tibs(5/6 OH)December 12, 2011

I haven't posted much because much has been going on. DS got married last month out of state. They are a perfect match for each other. We like her very much and think she will keep dS on his toes in a good way. Friday DD got engaged. We all knew it was coming - just not sure when. We also like him very much- which is a good thing because they will be living locally. They are planning a fall wedding. Got to start hustling on that!

Then my mother is starting to slip a little mentally. At first we thought it was just her quirks getting quirkier, but it is more than that. Sometimes it is hard for me to read posts here, because so many of you are from her generation who still seem so with it. And it makes me sad that my mother is not.

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Have fun with the kids getting settled. What a new stage in life. Must be exciting. I'm just now at the stage where he can stay by himself for a couple of hours (with a phone, behind a locked door and two adults upstairs. Not really all that alone, eh?).

(((tibs))) I am just at a loss of words for your mom. My mom is really getting to that point. She just absolutely fights me unendingly that I said something I never even came close to saying, days after the fact. And some days, just illogical, because she just isn't quite getting what's going on. Sample, nothing left off, it's just where her mind goes:

Her-"Don't forget the wedding is this weekend."

Me-"Ok. I'll be there. What are you going to wear?"

Her-"You are going to the wedding aren't you?"

Me-"Yes Ma'am, I'll be there!"

Her-"I guess I won't go if it snows."

Me-"Mom? It's supposed to be in the 40s-60s this week."

Her-"I'll just wait until Saturday to decide."

Me-THINKING-Good thing! Because I am not really all that certain it will snow when it's forty degrees outside.

So after this snow filled conversation from Saturday, I get to her house on Sunday and she offers to me, to wear, a peach linen and silk suit. Perfectly suited for a chilly winter night (when it'll be 40s)! ha! get it?! Suited? Ok, it's more suited for an Easter/Spring wedding. And I couldn't possibly wear the correct shoes with it since I am wearing an orthopedic boot. But she's offended that I decline to wear it. Then she shows me her velvet outfit. I'm thinking, Does she not see these two completely different suits right next to each other and not see how totally different they are? Years ago, she would've been the one explaining that a silk/linen might not be the best choice in winter. I was shivering just looking at the beauty. Not. Getting. It. At all!

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Good to hear from you, tibs, has been a while. Weddings and engagements, what joy that is, and you are happy with their choices, that's worth a lot!
Sorry to hear about your Mother, it is sad to see a loved one slowly losing contact with what they once knew. I am fortunate to still have my mental capabilities, though my body definitely isn't what is used to be. Don't take particular pride in my capabilites, I think genes have something to do with that.
Maybe writing helps, it keeps the synapses firing.
Hope you drop in more, some new blood has helped.

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Tibs, what happy news about your kids. I'm glad for you. About your Mother, I imagine I'm in her age range and while I'm still O.K., I have my moments! However, DH is beginning to show signs of forgetfulness--of which even he is aware. It's hard to accept, but knowing that if we live long enough, something is bound to happen, we do the best we can and try to keep our faith strong.

Please come by more often. We'll want to know about your DD's wedding plans. :>)

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Hi tibs, nice to see you again. Glad to see about the wedding and the engagement. The new "tibs" generation is starting anew.
Sorry to hear about your mom.

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Tibs, so happy to hear the good news about the children.
It is always great when they choose their spouses well.

Our grandson was married last May and we are thrilled with his choice.

Neil is soon to be 86 and has lost most of his eyesight and has dementia. I certainly feel for anyone facing it.
I try and engage him in conversations but have found that
he does better when others drop in and just sit and talk to him. Some days are worse than others but shoot, I'll
relish all the good days I can get.

Prepare yourself. Get all the information you can about
what you and your mom are facing. The more prepared you are the easier and less frustrating it will be.
God bless you and your family.

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Tibs, I am so sorry about your mom. I keep checking myself,wondering about what might come.
It's great when the kids marry people which fit right in and it can't be taken for granted.

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tibs, I'm so glad you have good relationships with your children and their spouses.

anneliese, I'm with you, I keep checking myself so I won't end up as a bitter old woman.

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Our families expand and include more branches to intertwine with others. So much to fill the recesses of our memories and try to trigger the thoughts. Went through my High School year book on line yesterday and the names came back of the ones I hung out with and the ones that were just acquaintances. Audio, visual and especially smells will trigger many things in any condition. Singing is good for stroke people as it uses the other side of the brain. Good to "see" you Tibs.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

Thanks for all your kind words. Rob-your post made me laugh out loud. So familier. A few nights ago we did the Christmas cards. Last year she got none sent out (which I did not know until it was too late) because her grasp on time ain't what it use to be. I threaten to set up those little camaras to see just what the heck she does all day!

We both survived doing the cards. She was very polite about my lousy handwriting. The old apple doesn't fall too far from the tree was very much in evidence - we both have the same type of "address" book. You keep the envelopes from the cards you received last year rubberbanded in a bundle on top of the box of left over cards that you plan to use this year. Which wouldn't be too bad of a system except - there were packets of envelopes from the last 3 years.

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