I really don't like this new format

gandle(4 NE)December 26, 2010

With ads popping up all the time but I suppose it wouldn't do any good to complain.

Absolutely beautiful here today. Heavy fog last night andthe trees, shrubs and even the fences are covered with diamonds, have never seen heavier rime on everything before.

To those of you in the south with all the snow, something is reversed, we have only had a couple of snows none over 3 or 4 inches and not lasting very long. The bitter cold temps. have been here though. We really need a foot of snow or more for cover for vegetation, good insulator from the cold.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a great New year..Leone, I and Spook wish you all the best and Janis, let your pup play in the snow for a bit, she will love it.

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Hoarfrost, something our location is not good in since we are on a plateau and river, even brooks, too far way.
George and Leone, stay warm. All the best wishes for you, Leone and of course Spook too.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Can you use an ad blocker? With Firefox I don't have the problem you describe.

Best wishes for the holidays and new year!

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Everything is the same here

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George, I am going to let Sassi play outside tomorrow.
Shoot, maybe I'll join her. Being inside for days makes one a little stir crazy.

I haven't seen a Hoarfrost in several years.
A mountain covered over with a Hoarfrost is a breathtaking
sight. Neil and I used to get out and ride around for hours
when we had one nearby. Lucky you George.

Stay safe and warm everyone.

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I have Firefox, they used to be good at blocking but now I see a lot of ads. Perhaps I need to upgrade Firefox.
I agree gandle, I don't the new format either.

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Thanks for mentioning this, George. I'd though it was just me/my browser.

Weather? Yeah, yet another 2-3 inches of snow here today. I am seriously not a fan of this miserable stuff.


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I have Firefox and never had the ads before. I would not even mind plain ads all that much, but the animation makes it very hard to concentrate on reading - writing - posting; they distract so much and it does not make me want to buy or even consider their product, they just annoy.

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Received a picture series made in Norway. Boy do they have hoarfrost. Never seen it in Maryland but Spokane Washington really has it especially out in the scrub pine flats. Yes had great Christmas.. Steve in Baltimore County.

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Hoar frost all over everything here....it would be lovely if the sun would come out....but...
And I also hate those bouncing jumping flashing ads....
I can't even tell you what they are for....they are just something to ignore, like you ignore the traffic noise if you live in a city or near a highway.
I know the iVillages has been given the OK to stay on NASDAC....but I won't be buying any of their stock because I think they are newly alienating customers.
Linda C

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For Firefox users....


Refuse to use anything Windows, so can't help there.

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meldy_nva(z6b VA)

Not many ads, but for a couple months, logging in doesn't work well for GP, if I log in (and get no-page-found error msg) and then go to another forum, there I am, already logged in!

Weather here is just COLD and windy. We missed the big coastal snow by maybe 30 miles, just had an inch of powder which blew away overnight. This is the second time we've had powder snow instead of the usual icy mess; nice! Wind gusts to 50+ mph -- trash cans blown all over, rescued several from the hibiscus bed in the front yard. Don't know whose, 3 companies serve this street so I hope upwind neighbors come and retrieve their windblown wanderer.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

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endorphinjunkie, thanks for the info. It works. No more popups.Whew.

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