What do they do?

gandle(4 NE)December 28, 2011

Everywhere I look there seems to be the Kardashian women. Do they sing, act or what do they do to get all the press they get?

I don't think they are particularly pretty so they must have something going for them. Leone said maybe they are models. Dunno.

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They have a mom that knows how to market them.
Some are models and some just have one of those reality shows.
I think they are pretty women although a bit on the trashy side.

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They're socialites. One is truly a model, and she is a looker. She's Kim, picture below. Two other sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, sometimes model, but really, they had a reality show--that I didn't watch. Just the current flash in the pans, similar to Paris Hilton. Not worth knowing any more than regular joes.

Their father is Bruce Jenner. Too bad he's pushed to the back of things. Unfortunately, he got plastic surgery that didn't go to well. And his gold medals (1975 and 1976) are long since forgotten.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Actually, the father of the older girls is Robert K...the lawyer who was on OJ Simpsons defense team. Jenner is the father of the younger kids. Socialites? Hardly..........

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step-father. I did mean to say it.


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A word in support of Paris Hilton, who has nurtured her bags, purses, shoes, fashions and her brand as advertisement into a corporation she heads that sells millions each year...all by herself, with business savvy that is undoubtedly in her genes.

Not since Dolly Parton have we had such a single handed success in both the selling and management fields.

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