Last night - Maxie made my shut down!

lilosophieDecember 8, 2012

He spent all night on that spot, on top of my pen, my little flashlight and other assorted small stuff

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Amazing what they think is comfortable. Had two big paper bags with handles and Louise took to them immediately then tore them both up into little pieces, we have to hide the bills or lose them to her war on paper.

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He looks so comfortable, too. It's a wonder he didn't roll over and fall off the edge!

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Amazing and adorable. Thanks for posting the pic, it gave me a grin.

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My cat does that kind of thing, looks so uncomfortable.

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Mine would fall off, she is a restless sleeper.

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Love that fluff Lilo! He's the Maximu(mest)

Don, you made me think of our cats. So much so, last night was data gathering for son's project and I made him lock up the paper on which he wrote down the times! Cats and paper. Used to be my recipes handwritten generations ago they ate, but I put those away now.

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