Sani Tred Permaflex is WONDERFUL!

basilbird(z6 RI)May 26, 2011

Some of you folks might remember me. I was a regular around here a couple of years ago. I faded away as life and work got complicated but I had to post about the way I FINALLY water proofed by leaky cement pond.

Last spring my Dad and I found a crack that went all the way from the shallow end to the deepest part. Hard crack through to dirt. I had lost a lot of fish over the winter. Only 14 survived so it was a perfect time to drain the pond and fix it once and for all. I caught the fish and popped them into a stock tank with a bubbler and we set to work.

It took us a full month (May 15 to June 15) to clean and cement the pond and apply the liquid rubber and Permaflex but it was well worth it. One of the hardest, coldest winters in ages and NO CRACKS!!!

I promised that if Sanitred really worked as promised I would post here (I'll probably email them too). The total cost for the Permaflex and Liquid Rubber was under $500. It cleans up with soap and water and it quite easy to apply. I'm sure there are other solutions to waterproofing ponds but this one worked for me after 4 years of trying!


Here is a link that might be useful: My old, unupdated, website

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Sure glad to hear from you again. I've wondered how your pond was doing; it is so unique. Glad you found the crack and got it fixed.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Great news! I remember how frustrating the persistent leak was for you and I am so glad you have found a permanent solution. I am still more than impressed by the way you used the natural rock to make the pond. I love it!

Welcome back.

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