, but hummers are supposed to like it. I wouldn't know as it hasn't bloomed the past two years. I planted it on the back post and rail and it is evidently too shady. I have been nursing along a small SAC cutting for two years and it is finally large enough to move into a permanent position in the spring.

I was reading about your Emerald Ash Borer and it's pretty scary. Almost as bad as that Asian Longhorn Beetle that has been devastating trees in New York. That one really is mind boggling with the dime size holes it makes in the tree trunk. So what are they doing for it there? It sounds like you are expecting nothing can be done and you are going to lose all your trees. I was told by our local tree professional that they have burned down acres of trees trying to control the Asian Longhorn Beetle.

It is great that you have already started planting trees to replace the possible loss of the Ash. Did you plant more Ash? I like the idea of solar panels on the roof. I have an unshaded roof and I wonder if in the Northeast there is enough sun for long enough to make it worth it?

Julie...I seem to have gotten your family mixed up, probably from not keeping up with posts at times. I have heard you refer to the 'Phils' which I assumed were DH and DS, but is Adrian one of your children too? I see you are zone 4, so your winter starts just a little earlier than ours. Maybe you could provide a cold frame to keep some of the veggies going longer in fall and earlier in spring? Is it Michelle who has a cold frame? Another zone 4 person.

Bug....I agree with Michelle...I cannot believe Wayne's EX could say anything remotely like that about Wayne at a time like this. Talk about kicking someone when they are down. I can only assume, that people who know her, already know to ignore a lot of what she has to say, and feel the same way you do, hearing what she said about Wayne. Your fall color is looking great, ours has barely started here.


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