tomato seedlings ...??

greenthumbmariJuly 21, 2014

Hey there, so I did a late number with a couple tomato was about to be thrown out by a roadside stand and they gave it to me for free, it was pretty dry and crispy...she said she thought it was a Mt. Spring, which I looked up to be determinate, but it was staked up in their nursery and looks to be getting pretty tall...? But I thought determinates didn't need support?? But my question is, it's been 2 and a half weeks and there's tons of these little sprouts in the soil...are these more little tomato babies..?? Do I carefully uproot everyone and move to an even bigger container? Or are they grass or heaven forbid, weed seed spores from mowing that floated around and landed there..? Thanks for all help and advice!

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And same question i KNOW this is a heat resistant Florida 91 variety, determinate, which looks like it's getting a lil big n bushy...but again, the little sprouts in the soil...? If they're lil tomato babies that are going to grow and give me more fruit, I'm all about moving them to a bigger home...but if it's some invasive thingy sucking up my tomatoes' nutrients...I'll yank em outta there so fast...thanks to all for any help!

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Weeds, get 'em!

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The 'little sprouts' are all weeds from what I can see. I'd yank them all.
A determinate tomato plant reaches a certain height and then stops growing, which doesn't necessarily mean it'll be short. It seems 'Mountain Spring' (according to DG) can grow to be 3-4' tall. Staking or the use of a cage would certainly help.

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

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ahhh look at you helpful so quickly, thank you!! I went right out and pulled the extra long leafy sprouts...I hadn't even seen your post till just now pitimpinai, but those you circled looked different than all the others and i left them luckily, thank you...! there was another similar sprout in the yellow pot too that I left... it's so tricky, because i looked up baby tomato sprouts and they do look so similar to some of these weeds...must...train...eyeballs...!

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ahhh see this pic is what freaks me's on a lady's blog of her tomato seedlings and they look like what was sprouting! long and suspiciously grass-like...except for the sprouts I left which did look different than these...i guess it's just a matter of seeing what looks more like a little version of the plant that's already growing...??

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

tomato... smells like.. tomato ...

crush a small piece of leaf.. and smell it ... it should NOT be hard to ID a tomato PLANT by smell ... as to being simply a T

and if you have numerous seedlings.. just pull one and crush it ...

especially if you dont like them.. like me.. lol ..

there is an incredibly active tomato forum ....

good luck


ps: if you used homemade compost in your potting media ... and you are getting all these seedlings.. your compost might not be fully 'finished' ... perhaps you didnt cook out all the seed ....

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mingtea(z9 Tucson)

Being a lazy gardener, I often wait for the second set of leaves to show. (Okay, maybe "wait" is not the term. Lol.)


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floral_uk z.8/9 SW UK

Even though you have some genuine tomato seedlings there it is not a good idea to leave them in the pots since the larger plants need all the space, soil and water available. You could transplant them to their own accommodation.

The picture on the blog shows the first (seed) leaves of tomatoes which look different from the second (true) leaves, as they do in many plants.

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